Deborah Hodge

Home For Christmas
In Ellendale, Pennsylvania a rich, young man takes some orphans into his home for Christmas. They learn that his fiance is only wants his money.
Will You Marry Me
Two cousins set out to find men to marry them in order to win their rich uncle’s fortune as his will requires.
The Kissing Bandit
All the social relations in the town are turned upside down when a kissing bandit appears in the park.
Secret Santa
In a small resort hotel, is it really Jennifer’s possessive rich boyfriend who is helping her financially or is there someone else?
All I Want For Christmas Is A Key
A boy and a girl that are sworn enemies get accidentally handcuffed together at Christmas resulting in a fun escapade of errors.
The Big Story
To save the newspaper, the secretary, who has always wanted to be a reporter, decides to go after a big story, only to find there is more than she thought
Reverse Psychology or Beasty Girl
When two psychology majors can’t seem to get along, their professor creates an assignment to teach them a lesson.


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