Comedies (55)

21 Pairs of Sneakers
A young equipment manager for a college gym saves the day when a pro team forgets their sneakers.
A Christmas Carol
In this adaption of the story by Charles Dickens, the playwright has used his skills as a playwright and researcher for a more authentic understanding.
A Trail Of Bread Crumbs
An evil stepmother convinces her husband to abandon his children, Hansel and Gretel, in the woods. The familiar fairy tale with some twists.
All I Want For Christmas Is A Key
A boy and a girl that are sworn enemies get accidentally handcuffed together at Christmas resulting in a fun escapade of errors.
April Fools
Three girls play April Fools joke on their roommate, setting her up with a nonexistent guy, but, a a guy arrives who lost his memory.
Babe Ruth’s Ghost
The story of why the Red Sox couldn’t ever seem to win the nationals after Babe Ruth went to the Yankees.
Behold The Emperor’s New Clothes
A fun retelling of the Han’s Christian Anderson Tale.
Bigfoot, Campers, Cheerleaders, Nerds, and the Three Wise Guys
A few fun, short plays that are fun to perform.
Brawl At The Ball
This is a fun fairy tale twist with Cinderella taking her stepmother to court to address wrongs she has faced. Many fairy tale people are witnesses.
Buyer, Beware Darling?
When Harry buys his girlfriend, Errin, a ghost from Ebay as an exotic gift, a humorous time results when the ghost doesn’t want to leave.
Can You Hear Me Now
Amy and Wendy Tucker open a gas station in the little Washington town of Black Diamond. An inept robber armed with a toy pistol is so down on his luck he tries unsuccessfully to holdup the women who easily foil his attempt. But they are touched by the sto
Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White goes to the wrong house,Cinderella falls in love with the wrong prince?<br>Forget the Fairy God Mother!
Coming Home (The Musical)
Shauna find herself in the small town her husband grew up in when her car breaks down. Interesting things start to happen. This also has a play version.
Coming Home (The Play)
Shauna find herself in the small town her husband grew up in when her car breaks down. Interesting things start to happen. This also has a fun musical.
Cultural Differences
This is a fun sequel to <b>The Mail-Order Bride</b> where Anya’s father sold her. Now he comes to visit and finds himself strange culture.
Debt and Deliverance – Angels Among Us
World War II, and a strange man in town no one likes make for an incredible tale of understanding.
Fairy Tale Justice
Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf and the Troll from "Three Billy Goats Gruff" are on trial in three separate cases.
Fairy Tales On Trial
(Musical) Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf and the Troll from "Three Billy Goats Gruff" are on trial in three separate cases.
Flip Flop
Take the mythical city of Flip-Flop-Middle-Top-Riddle-Diddle-Doo, once upon a time, add the sighting of a Dragon, King Vanity & his tomboy daughter.
Friends In Need
Two sisters and their brother find an alien transporter that brings people to them not as they are but as they describe them.
Godmother I and the Grump That Stole Christmas
Is About Love and a Grieving Widow seeking a dignified Burial for her Pickled Hubby. His Legacy a Garage full of Deposit Beer cans! Will it Do?
Hard Biscuits
A humorous comedy set in a girls’ school. When a new girl comes, someone is out to get her, but the villain might not be who you suspect.
Harebrained Tales From Around The World
Some fun tales from Aesop Fables such as the Tortoise and the Hare. All contain a rabbit.
Hypnotic Suggestions
Charlie, the old janitor, accidentally created a potion that will hypnotize people. Stu, the hero, must stop the villain before he can get it.
Love, Sick, and Montezuma’s Gold
The evil Bartholomew Blackburn and his sister Priscilla have tricked the Mr. Giving into mortgaging the deed to his ranch for an old cave. Fun melodrama.
Marreu and the Chocolate Policeman
Detective Comedy; machinations, mayhem and muddle in 1930s England country house.
Pride And Prejudice The Musical
Musical adaption of Jane Austen’s story. Book/lyrics by Deborah Morris, music by Ann Kapp Andersen. Beautiful music including love theme and dance songs.
Railroad John And The Red Rock Run
A fun musical melodrama.
Reverse Psychology or Beasty Girl
When two psychology majors can’t seem to get along, their professor creates an assignment to teach them a lesson.
Rock Star
The old Windcott Hotel is going to have to close due to lack of business. Then the workers hear a famous rock star might visit in disguise. Fun, confusion
Shlemiel Crooks
A boy and his dog stop the ghost of Pharaoh from ruining Passover in this whimsical, warm-hearted family musical based on the children’s book.
Short Skits From Other Plays
A collection of some of the best and most humorous scenes from the plays and musicals by Daris Howard. They’re meant to stand alone for things like interp
Show Down At Bitter Creek
The villain has plans to take over the town and the only man that can save everyone, the sheriff, has left town, or has he?
Snow White And The Seven Little Dudes
Mix together a wicked queen, Snow White, the greatest singer in Rocklandia, and seven little men that have their own rock band for a fun play.
TechNo Christmas
Santa is having trouble with technology. Kids want more tech items, but is that always best.
The Big Story
To save the newspaper, the secretary, who has always wanted to be a reporter, decides to go after a big story, only to find there is more than she thought
The Christmas Reindeer
Jack and Mary are nine year-old twins. Mary gets a return e-mail advising that Santa’s Reindeer have disappeared. Mary and Jack look for a way to help.
The Christmas Santa Almost Missed
Santa has broken his leg and prospects for Christmas are looking bleak. His best hope lies in a boy who doesn’t believe in him.
The Courtship of Senorita Florabella
Florabella is a beautiful but not too brilliant girl. She is also a very good swordsman. Her suitor Don Juanis is handsome,brilliant, but no swordsman.
The Family That Sings Together
A star takes his seven rowdy kids into vaudeville with him. This exuberant family musical by award-winner Chip Deffaa includes irresistible songs.
The Gangster Priest
Lots of fun in this 20’s-era comedy about a guy who, for love of a gal, pretends to be a mob boss AND a priest. What could possibly go wrong?
The Godmother I
When Women Take Over The Mob and Go Legit! Funee! And The Mob with a Heart? Why Not? With more twists than Curly Macaroni!
The Godmother I-101
Godmother Re-orients her troops with Training on Sensitivity, Fashions for Men and Gals along with good Diverse Community Relations or Else!
The Great Recipe Rip-Off
A fun melodrama. The villain wants to get his hand on a great recipe no matter how.
The Kissing Bandit
All the social relations in the town are turned upside down when a kissing bandit appears in the park.
The Legacy
Is About Love and a Grieving Widow seeking a dignified Burial for her Pickled Hubby. His Legacy a Garage full of Deposit Beer cans! Will it Do?
The Mail-Order Bride
Eli Whittier sends money to his fiancee for her passage to join him in America, but unknown to him she has married and send a mail-order bride instead.
The Miniscule Chronicles
An Exciting Tale of The Minis (Gnomes) of The Hudson Valley whose sole desire is to help people, animals, environment and their Country survive!
The Princess Wore Sneakers
Sam, is magically taken to a castle where she must substitute for a real missing princess and realizes it is not perfect.
The Quit Claimed Ghost of the Old Viola Opera House
Molly O’Hara and her friend, Janet Johnston, decide to open an antique store but find the old opera house they want to purchase is haunted.
The Real Story of the Three Little Pigs
A new musical version of the classic tale in which the three pigs are irresponsible adults Wolf is innocent.
The Rented Bride
Marina has had nothing but problems with men. So when Jason comes to her temp agency to rent a wife, she is disgusted. But she learns things aren’t always what they seem.
The Stolen Kiss
An interesting story of two older people who return to college.
The Wishing Well
How do wishes and such things come true? Find out with the granters of wishes and good luck.
Truth And Consequences
A fun melodrama with a will, political debate, and a truth potion. Quickly becoming one of our most ordered melodramas.


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