Melodramas (7)

Hypnotic Suggestions
Charlie, the old janitor, accidentally created a potion that will hypnotize people. Stu, the hero, must stop the villain before he can get it.
Love, Sick, and Montezuma’s Gold
The evil Bartholomew Blackburn and his sister Priscilla have tricked the Mr. Giving into mortgaging the deed to his ranch for an old cave. Fun melodrama.
Railroad John And The Red Rock Run
A fun musical melodrama.
Show Down At Bitter Creek
The villain has plans to take over the town and the only man that can save everyone, the sheriff, has left town, or has he?
The Courtship of Senorita Florabella
Florabella is a beautiful but not too brilliant girl. She is also a very good swordsman. Her suitor Don Juanis is handsome,brilliant, but no swordsman.
The Great Recipe Rip-Off
A fun melodrama. The villain wants to get his hand on a great recipe no matter how.
Truth And Consequences
A fun melodrama with a will, political debate, and a truth potion. Quickly becoming one of our most ordered melodramas.


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