Dramas (25)

April Fools
Three girls play April Fools joke on their roommate, setting her up with a nonexistent guy, but, a a guy arrives who lost his memory.
Christian Life On the Stage
This is a collection of short, five minute plays with strong Christian messages of commitment and faith.
Coming Home (The Play)
Shauna find herself in the small town her husband grew up in when her car breaks down. Interesting things start to happen. This also has a fun musical.
Cultural Differences
This is a fun sequel to <b>The Mail-Order Bride</b> where Anya’s father sold her. Now he comes to visit and finds himself strange culture.
Four Women Of Gallilee
This is a play in seven episodes. Each one is an event in the lives of the main four women who knew Jesus and their association with him and his life.
Friends Forever
Life in boarding school teaches the girls that to make a friend you need to be a friend. Overcoming tragedy. Social issues. Full-length.
King Arthur and the Rectangular Table
How did King Arthur really get the round table? It was of course the brilliance of the women. A fun, short musical for children from 2nd to 6th grades.
Love, Sick, and Montezuma’s Gold
The evil Bartholomew Blackburn and his sister Priscilla have tricked the Mr. Giving into mortgaging the deed to his ranch for an old cave. Fun melodrama.
Miracle in Bethlehem
Mary, a tourist, wants her husband to join her in visiting where Jesus was born. He feels it is all a waste of time.
Short Skits From Other Plays
A collection of some of the best and most humorous scenes from the plays and musicals by Daris Howard. They’re meant to stand alone for things like interp
The Courtship of Senorita Florabella
Florabella is a beautiful but not too brilliant girl. She is also a very good swordsman. Her suitor Don Juanis is handsome,brilliant, but no swordsman.
The Four Gifts Of Christmas
Four stories about Christmas with greate messages.
The Gift
This is a Christmas story about a cast come together for a Christmas play who begins to experience it in their own way.
The Last Gift
A magic ring helps the princess learn that what is on the outside is not always what is on the inside. One-Act children’s comedy.
The Mail-Order Bride
Eli Whittier sends money to his fiancee for her passage to join him in America, but unknown to him she has married and send a mail-order bride instead.
The Shepherd Who Missed Christmas
A wonderful Christmas story about a shepherd whose luck keeps running against him to get to meet Christ.
The Three Gifts
Justin, Tom, and Sam are convicted of stealing children’s Halloween candy at Halloween. Instead of jail the judge sentences them to 100 hours babysitting
The Wax Cradle
Louisa May Alcott is best known as the author of Little Women, but this is the true story of her life challenges.
Truth And Consequences
A fun melodrama with a will, political debate, and a truth potion. Quickly becoming one of our most ordered melodramas.


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