Christmas (35)

A Christmas Carol
In this adaption of the story by Charles Dickens, the playwright has used his skills as a playwright and researcher for a more authentic understanding.
A Christmas Stocking Full of Plays
Christmas,short plays
A Christmas to Remember
O’Henry, Christmas musical
A Dickens Of A Christmas
Dickens’ favorite Characters Explode in His Christmas Ball for All. Till Auntie Christmas Calls! When Tiny Tim rescues the Christmas Spirit for All!
A Dickens Of A Christmas Tree
Heartwarming Dickens’ Family Christmas Tree yarn with Ornaments, Nativity coming Alive Bursting with Memories of Wonder and Ghostly Spirits.
A Light To The World
An L.D.S. Christmas play set in America at the Birth of Christ following a ficticious family through the events leading up to that great night.
A Visit From Saint Nick
A divorced mother is not in the mood for Christmas until some magic comes into her life.
Abraham is a musical about the great patriarch and the challenges and joys of his life.
All I Want For Christmas Is A Key
A boy and a girl that are sworn enemies get accidentally handcuffed together at Christmas resulting in a fun escapade of errors.
All I Want For Christmas Is…
This award-nominated, critically acclaimed musical follows Santa, his rock n’ rollin’ elf, Elfis, and Prancer, his melodramatic reindeer as they help thre
Christmas Show Memories
A young teacher learns something about her relationship with her mother. Christmas themed One-Act.
Godmother I and the Grump That Stole Christmas
Is About Love and a Grieving Widow seeking a dignified Burial for her Pickled Hubby. His Legacy a Garage full of Deposit Beer cans! Will it Do?
Home For Christmas
In Ellendale, Pennsylvania a rich, young man takes some orphans into his home for Christmas. They learn that his fiance is only wants his money.
Joseph’s Story
This is a look at the Christmas story from Joseph’s point of view and what he may have gone through accepting Mary to be his wife when she was expecting.
Miracle in Bethlehem
Mary, a tourist, wants her husband to join her in visiting where Jesus was born. He feels it is all a waste of time.
Mrs. Scrooge
A charming musical adaptation of the Dickens’ classic "A Christmas Carol" but since the genders are reversed, most of the major and minor leads are female
No Christmas This Year
A story about a man who cancels Christmas for his family because everything goes wrong.
Saint Nicolas And Rudy
An enjoyable, happy, captivating, comic, Capsule (Space) of Christmas National Customs. Revealed in a personable, adventurous survey by Santa.
Secret Santa
In a small resort hotel, is it really Jennifer’s possessive rich boyfriend who is helping her financially or is there someone else?
Signs Of Messiah
The Rabbi, Simon, is seeing signs of the Messiah In the birth of Christ but wonders if it can truly be believed.
Stories of the First Christmas
Christmas,short plays
TechNo Christmas
Santa is having trouble with technology. Kids want more tech items, but is that always best.
The Christmas Reindeer
Jack and Mary are nine year-old twins. Mary gets a return e-mail advising that Santa’s Reindeer have disappeared. Mary and Jack look for a way to help.
The Christmas Santa Almost Missed
Santa has broken his leg and prospects for Christmas are looking bleak. His best hope lies in a boy who doesn’t believe in him.
The Christmas Truce
During World War I, at Christmas time in 1914, for a brief moment, the two sides laid down their arms and celebrated Christmas together.
The Donkey’s Tale
This is a story about a young girl that owns the donkey used by Mary to travel to Bethlehem, and what she learns traveling with Mary and Joseph.
The Four Gifts Of Christmas
Four stories about Christmas with greate messages.
The Gift
This is a Christmas story about a cast come together for a Christmas play who begins to experience it in their own way.
The Gift Of Speech
A fun Christmas story about people who inherit the ability to hear animals speak on Christmas eve while other people think they’re crazy.
The Man Who Didn’t Need Christmas
A story about the inn keeper in Bethlehem who feels his life is fine but starts to learn maybe something is missing.
The Shepherd Who Missed Christmas
A wonderful Christmas story about a shepherd whose luck keeps running against him to get to meet Christ.
The Three Gifts
Justin, Tom, and Sam are convicted of stealing children’s Halloween candy at Halloween. Instead of jail the judge sentences them to 100 hours babysitting
What’s In A Promise
A man makes a promise to his daughter, and when work gets in the way, he has to make a decision.
Who Are You?
Short plays about Jesus, Gabriel, and John the Baptist
Yuletide At Knoxshire
Take a trip back to Victorian England and help the Duke discover the true meaning of Chistmas and what gift he should bring the Christ child.


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