Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs
Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs – Script
One needed for each performer and others directing or working with production.
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Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White goes to the wrong house,Cinderella falls in love with the wrong prince?<br>Forget the Fairy God Mother!

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Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White goes to the wrong house,Cinderella falls in love with the wrong prince?  Forget the Fairy God Mother!

Author:    Klarissa Lockart-Beilke


       One upon a time there lived an Evil Queen whose only love was that of her reflection given to her by her favorite talking Mirror. But the Mirror pointed out that the Queen’s stepdaughter, Snow White, was far fairer than her. The outraged Queen then summoned the Huntsman and informed him that she wanted Snow White dead. Fearing for his own life, he decided to kill Snow White. Fortunately, Snow White was able to talk her way out of being killed by pointing out that murder was illegal, and that the Huntsman would get into serious trouble by killing her. The Huntsman then left Snow White alone in the forest.
       Meanwhile, in a nearby house there lived Cinderella, her Evil Stepmother, and her two Stepsisters. When the Stepsisters were preparing for the Prince’s ball, Cinderella asked to go. But being evil, her Evil Stepmother said “no.” After Cinderella’s stepfamily left, she heard a knock at the door. Cinderella opened the door to find the princess, Snow White. In return for allowing Snow White to stay at Cinderella’s, Snow White would help clean the house, thus permitting Cinderella to go to the ball. With a turn of luck, a traveling salesperson came and sold Cinderella a dress. And after borrowing Snow White’s glass slippers, Cinderella was ready to go to the ball.
       At the ball, Cinderella met the Prince and fell in love with his friend. But while she was dancing with the Prince, he stepped on her foot breaking her borrowed shoe. The Prince took the glass shoe in order for it to be repaired. Cinderella then had to leave for home so she’d be there before her stepfamily arrived. After everyone returned home, Snow White had to explain why she was there. With a little bit of lying, Snow White was able to convince Cinderella’s family to allow her to stay. 
       When word got around about the Prince was in search for the girl who owned the glass slipper, the Evil Stepmother decided she had to get rid of Cinderella so it would increase the chances of her own daughters fitting the shoe. She managed to get rid of Cinderella by having her go into the forest to retrieve a dozen apples. 
       While searching for the apples, Cinderella and Snow White came upon the house of the Seven Dwarfs. When the Dwarfs were away, the Evil Queen came with the poisoned apples to get rid of the beauty competition. Cinderella gratefully took the apples and returned to her home with Snow White where her Evil Stepmother told her to make a pie with the apples. While waiting for the pie to cool, the two Princes from the ball came, and returned to Snow White’s glass shoe. All in all, everyone lived happily ever after’ (Except for those who ate the poisoned apples!) 

Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs


And the Seven Dwarfs


Klarissa Lockhart-Beilke

Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs

 Copyright 2002 

by Klarissa Lockhart-Beilke

All Rights Reserved

CAUTION: Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that CINDERELLA AND THE SEVEN DWARFSs is subject to a royalty.  It is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America, the British Commonwealth, including Canada, and all other countries of the Copyright Union.  All rights, including professional, amateur, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadcasting, television, and the rights of translation into foreign language are strictly reserved. 

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No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, by any means, now known or yet to be invented, including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, videotaping or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs


Evil Queen, Snow White’s evil stepmother whose only love is her reflection.

Mirror, a rhyming inanimate object.

Servant, does the bidding of the Evil Queen.

Huntsman, a Hunter who works for the Evil Queen.

Snow White, a practical princess who can talk her way out of bad situations.

Stepsister 1, Cinderella’s stepsister who has an obnoxious laugh.

Stepsister 2, Cinderella’s other stepsister who spits when she talks.

Evil Stepmother, Cinderella’s Evil Step Mother.

Cinderella, a quiet, shy girl who doesn’t want to get into any trouble.

Prince 1, a shy Prince whose mother is making him get married.

Prince 2, Prince 1’s friend.

Good Queen, the silent mother of Prince 1.

Princes and Princesses, extras for the ballroom scene.

Sunday, the head Dwarf.

Monday, the second Dwarf.

Tuesday, the third Dwarf.

Wednesday, the fourth Dwarf.

Thursday, the fifth Dwarf.

Friday, the sixth Dwarf.

Saturday, the seventh Dwarf.

Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs

Scene 1 (The Evil Queen’s Chambers.)

{The EVIL QUEEN stands before the MIRROR in a dimly lit and gloomy set.}

Evil Queen:  Mirror, Mirror, answer in time, why do we always speak in rhyme?

Mirror:  My dear Queen, I cannot say, but I might know the answer some other day.

Evil Queen:  Then Mirror, I shall give you an easier task, and ask the question I always ask: Mirror, Mirror, on the stand, who’s the fairest of the land?

Mirror:  Since my Queen, you’re having a bad hair day; I can’t say the answer you want me to say. Snow White has now passed you in beauty. I spoke the truth; it was my duty. ‘Tis beauty from the inside that does matter, nobody cares that you’ve gotten fatter. My dear Queen, I must have offended you. I am very sorry, but it is true. {Disappears.} 

Evil Queen:  Oh! You stupid Mirror! How dare you insult me like that! I will not take insults from a mirror. Seriously, I guess I have put on some weight recently, but that shouldn’t matter. Snow White is prettier than me? Ahh! This is not fair! I’ve worked so hard to be the most beautiful! How will I ever become the fairest of the land again? Hmmm… I’ve got it! No, it’s just too easy, just too easy, but it will work. It has to work! {Rings a bell and the SERVANT enters stage right.}

Servant:  Yes my Queen?

Evil Queen:  Send for the Huntsman, I would like to speak with him.

Servant:  As you wish my Queen. {S/he exits stage right, then reenters with the HUNTSMAN.}

Huntsman:  My Queen, I came as soon as I heard that you called for me. {SERVANT exits right.}

Evil Queen:  Very good. I have a “”job”” that I need taking care of right away, and I want you to do it.

Huntsman:  What’s that?

Evil Queen:  I want you to kill Snow White.

Huntsman:  What?

Evil Queen:  You heard what I said; I do not need to repeat it.

Huntsman:  But why me?

Evil Queen:  Because you are the Huntsman! How stupid could one be? You kill things.

Huntsman:  Yeah, I kill animals, not humans.

Evil Queen:  Humans are animals you fool! What do you think we are? Plants? Now do as I say and kill Snow White.

Huntsman:  I won’t.

Evil Queen:  Then you are fired.

Huntsman:  What?

Evil Queen:  No wait, I won’t fire you.

Huntsman:  Thank you, my Queen. Thank y-

Evil Queen:  You shall be executed instead.

Huntsman:  What?

Evil Queen:  You heard me. You shall be sent to the guillotine first thing in the morning, unless…

Huntsman:  Unless what?

Evil Queen:  You kill Snow White.

Huntsman:  When would you like me to do that?

Evil Queen:  Either she dies tomorrow, or you do. It is your choice.

Huntsman:  Then I guess it will be her. Umm, now do you need any proof that she’s dead?

Evil Queen:  What do you mean?

Huntsman:  I don’t know… would you like me to bring back her heart or something?

Evil Queen:  No! That is just disgusting! And I wouldn’t want any evidence supporting that she was murdered like that lying around the palace either. 

Huntsman:  So you don’t want me to bring back her liver or-

Evil Queen:  No! No, no, no! That’s just awful! Why do you think I want her internal organs? If I wanted you to bring back proof I would ask for something not so messy… Like her hand.

Huntsman:  So you want me to bring back her hand then?

Evil Queen:  No! Now please, Huntsman, when you kill her, do it in the forest so it will be out of my kingdom. You know, so it doesn’t look suspicious.

Huntsman:  Yes, my Queen.

Evil Queen:  Now remember, it’s either her head or yours.

Huntsman:  So you want me to bring back her head to you?

Evil Queen:  No! Now get out!

Scene 2     (The Forest.)

{The HUNTSMAN and SNOW WHITE enter into the woods.}

Snow White:  Now tell me, Huntsman, why did you bring me here?

Huntsman:  So I can kill you- I mean, So I can kill you something for dinner, Snow White.

Snow White:  Then why did I have to come with you?

Huntsman:  The Queen wanted you to.

Snow White:  Why?

Huntsman:  I would… not know.

Snow White:  You have been acting strange all morning; it’s as though you’re going to kill me, or something.

Huntsman:  Ah well… Actually…

Snow White:  You are going to kill me! But why?

Huntsman:  The Queen wants you dead.

Snow White:  So you’re going to kill me?

Huntsman:  Well yes, it did seem like the right choice at the time, it was either you or me…

Snow White:  Murderer!

Huntsman:  I am not a murderer. Well… at least not yet anyway… {Draws sword.} Now hold still.

Snow White:  I will not hold still and let you kill me!

Huntsman:  Oh good, here. {Offers SNOW WHITE his sword.} Kill yourself. I hate the sight of blood.

Snow White:  I will not kill myself.

Huntsman:  Gees girl, make up your mind. Now if you won’t kill yourself, I’ll have to kill you.

Snow White:  Why?

Huntsman:  The Queen wants you dead.

Snow White:  Why can’t she kill me herself? 

Huntsman:  So she wouldn’t get in trouble for killing you. You know, murder is illegal.

Snow White:  So you’re going to take the blame for her?

Huntsman:  Well… Actually… Yes! Oh my! The Queen was going to let me get in trouble for her evil doings!

Snow White:  Are you still going to kill me?

Huntsman:  No, I guess not.

Snow White:  What are you going to tell the Queen?

Huntsman:  Oh, I’ll tell her that you’re dead.

Snow White:  But that’s a lie.

Huntsman:  Well would you like it to be the truth?

Snow White:  Oh no no, a little lie isn’t that bad.

Scene 3     (Cinderella’s House.)

{The two STEP SISTERS are sitting at opposite ends of the stage while they call for CINDERELLA. CINDERELLA runs between the two of them trying to do everything at once.}

Stepsister 1:  Cinderella! Cinderella, come here!

Stepsister 2:  No Cinderella, come here!

Stepsister 1:  No, here!

Stepsister 2:  Here!

Evil Stepmother:  {Enters stage right.} Girls, girls, please don’t yell! I can hear you in the other room!

Stepsisters:  Sorry, Mother.

Evil Stepmother:  Thank you girls. Now Cinderella, I need you to sweep up the floor; it’s just disgusting.

Cinderella:  But mother, I-

Evil Stepmother:  Don’t you talk back to me, now get started!

Cinderella:  Yes, mother. {EVIL STEPMOTHER exits stage right.}

Stepsister 1:  Cinderella! I’m waiting! I need you to come and fix my hair! It’s an awful mess!

Stepsister 2:  You’ve got that right! 

Stepsister 1:  Hey!

Stepsister 2:  Cinderella, I need you to help me with my dress.

Stepsister 1:  Nothing in this world could help that sad excuse of a dress. Now Cinderella-

Stepsister 2:  Cinderella-

Stepsister 1:  Cinderella-

Evil Stepmother:  {From off stage,} Cinderella! Have you finished sweeping yet?

Cinderella:  No, I haven’t, I-

Evil Stepmother:  {Enters stage right,} Well get to it!

Stepsister 2:  But Mother, I need Cinderella to fix my dress.

Stepsister 1:  But I need her to fix my hair!

Evil Stepmother:  Girls, please, we have plenty of time before the ball. I’m sure that your hair and dresses will be fixed before we leave. Cinderella, come here.

Cinderella:  What is it, mother?

Evil Stepmother:  It looks as though you’ve had a hard day. Is that true? 

Cinderella:  Well I’ve been trying to get your daughters ready for the Prince’s ball tonight all day. You told me that they should be the most beautiful ones there. And well… It’s been a very difficult task. And in the mean time, I’ve been sorting out the seeds like you asked me too. I made breakfast and lunch, and I’m trying to get tea ready.

Stepsister 2:  Aw, poor baby!

Evil Stepmother:  Oh, so you have had a very busy day, Cinderella. Now come here, sit down next to me. {She pushes the STEPSISTER that is sitting in the chair on the floor.} Are you comfortable?

Cinderella:  Yes, very much, thank you. Um, mother, do you think that maybe I could go to the ball tonight? {STEPSISTERS laugh.}

Stepsister 2:  Don’t be ridiculous, Cinderella.

Stepsister 1:  Yes Cinderella, now quit daydreaming, and help me with my hair.

Evil Stepmother:  Now don’t be so mean girls. Cinderella can go to the ball. I think that she deserves to go, considering all of the work she’s been doing around here.

Cinderella:  Oh really, mother?

Stepsisters:  What?

Evil Stepmother:  Only if you finish helping your stepsisters.

Cinderella:  Well I’ve already helped them as much as I can. There really isn’t anything else I can do.

Evil Stepmother:  Well then I guess that you can go. Oh wait! What is this? A spot on the table? Oh surely my eyes must be deceiving me. Cinderella, you wouldn’t happen to know how this came to be, considering that you were to clean the house.

Cinderella:  But I didn’t clean the house.

Evil Stepmother:  What? You didn’t clean the house? And I was going to let you go to the ball? See the thanks I get! Well, since you didn’t do what you were supposed to do, I can forbid you from going to the Prince’s ball.

Cinderella:  Oh no mother, please don’t do that. I really want to go.

Evil Stepmother:  Oh you do? Then I suppose I can let you go… After you finish cleaning the house.

Cinderella:  But I’ll never finish before it is time to leave!

Evil Stepmother:  Don’t protest! If it’s not good enough for you, you can just stay home. {STEPSISTERS laugh.}

Stepsister 1:  Ha, ha, Cinderella can’t go to the ball!

Evil Stepmother:  Girls are you ready to go yet? We can’t keep the Prince waiting.

Stepsisters:  Yes, Mother. {EVIL STEPMOTHER and STEPSISTERS cross to stage left.}

Evil Stepmother:  Don’t forget Cinderella, this house has to be cleaned from top to bottom. {EVIL STEPMOTHER and STEPSISTERS exit out the door. CINDERELLA then sits center stage, feeling sorry for herself when there is a knock at the door. She gets up to answer it.}

Cinderella:  Hello?

Snow White:  {Standing in the door.} Hello, may I come in?

Cinderella:  I suppose so, but do I know you? {SNOW WHITE enters stage left.}

Snow White:  Actually no, I wouldn’t imagine that you would, but I need a place to stay for a while.

Cinderella:  I do not mean to be rude, but why?

Snow White:  I’m very tired. May I sit down for a moment?

Cinderella:  Yes, have a seat here. {SNOW WHITE sits.} Oh, are your feet clean? I really do not want any more work to do.

Snow White:  {Checking the bottom of her shoes.} My feet are clean; I didn’t bring any dirt in. Are you okay? Have you had a bad day? You look as though you’ve been crying.

Cinderella:  Well, there is this ball tonight, and my Stepmother wouldn’t let me go, but she let her two daughters go. I’d imagine because she is desperate to marry them off, but I have to stay home and clean.

Snow White:  You think that’s bad? My Stepmother hired someone to kill me!

Cinderella:  I can see that he didn’t do a very good job. So, who’s your Stepmother?

Snow White:  The Queen. 

Cinderella:  So you’re a princess?

Snow White:  {Stands up and bows dramatically.} Yes, I am Princess Snow White.

Cinderella:  Snow White? That is an interesting name.

Snow White:  I know, isn’t it? Well… What’s your name?

Cinderella:  Cinderella.

Snow White:  Cinderella?

Cinderella:  Yes.

Snow White:  Can I call you Cindy?

Cinderella:  Well I suppose so…

Snow White:  So Cindy, you have to stay home and clean while your sisters are at a party?

Cinderella:  Stepsisters.

Snow White:  All right… Well why don’t you go to the ball, and I’ll stay here and clean the house for you. 

Cinderella:  Umm… Snow White, that sounds great, but, as you can see, I am not quite dressed for the occasion.

Snow White:  Then go change.

Cinderella:  These are the nicest clothes that I have.

Snow White:  Really? Oh that’s awful. Then just take one of your stepsister’s dresses?

Cinderella:  Well I wouldn’t exactly say that either one of them is my size.

Snow White:  All right, then I guess we can wait around for your Fairy God Mother or something.

Cinderella:  Ha, ha. Very funny, you know, as well I as do, that there is no such thing as a Fairy God Mother.

Snow White:  Then what do you suggest we do? {There is a knock at the door}

Cinderella:  Who could that be?

Snow White:  How would I know? I don’t live here. {There is another knock at the door.}

Cinderella:  {Answers the door.} Hello?

Salesperson:  {S/he tries to enter stage left through the door.} Hello, I’m here with the F. G. M. Traveling Tailor Company, and I- {CINDERELLA slams the door in his/her face.}

Snow White:  What did you do that for?

Cinderella:  S/he’s a salesperson.

Snow White:  So? S/he’s with a tailor company. {Opens the door.} Yes?

Salesperson:  Yes, as I was saying, I’m with the-

Snow White:  Oh! I don’t care. Now tell me, what are you selling?

Salesperson:  Shirts and ribbons and stockings and trousers and-

Snow White:  Do you have any dresses?

Salesperson:  Dresses? Of course I have dresses. I have dresses of all colours and sizes and-

Snow White:  Do you have anything that would fit her?

Salesperson:  Of course I have dress that would fit her. I have the latest fall fashion, it is the most beautiful shade of blue-

Snow White:  Let me see.

Salesperson:  Well, I’ll just go get it out of my carriage. Be back in a flash. {Exits.}

Cinderella:  Are you sure we should be talking to him/her?

Snow White:  Where else do you plan on getting a dress on such short notice?

Salesperson:  {Appears again with a dress.} Well here you are ma’am. {Hands SNOW WHITE the dress.} Now would you also be interested in purchasing- {SNOW WHITE slams the door shut.}

Cinderella: This is really great, but aren’t you going to pay him/her?

Snow White:  Here, I’ll just slip some money under the door, and maybe s/he will leave. {Slides money under the door.} There, you have everything you need, now go get dressed.

Cinderella:  Oh, but I don’t have any decent shoes.

Snow White:  Shoes? {Takes off her shoes.} Here, take mine.

Cinderella:  {Looking them over.} Will they fit?

Snow White:  I believe that they will.

Cinderella:  But they’re glass!

Snow White:  I know, but they’re so comfortable. They are my favorite shoes.

Cinderella:  Really? I wouldn’t imagine that glass shoes would be too comfortable.

Snow White:  Well they are, and you should start getting ready, otherwise it will be midnight before you even get there!

Scene 4     (Ball Room.)

{There are several PRINCES and PRINCESSES dancing. The STEPSISTERS and EVIL STEPMOTHER are standing stage right.}

Stepsister 2:  Well, my dear Sister, I can say that I am the most beautiful one here.

Stepsister 1:  Beautiful what? Gorilla? No sister, I am the most beautiful woman here.

Stepsister 2:  You wish! I am the most beautiful one, and the Prince is going to fall in love with me.

Stepsister 1:  Oh I highly doubt it! After Halloween’s over and you take off your mask, the Prince will realize how ugly you are, he will then fall in love with me, and marry me!

Stepsister 2:  I’m sorry to say, dear Sister, but you have a laugh that could wake the dead!

Stepsister 1:  Say it; don’t spray it! No man would ever fall in love with you if he ever talked to you because when you speak you spit all over the person you’re talking to!

Stepsister 2:  Oh yeah? Well if I-

Evil Stepmother:  Girls! Please don’t make a scene. If you do, the Prince won’t fall in love with either one of you.

Stepsisters:  Yes, Mother.

Evil Stepmother:  Now girls, both of you are equally beautiful, and you are both equally charming. And it will be a hard enough decision for the Prince to choose between the two of you. Now please, for the sake of the Prince, don’t fight; it will just make his decision harder.

Stepsisters:  Yes, Mother.

Evil Stepmother:  Now if you will excuse me girls, I am going to speak to the Queen to see if I can arrange for you to meet the Prince. {Goes to speak with the GOOD QUEEN.}

Prince 1:  {He crosses to center stage to speak with PRINCE 2.} Hello.

Prince 2:  Hi… Nice party.

Prince 1:  Don’t thank me; thank my Mother.

Prince 2:  Why?

Prince 1:  She is the one who planned and arranged this ball.

Prince 2:  Really? Is this part of her elaborate plan to find you a wife?

Prince 1:  Yes… Isn’t my Mother great?

Prince 2:  Well… If you think this is bad, my Mother invites princesses to our castle to stay the night. Then she puts them in a room with a bed that almost reaches the ceiling because there are 100 mattresses stacked up. Then, underneath all of the mattresses there is a pea.

Prince 1:  Cooked or raw?

Prince 2:  I don’t know.

Prince 1:  But why does it have to be a pea?

Prince 2:  Well, my Mother believes that if a girl is a true princess she will be able to feel the pea through all of the 100 mattresses.

Prince 1:  Why does it have to be so many?

Prince 2:  I have no idea at all, but my Mother finally stopped inviting princesses over after I asked what would happen if one of the princesses rolled over and fell off of the bed.

Prince 1:  Now if only I could get out of this.

Prince 2:  Well… You’re only supposed to find a potential wife tonight.

Prince 1:  I have to choose a wife tonight. And when the clock strikes midnight, I have to be engaged.

Prince 2:  Ohh, that’s pretty bad.

Prince 1:  I know.

Prince 2:  Have you singled anyone out yet?

Prince 1:  No, but I-

Prince 2:  Well why don’t you start dancing instead of standing here talking to me? I may be wearing tights, but I am certainly not interested. Here, why don’t you dance with her? {Points to CINDERELLA, who is stage left.}

Prince 1:  Who?

Prince 2:  {Points again,} Her.

Prince 1:  All right. {Walks over to CINDERELLA,} Hi, uh, may I have this dance?

Cinderella:  Of course. {Dances with PRINCE 1.} This is a very nice ball.

Prince 1:  Thank you.

Cinderella:  I do not mean to be rude, but why are you having one?

Prince 1:  My Mother wants me to get married.

Cinderella:  Really?

Prince 1:  Yes… Rather strange, huh?

Cinderella:  I’d have to agree. I know that my mother would never do anything like this for me… So, when do you have to choose a bride?

Prince 1:  Midnight.

Cinderella:  Midnight tonight? Oh. I don’t mean to be intruding on your personal business, but have you chosen anyone yet?

Prince 1:  No.

Cinderella:  Oh, well I have a suggestion, do you see those two girls over there that are arguing?

Prince 1:  Those ugly, annoying-

Cinderella:  Yes those two, may I suggest that you don’t even talk to either one?

Prince 1:  Why? Do you know them?

Cinderella:  Unfortunately yes.

Prince 1:  What are they like? They look self centered and egotistical.

Cinderella:  That’s exactly what they are.

Prince 1:  Well I am afraid that most of the ladies here are the same.

Cinderella:  Self-centered?

Prince 1:  Yes, most royalty is.

Cinderella:  Are you?

Prince 1:  No… Well at least I do not believe that I am.

Cinderella:  You seem like you are not.

Prince 1:  Thank you. {He steps on CINDERELLA’s foot, and they stop dancing.}

Cinderella:  Ouch! You stepped on my foot!

Prince 1:  I’m sorry. I’m not a very good dancer.

Cinderella:  That’s all right, but, oh no! {Takes off her shoe.} I broke her shoe.

Prince 1:  Whose shoe?

Cinderella:  It belongs to a friend of mine. Oh, and these were her favourite shoes too.

Prince 1:  Oh, well here, give me your shoe; I can get it fixed for you. 

Cinderella:  {Hands PRINCE 1 her shoe.} Thank you, that would be wonderful. Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to sit down since I can’t dance anymore.

Prince 1:  That’s all right. {Puts the shoe away.}

Stepsister 1:  Oh look, the Prince isn’t dancing with anyone.

Stepsister 2:  Then I will dance with him!

Stepsister 1:  No! It will be me!

Stepsister 2:  No, me!

Stepsister 1:  Me!

Evil Stepmother:  Girls, don’t shout! It’s not lady like!

Stepsisters:  Yes, Mother.

Evil Stepmother:  Now girls, the only logical way to determine who will dance with the Prince first is to let the eldest daughter decide.

Stepsister 1:  Then I choose me!

Stepsister 2:  Mother!

Evil Stepmother:  She is older… Now Dear, try not to embarrass yourself.

Stepsister 1:  Why Mother, I would never! I only have to laugh my oh so charming laugh, and the Prince will fall madly in love with me. {Laughs.}

Evil Stepmother:  No, no Dear, please stop. 

Stepsister 1:  What?

Evil Stepmother:  Your laugh is charming, but don’t laugh in front of the Prince.

Stepsister 1:  Why not, Mother?

Evil Stepmothe

Cinderella and the Seven Dwarfs

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