Signs Of Messiah
Signs Of Messiah – Script
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Signs Of Messiah

The Rabbi, Simon, is seeing signs of the Messiah In the birth of Christ but wonders if it can truly be believed.

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Signs Of Messiah

The Rabbi, Simon, is seeing signs of the Messiah In the birth of Christ but wonders if it can truly be believed.

Author:    Delvyn Case


Simon, a Rabbi, is seeing signs of the Messiah in events of the birth of Jesus. But he wonders if it could possibly be. By the end of the play he is convinced Jesus must indeed be the Messiah.

Signs Of Messiah


A Christmas Play


Delvyn C. Case, Jr.

Signs of Messiah
Copyright ©2005 by Delvyn C. Case, Jr.
All Rights Reserved
CAUTION: Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that SIGNS OF MESSIAH is subject to a royalty.  It is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America, the British Commonwealth, including Canada, and all other countries of the Copyright Union.  All rights, including professional, amateur, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadcasting, television, and the rights of translation into foreign language are strictly reserved.
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CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4

MAN at Temple

WOMAN at Temple

SIMON, Rabbi of Bethlehem

MIRIAM, Simon’s wife

GRANDCHILD #1 and #2, grandchildren of Simon

JACOB, Rabbi of Nazareth

JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2

SAUL, Rabbi of Jerusalem


Days of Jesus’ birth


Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Bethhaccerum


ACT I, Scene 1:  Jerusalem, the Temple
ACT I, Scene 2:  Bethlehem, Simon’s home
ACT I, Scene 3:  Nazareth, the synagogue
ACT I, Scene 4:  Bethhaccerum, a street at a well
ACT I, Scene 5:  Jerusalem, the Temple

ACT II, Scene 1:  Bethlehem, Simon’s home
ACT II, Scene 2:  Jerusalem, the Temple
ACT II, Scene 3:  Bethlehem, Simon’s home


CENTURION and SOLDIERS #1 and #2:  Roman soldier uniforms, swords, and spears
CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4:  Biblical robes
MAN:  Biblical robes
WOMAN:  Biblical robes
GRANDCHILD #1 and #2:  Biblical robes
JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2:  Biblical robes
SIMON:  Rabbi robes and tassels
JACOB:  Rabbi robes and tassels
SAUL:  Rabbi robes and tassels


ACT I, Scenes 1 and 5; ACT II, Scene 2:  Temple façade
ACT I, Scene 2; ACT II, Scenes 1 and 3:  Table and benches in home
ACT I, Scene 3:  Table and benches in synagogue
ACT I, Scene 4:  A street scene with well SIGNS OF MESSIAH

ACT I, Scene 1

(As the lights come up, the CENTURION and SOLDIERS #1
and #2 are standing left of center stage.  CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 is standing right of center stage.  MAN and WOMAN enter from stage left and cross to CENTURION and SOLDIERS #1 and #2.  CENTURION smirks.  As MAN and WOMAN approach CENTURION and SOLDIERS #1 and #2, CENTURION slaps MAN. CENTURION laughs.  CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 watches slap and reacts with disbelief.  CENTURION pushes MAN down to ground.  CENTURION and SOLDIERS #1 and #2 laugh out loud.  MAN tries to get up.  MAN is hurt.  CENTURION tries to draw out sword but WOMAN grabs CENTURION’S arm)

WOMAN:  (yelling) Don’t!  Please don’t!

(CENTURION tries to push WOMAN away.  CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 look in horror)

WOMAN (cont’d):  He didn’t do anything!

(CENTURION frees arm and pushes WOMAN to ground.
WOMAN falls downstage of MAN.  CENTURION draws out sword and moves menacingly closer to MAN.
CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 react with horror and shake
their heads)

WOMAN (cont’d): He didn’t mean anything!

(WOMAN partially covers MAN as a shield.  CROWD #1, #2, #3, and 4 move two steps closer to WOMAN and MAN)

CROWD #1: Don’t kill him.

CROWD #2:  Have mercy.

CROWD #3:  Please, officer.  Leave him alone.

CROWD #4:  He’s a nobody.  We’re all nobodies.

(CENTURION stops.  CENTURION looks at SOLDIERS #1 and #2. CENTURION looks at MAN with a sneer. SOLDIERS #1 and #2 smile and laugh.  CENTURION spits.  CENTURION puts sword away. CENTURION motions to SOLDIERS #1 and #2.  SOLDIERS #1 and #2 and CENTURION cross to stage left exit and exit.  WOMAN nurses MAN.  SIMON enters from Temple at center stage.  CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4  notice SIMON entering and point toward SIMON)

CROWD #1:  (agitated) Help us, Rabbi.

CROWD #2:  (pointing toward MAN and WOMAN)  The soldiers slapped that man and pushed him down.

(SIMON looks at MAN and WOMAN)

CROWD #3:  They were going to kill him.

CROWD #4:  For no reason.  There’s never a reason!

(CROWD #1, #2, and #3 nod in agreement)

CROWD #3:  ‘Cause he’s one of God’s people.

CROWD #1:  We need Messiah.  We need a savior.

CROWD #2:  Messiah will save us.

CROWD #3:  We’re nobodies to the Romans

CROWD #4:  We’re somebodies.  (proudly) We’re somebodies to God.

CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4: (shouting) We’re God’s people!  We’re God’s people!

(SIMON motions for CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 to calm down)

CROWD #1:  (pointing to Temple) Is the man you questioned Messiah?

CROWD #2:  We need Messiah!

CROWD #3:  He’ll free us from the Romans.

CROWD #4:  He’ll save his people.

(SIMON motions for CROWD #1, #2, #3, and  #4 to calm down)

SIMON:  The man’s not Messiah.

(CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 look at each other with puzzlement)

CROWD #1:  Didn’t he do miracles?

CROWD #2:  We heard he did miracles.

(CROWD #2 looks at CROWD #1, #3, and #4.  They nod in agreement)

SIMON:  We couldn’t prove any miracles.

CROWD #3:  He said he was Messiah.

CROWD #4: He made claims.

SIMON:  He said he was Messiah.  He made claims. That’s not enough.

CROWD #1:  (with desperation) There’s no hope!

CROWD #2:  We need Messiah!

CROWD #3:  How can we tell if someone is Messiah?

SIMON:  There are signs.  There are undeniable signs.

CROWD #3:  How can we tell?

SIMON:  If a man claims to be Messiah, he must fulfill the prophecies in Scripture.

CROWD #3:  How many prophecies must he fulfill?

SIMON:  All of them.

CROWD #4:  How many are there?

SIMON:  Hundreds.

(CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 look at each other with disappointment and disbelief)

CROWD #1:  That’s impossible!

CROWD #2:  No one could do that!

SIMON:  Messiah can.

CROWD #3:  How will he do it?

SIMON:  They’ll be his life.  He’ll live out the prophecies of Scripture.

CROWD #4:  (pointing toward the Temple) How many did the man you questioned today fulfill?

CROWD #3:  How many prophecies?

SIMON:  (shaking head) None.

CROWD #1:  Not any?

CROWD #2:  Not one?

(SIMON shakes his head)

CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4:  He must have fulfilled some!  He must be Messiah!  We need Messiah!

(SIMON motions CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 to calm down)

SIMON:  I ask the same question to anyone claiming to be Messiah.

CROWD #3:  What did you ask him?  Is he Messiah?  How can we tell?

SIMON:  I asked the man where he was born.  He was born in Jericho.  The prophecies say Messiah will not be born in Jericho.  (hands up) This man isn’t Messiah.

(CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4 look at each other in disappointment)

CROWD #4: What can we do?

SIMON: (motioning toward stage right and stage left stairs) Go to your homes.  Have hope.  

CROWD #1:  God has forgotten his people.

CROWD #2:  (to SIMON) (imploringly) There’s no hope.

SIMON:  (motioning to stage right and stage left stairs)  Go in peace.  Shalom.

CROWD #2:  There’s no peace.

CROWD #1:  (with discouragement) God’s not spoken in four hundred years.

(CROWD #3 drops to knees and holds up hands in prayer)

CROWD #3:  Give us a sign, O Lord!

(SIMON looks up, shakes head, and then at CROWD)

CROWD #4:  (looking around) Where is God?

(SIMON motions for CROWD to leave.  CROWD #1 and #2 cross to MAN and WOMAN.  CROWD #1 and #2 and WOMAN help MAN up.  SIMON looks with sadness as CROWD disperses.  CROWD #1 and #2, MAN, and WOMAN cross slowly helping MAN toward stage left and exit off stage left stairs.  CROWD #3 and #4 cross to stage right stairs and stop. They look at SIMON for hope)

SIMON:  (to CROWD #3 and #4) There are no signs of Messiah.

(CROWD #3 and #4 shake their heads.  CROWD #3 and #4
exit off stage right stairs)

SIMON (cont’d):  Where is God? (looking up) Give us a sign!

(SIMON looks around and at Temple.  He slowly crosses
discouraged to stage right exit and exits)

(black out)

ACT I, Scene 2

(As the lights come up, MIRIAM is standing upstage of table.  She is preparing a meal.  SIMON enters from stage right, closes door, and takes two steps.  He is discouraged.  He sighs.)

MIRIAM:  (looking up at SIMON) You’re home, my dear.  Shalom.

SIMON:  (wearily) At last, Miriam.  At last.

MIRIAM:  How was Jerusalem today?

SIMON:  There was another claiming to be Messiah.  There have been so many lately.  And violence, it doesn’t stop.  The Romans attacked a man for no reason.  He was passing by the Temple.

MIRIAM:  What does it mean?

SIMON:  (sadly) I don’t know.  I don’t know.  Our people are oppressed.  They’ve been waiting so long.  They’re in need of…

(MIRIAM holds out arms to SIMON)

MIRIAM:  Come, Simon.  I’m preparing a meal for everyone.  We have a surprise for you.

(SIMON wearily crosses to MIRIAM.  They embrace.  MIRIAM pats SIMON)

SIMON:  Where are our grandchildren?

(GRANDCHILD #1 and #2 enter from stage right with GRANDCHILD #1 carrying infant)

GRANDCHILD #1 and #2:  Grandpa!  Grandpa!

(GRANDCHILD #1 and #2 cross hurriedly to SIMON.  SIMON embraces them.  SIMON steps back and uncovers infant.  SIMON puts blanket on table)

SIMON:  Who do we have here?

MIRIAM:  Jesse.

GRANDCHILD #1:  Your new grandson.  He was born while you were in Jerusalem.

SIMON:  (holding out arms) Can I?

(GRANDCHILD #1 hands infant to SIMON.  SIMON holds infant and smiles)

SIMON (cont’d):  So precious.  So innocent.  Even the Romans wouldn’t hurt a child.

MIRIAM:  What ‘bout Herod?

(SIMON holds up infant)

SIMON:  Our hope’s in our children.  

(SIMON holds infant to himself)

SIMON (cont’d):  He’s a butcher but he answers to Rome.  (looking at infant) Jesse’s safe here.

(Infant fusses)

GRANDCHILD #2:  Jesse needs to be fed.

(SIMON hands infant back to GRANDCHILD #1)

SIMON:  (to GRANDCHILD #1 and #2)  He needs to be dedicated in the Temple in Jerusalem.  We’ll take him when I return.  Are you coming to supper?

GRANDCHILD #2:  Everyone’s coming.  (holding up infant) To celebrate Jesse’s birth.

GRANDCHILD #1:  We’re hungry.

SIMON:  (motioning toward stage right exit)  Go.  Get all the family and return for the celebration.   Shalom.

(GRANDCHILD #1 and #2 cross to stage right exit and exit)

MIRIAM:  The man today…

SIMON:  He has a following.  He said he did miracles.  But he wasn’t Messiah.

MIRIAM:  Why is this impossible?  Where are you going again?

SIMON:  Scripture’s clear.  Messiah’s from David’s line.  He must be born here in Bethlehem.  I asked the man where he was born.  It was Jericho.

(MIRIAM sighs)

SIMON (cont’d):  I must go to Galilee to the town of Nazareth to certify the marriages and betrothals.

MIRIAM:  When?

SIMON:  Tomorrow.  I’ll be back in time to dedicate our new grandson.

MIRIAM:  Is this the time to bring a child into this world?  Why should our young people marry?  Why should they have children?  What can our grandson look forward to?  (raises arms) A beating from a Roman soldier for just walking on the street?    

SIMON:  A man in the crowd asked “Where is God?”  I didn’t have an answer.

(MIRIAM shakes her head)

SIMON (cont’d):  The people hunger for relief.  For deliverance.  For Messiah.  Many are claiming to be Messiah.  They’re taking advantage…

MIRIAM:  The people would follow anyone who would give them hope and peace.

SIMON:  Only Messiah can give hope and peace.

MIRIAM:  How can we find him?

SIMON:  Scripture will guide us to Messiah.  It’s the only way to truth.

MIRIAM:  (shaking head) It’s a dark time.

SIMON:  (thinking) Is this the time prophesied by Isaiah:  “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light”?  

(SIMON shakes head with discouragment)

MIRIAM:  Will he come soon?

(SIMON shrugs shoulders)

SIMON:  There are no signs.

(SIMON picks up blanket  from table.  SIMON puts arm around MIRIAM.  SIMON looks at blanket)

SIMON:  Isaiah also said:  “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given”.  (holding up blanket) A child is our hope.  A child is our peace.

(black out)

ACT I, Scene 3

(As the lights come up, JACOB is sitting at the table
at center stage.  He is on stage left bench.  He is writing
on a scroll.  SIMON enters from stage right)

JACOB:  (looking up) Shalom, Rabbi Simon.  Welcome to Nazareth.

(SIMON crosses to JACOB)

SIMON:  Shalom, Rabbi Jacob.  I’ve come…

JACOB:  (motioning to stage right bench) Please.  I know why you’re here.  

(SIMON sits down)

JACOB (cont’d):  Here’s the marriage and betrothal record for the year.  (pushing scroll across table)  Everything’s in order.

(SIMON looks at scroll.  SIMON looks up.  JACOB hands him stylus)

JACOB (cont’d):  I need your certification.

SIMON:  Anything unusual?

JACOB:  (nonchalantly) Routine.  All of it.

(JACOB motions for SIMON to sign scroll. SIMON signs scroll)

JACOB (cont’d):  One family asked for an early marriage, three months early.  Here in Galilee betrothals are a year.  (sarcastically)  (sitting back) I know in the big cities such as Jerusalem…

SIMON:  (pointing to scroll) Did you make note of it?

(JACOB shrugs shoulders)

JACOB:  It happens.  (leans forward) We don’t ask questions.

(SIMON nods.  SIMON stands up)

JACOB (cont’d):  And we heard an unusual story…

SIMON:  Unusual story?

JACOB:  A young woman, the same one whose family asked for the early wedding, said she saw an angel.

(JACOB stands)

JACOB (cont’d):  She’s fifteen.  They’ll say anything.

SIMON:  (looking at scroll) You didn’t put this in your record.

(JACOB takes scroll)

JACOB:  (holding up scroll and laughing) This is an official synagogue document!

(SIMON nods)

SIMON:  What was the angel’s name?

JACOB:  Gabriel.

SIMON:  (thinking) The same angel Rabbi Zechariah said he saw while serving at the Temple last fall.

JACOB:  (waving off) Angels.  We haven’t heard about angels for a long time.  

SIMON:  Not since the days of the prophet Daniel seven hundred years ago.  

JACOB:  Her family had to say something preposterous.

SIMON:  What do you mean?

JACOB:  (shaking head) The woman claims the angel said she’d conceive and bear a son.  

SIMON:  How’s that preposterous?

JACOB:  The woman was a virgin.  She said the child was from the Holy Spirit.  The child was the Son of God.  (holding up scroll) I didn’t put that in my record either!

SIMON:  (thinking) “The virgin shall conceive and bear a son”.

JACOB:  The prophet Isaiah.

SIMON:  He was talking about Messiah eight hundred years ago.  She was talking about Messiah now.  

JACOB:  (shaking head) Preposterous, I told you.

SIMON:  Why’s this happening now?  Angels appearing to two people within six months?

JACOB:  The same angel.  Gabriel, the messenger angel.  If that’s important.

SIMON:  And here? (holding up hands) Messiah can’t be born here.  This is…

JACOB:  (protesting) Several prophets have come from Galilee like Noah…

SIMON:  This is different.

JACOB:  (tapping table) The prophet Isaiah says He will be called a Nazarene.

(SIMON shakes his head)

SIMON:  (with agitation) I should talk with her.

JACOB:  (tapping table) Messiah will be from here.

SIMON:  (impatiently) I understand.  I understand.

JACOB:  Mary’s gone to Judea to see family.  (tapping table) It’s in Scripture.

SIMON:  (impatiently) Please!  Where can I find her?

JACOB:  She’s visiting Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth.

SIMON:  Rabbi Zechariah is her relative?  

(JACOB nods)

SIMON (cont’d):  He was chief priest at the Temple in Jerusalem last fall.  He went into the Holy of Holies on Yom Kippur representing all people.  His integrity’s impeccable.  (pointing a finger at JACOB) He must have been an angel.

JACOB:  His wife is Mary’s cousin.

SIMON:  (thinking) I’ll question both of them about the angel.  Where do Zechariah and Elizabeth live?

JACOB:  In Bethhaccerum.

SIMON:  In the Judean hill country.  It’s on my way home.

JACOB:  Why are you so interested in what’s happening here?

SIMON:  It’s a dark time.  People are calling out to God for a deliverer.  Many are claiming to be Messiah.  Is something happening here?  Are these signs of Messiah?  Is Scripture being fulfilled?   (laughing) This is Nazareth!

JACOB:  (firmly) He can’t be born here.  But Messiah must be from here.  And not just anywhere in Galilee, but from the town of Nazareth.  (tapping table) He’ll be called a Naza…

SIMON:  (waving his arms) I forgot.  I forgot.  Shalom.  Shalom.

JACOB:  Shalom.

(JACOB sits down, shakes head, and looks at scroll.  SIMON crosses to stage right exit and exits. JACOB  looks up and taps table)

(black out)

ACT I, Scene 4

(As the lights come up, JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2 enter from stage left.  They carry water pots.  SIMON enters from stage right and crosses to center stage downstage of well.  SIMON stops waiting for JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2 to reach center stage)

SIMON:  (to JUDEAN WOMAN #1) Shalom alehem.

(JUDEAN WOMAN #1 stops.  JUDEAN WOMAN #2 takes water pot from JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and crosses to well.  JUDEAN WOMAN #2 listens as she does her work at the well.)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1: Shalom, rabbi.

SIMON:  Where’s the home of your rabbi Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth?

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  (pointing off stage left stairs) Next to the synagogue.

SIMON:  Shalom.

(SIMON starts to cross)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  They’re not there.

(SIMON stops and turns)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1 (cont’d):  They’ve gone to Jerusalem to dedicate their son, their first born.  It was a miracle.

(SIMON scowls)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1 (cont’d):  I’m her cousin.  Elizabeth was beyond childbearing age.  The angel…

SIMON:  Gabriel.

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  How’d you know?

SIMON:  I heard about it in Nazareth.

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  Then you know the angel appeared to Zechariah in the Temple and told him that his wife would bear a son who would be the herald of Messiah.

SIMON:  Has a woman Mary visited Zechariah and Elizabeth?

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  She saw the same angel.

SIMON:  Take me to her.

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  (excitedly) Her son’s Messiah.  

(JUDEAN WOMAN #1 looks at JUDEAN WOMAN #2 who nods agreement)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  (excitedly) (pointing to SIMON) You found out.  That’s why you’re here.

SIMON:  (strongly) How’d she know about the angel?

(JUDEAN WOMAN #1 shakes her head.  JUDEAN WOMAN #2 crosses to SIMON and JUDEAN WOMAN #1)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  Mary saw the same angel in Nazareth before she came.

SIMON:  (strongly) Is that where she heard about the angel appearing to Zechariah?

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  (timidly) No.  I don’t think so.


SIMON:  (strongly) Zechariah must have told her!

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:   (timidly) I don’t know.

JUDEAN WOMAN #2:  (firmly) It’s not possible.  


JUDEAN WOMAN #2:  Zechariah serves here and at the Temple in Jerusalem.  Elizabeth’s been pregnant since the fall.  She couldn’t travel.  They haven’t been to Nazareth in years.

(JUDEAN WOMAN #1 is relieved.  She nods in agreement)

SIMON:  (impatiently) Take me to her.

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  (firmly) I told you they went to Jerusalem.

SIMON:  (with frustration) To Mary.

JUDEAN WOMAN #2:  She’s left.

(SIMON raises arms up in frustration)

JUDEAN WOMAN  #2 (cont’d):  For Nazareth.

(SIMON shakes head several times)

JUDEAN WOMAN #2 (cont’d):  She was already showing by the time she left.  (patting her abdomen) She was uncomfortable.  

(SIMON looks around in frustration)

JUDEAN WOMAN #2 (cont’d):  When she gets home, she won’t be going anywhere once the midwives see her.  

(JUDEAN WOMAN #2 looks at JUDEAN WOMAN #1. JUDEAN WOMAN #1 nods agreement)

JUDEAN WOMAN #2 (cont’d):  They’ll put her right to bed.

SIMON:  Then the child, if it’s a boy, isn’t Messiah.

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  It’s a boy.  The angel said she’d have a son and should call him Jesus—Savior.  He’s Messiah.

SIMON:  Messiah must be born in Bethlehem.  If she can’t travel and delivers in…

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  God can make it happen.

(SIMON shakes head)

SIMON:  (with discouragement) It can’t happen.  There’s no way.  (bowing to JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2) Shalom.

(JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2 bow to SIMON)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1:  Shalom.

(SIMON turns and crosses to stage right exit.  JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2 watch SIMON cross then look at each other)

JUDEAN WOMAN #1 (cont’d):  (calling after SIMON) God can make it happen.

(SIMON reaches stage right exit.  He hears her.  He stops and shakes head.  JUDEAN WOMAN #2 looks at JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and nods)

JUDEAN WOMAN #2:  (calling after SIMON) God will make it happen.

(SIMON thinks and nods.  SIMON exits stage right.  JUDEAN WOMAN #1 and #2 talk with each other and motion toward SIMON)

(black out)

ACT I, Scene 5

(Before lights come up, there is the pounding of nails into wood.  As the lights come up, CENTURION and SOLDIERS #1 and #2 are standing upstage on stage left side of the Temple.  CENTURION is nailing scroll into wall of Temple.  CROWD #1, #2, #3, and #4, MAN, and WOMAN are standing looking at scroll)

CROWD #1:  It’s not fair.

Signs Of Messiah

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