Outpost In Nazareth
Outpost In Nazareth – Script
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Outpost In Nazareth

A view of the birth of Christ from a Roman perspective.

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Outpost In Nazareth

A view of the birth of Christ from a Roman perspective.

Author:    Delvyn Case


This is a wonderful play that looks at what the Romans saw in the mirracles surrounding Christ’s birth.

Outpost In Nazareth


A Christmas Play


Delvyn C. Case, Jr.

Outpost In Nazareth
Copyright ©2006 by Delvyn Case Jr.
All Rights Reserved
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Messiah #1 (Messiah #2, Marcellus, and Wiseman #3)

Woman #1 (Pilgrim #1)

Woman #2 (Pilgrim #2)

Woman #3 (Mary and Pilgrim #3)

Gaius Publius Sajenus, Roman Tribune

Dominica Sejanus, wife of Tribune

Roman Soldier #1 (Rabbi I and Wiseman #1)

Roman Soldier #2 (Rabbi II and Wiseman #2)

Rabbi #1 and #2


Marcellus, messenger from Rome

Messiah #2

Wiseman #1, #2, and #3

Pilgrim #1, #2, and #3

Days of Jesus’ birth

    A street
    The palace of the Roman Tribune


Bible era robes, sandals, sashes, and headpieces:        Messiah #1 and #2
                            Woman #1, #2, and #3
                             Pilgrim #1, #2, and #3

Roman tunics and sandals:        Gaius (Tribune)
                    Dominca (Wife of Tribune)
                    Marcellus (Messenger)

Roman Soldier uniforms:        Roman Soldiers

Priestly robes and sandals:        RABBI #1 and #2

Oriental king robes:            WISEMAN #1, #2, and #3


A street in Nazareth
A Roman palace receiving room (of Roman Tribune) with 2 royal chairs            
A bench on a street    


ACT I, Scene 1

{As the lights come up, Woman #1 and #2 are standing at the top of stage right stairs.  They carry baskets.  They are talking about what they have in their baskets.  Gaius and Dominica enter from stage left arm-in-arm.  Roman Soldier #1 and  #2 follow Gaius and Dominica during the scene}

Dominica: {looking around} A beautiful day.  

Gaius:  {arm up surveying the scene} Peaceful.  Nothing happening, except the usual…

        {Messiah #1 and Woman #3 enters theatre from
center aisle. Woman #1 and #2 point with excitement.
They put down their baskets.  Gaius and Dominica
slowly start to cross toward center stage cautiously}

Woman #1:  There he is!

Woman #2:  He’s here!

Dominica:  Trouble?

Gaius:  {shaking head} {wearily} Another one.

        {Woman #1 and #2 clap and jump up and
        down.  Messiah #1 waves to audience as
        he crosses to bottom of stage right stairs.
        He shakes hands with several of the
        audience.  Messiah #1 and Woman #3
reach bottom of stage right stairs}
Messiah #1:  I’m Messiah.  The long-awaited hope of Israel!  

        {Gaius and Dominica cross toward
center stage}

Messiah #1 {cont’d}:  The fulfillment of prophecy.  The Scriptures foretold my coming.

        {Gaius and Dominica reach center stage.
        Messiah #1 sees Gaius and Dominica.  
Messiah #1 points at Gaius}

Messiah #1{cont’d}:  I’ll free Israel from the pagans.

Woman #1:  Free us, O Messiah!

Gaius:  {to Dominica} I told you.

Messiah #1:  {shaking finger at Gaius}  Behold, the Tribune who holds us in the bondage of Rome!

Woman #2:  Free us from tyranny!

Woman #3:  {waving at GAIUS} Go back to Rome!

Woman #1:  {shaking fist at GAIUS}  Rome’s the enemy!

Messiah #1:  {shaking finger at Dominica}  Leave Nazareth before you’re slaughtered with your husband.

Dominica:  {to Gaius}  A threatening one.

Messiah #1:  {pointing finger at Roman Soldiers}  I’ll rid our land of the Roman troops…

Woman #1:  Out with the Romans!

Messiah #1:  And Herod.  He’s not our King.  He’s a puppet of Rome.

Woman #2:  Out with Herod!

        {Messiah #1 and Woman #1, #2, and #3 cross
        to center aisle and wave menacingly at Gaius and

Messiah #1:  Israel will be free!

Woman #1, #2, and #3:  Israel will be free!

Messiah #1:  {pointing at Gaius and Dominica}
We’ll be free!

Woman #1, #2, and #3: {pointing at Gaius and Dominica}  We’ll be free!

        {Messiah #1 turns to Woman #1, #2, and #3
        and taps chest}

Gaius:  {to Dominica}  Here it comes.

Dominica:  {to Gaius}  Are they ready for it?

Messiah #1:  {holding out arms}  Come to me!

Woman #1:  {in awe}  He’s Messiah!

Messiah #1: {holding out arms}  Come to me!

Woman #2:  {in awe}  He’s the real Messiah!

        {Messiah #1 motions with both
arms to Woman #1, #2, and #3}

Gaius:  {to Dominica}  He’s got them now.

Woman #3:  {in awe} You’re our only hope!

Dominica:  {to Gaius} He’s got charisma.

Gaius:  {to Dominica} Not you too?

Dominica:  {shaking head}  Don’t be silly.

Woman #3:  We’re yours!
        {Woman #1, #2, and #3 run
        to Messiah’s arms.  Messiah #1
embraces Woman #1, #2, and #3}

Gaius:  (to Dominica)  This one’s real good.

Messiah #1:  Freedom for Israel!  

        (Dominica shakes head.  Messiah #1 opens
arms and Woman #1, #2, and #3 move away
from embrace)

Messiah #1 {cont’d}:  I’ll free everyone!

Woman #1, #2, and #3:  We want freedom!  We want freedom!

        {Messiah #1 and Woman #1, #2, and #3
        exit up center aisle.  Gaius and Dominica
watch them exit}

Messiah #1:  Freedom!  Freedom!

Woman #1, #2, and #3:  Messiah!  Messiah!

Gaius:  Pretty followers.

Dominica:  You noticed.

Gaius:  {pointing up center aisle}  Certainly he did.  {pointing to Dominica} You noticed his charisma.

Dominica:  Will you arrest him?

Gaius:  Not unless he mounts an insurrection.  Herod’s the king.  Let him deal with the local zealots.  We’re here protecting Rome’s interest in the trade route that goes to the border with Syria.

        {Gaius and Dominica cross to edge of stage}

Gaius {cont’d}:  Nazareth!  {shaking head} What a dreary assignment!  I’m sorry I’ve brought you here.

Dominica:  {patting Gaius’s arm}  You’re my husband.  I want to be with you.  It’s a steppingstone to your appointment to the Senate and our return to Rome.  Something we’ve always wanted.

Gaius:  {pointing up center aisle}  This one was amusing.  We need entertainment…{rubbing hands as if dirty} here.

Dominica:  Could this one be real?

Gaius:  {laughing}  Impossible.

Dominica:  Why?

Gaius:  There’s no such thing as messiah.

Dominica:  The Jewish Scriptures talk about messiah coming soon.

Gaius:  Where’d you hear this?

Dominica:  From the women in town.  I hear them talking on the street and at the well.  They talk about their God’s promises to their people.

Gaius:  Their god?  There are hundreds of gods, goddesses, demigods, spirits.  Rome’s full of gods.  Which one’s your favorite?

Dominica:  The Jews believe there’s only one God.

Gaius:  {waving hand}  The world’s too complicated for one god.

Dominica:  Their God is all-powerful.  He created the heavens and the earth.

Gaius:  Like Jupiter?

        {Dominica laughs.  Gaius shrugs shoulders}

Dominica:  The Jews don’t believe in Jupiter.  

Gaius:  {putting arm around Dominica}  They’re not Romans.

        {Dominica nods without enthusiasm.
Gaius takes arm away}

Gaius {cont’d}:  Still, we should know more for security reasons.  

Dominica:  What?

Gaius:  {pointing up center aisle}  If any of these messiahs unites the people, he’d be a threat to Herod…and Rome.  {waving finger at Dominica} Keep listening to the women.

Dominica:  They’ve offered me pages of their Scriptures.

Gaius:  {hands up}  Take ‘em!  Read ‘em!

Dominica: You really want me…

Gaius:  {motioning like writing}  Write them down!  {pointing at Dominica}  It could be evidence.

Dominica:  There’s one who’s always willing to talk.

Gaius:  {shaking finger at Dominica}  Good.  Good.

Dominica:  She’s a virtuous woman, very humble and pious.

Gaius:  {patronizing}  Yes.  Yes.  Talk with her.  Learn more.

        {Dominica nods with enthusiasm}

Gaius {cont’d}:  We’re meeting with the rabbis from the synagogue today.  I’ll ask them if anything’s going on.  There’s too much talk ‘bout messiahs.

        {Gaius offers his arm.  Dominica takes
        Gaius’s arm.  Gaius nods to Roman
Soldiers.  Gaius and Dominica cross to
stage right door followed by Roman Soldiers.
All exit stage right}

{black out}

ACT I, Scene 2

{As the lights come up, Gaius and Dominica are seated upstage on royal chairs. Gaius is stage right.  They are talking.  Rabbi I and II enter from stage right.  They stand at exit.  Gaius notices Rabbi I and II at the exit door. Gaius motions for them to cross.  Rabbi I and II cross to stage right of Gaius}

Rabbi I:  {to Gaius}  Your excellency.

Gaius:  {to Dominica}  Can’t they show respect?

Rabbi II:  {to Dominica}  Gracious lady.

Dominica:  {to Gaius}  You know they can bow only to God.

Gaius:  {to Dominica} {tapping his chest}  I’m a tribune…of Rome.

Rabbi I:  We’ve come because of an unpleasant matter…

Gaius:  Before you begin, tell me about the latest messiah who was ranting in the street today.

        {Rabbi I and II look at each other}

Gaius {cont’d}:  A foolish idea.

Rabbi II:  Messiah will come…

Gaius:  {patronizing}  Yes, Yes…

Rabbi II:  {with fervor} He’ll free our people.

        {Gaius sits up}

Gaius:  {harshly} {to Rabbi II}  Rome knows your views.  Be careful what you say.  If anyone’s a threat to Rome…or Herod…

        {Rabbi I holds hands up and down for calm}  

Rabbi I:  {calmly}  This man wasn’t messiah.

        {GAIUS sits back relieved}

Dominica:  You’re sure.

Rabbi I:  Our Scriptures reveal how to recognize messiah.

Dominica:  In what way?

Rabbi II:  He’ll fulfill prophecies

Gaius:  For instance.

Rabbbi II:  {fervently}  The time of His coming.

Gaius:  When will that be?

Rabbi II:  {sharply}  Now!

Gaius:  {sitting up} {with anger}  What?

{Rabbi I tries to calm Rabbi II down}                

Rabbi II:  The prophecies are clear.  There’ve been four great empires:  {counting with fingers} Babylon, Persia, Greek, {pointing finger at Gaius} Rome.  The other empires are past.  Messiah’s not come yet!  He must be coming during the time of Roman rule!

Dominica:  Where’s this prophecy in Scripture?

Rabbi II:  The book of Daniel.

{Gaius squirms in his chair.  Rabbi I holds hand up to Rabbi II to calm him down}

Rabbi I:  {to Gaius} {calmly}  We don’t know when.  Scripture doesn’t say exactly…

        {Gaius sits back}

Gaius:  {motioning with hand}  How ‘bout the man today?

        {Rabbi I and Rabbi II look at each other}

Gaius {cont’d}:  He said he fulfilled prophecies.  {with a sneer} He’s here during the time of Rome.

Rabbi II:  He doesn’t fulfill any other prophecies.

Rabbi I:  He’s a fraud.

Gaius:  {to Rabbi II}:  How many others are there?

Rabbi II:  {to Gaius}  Hundreds!

Dominica:  {to Rabbi I}  How can you tell he’s a fraud?

Rabbi II:  {to Dominic} {with fervor}  Messiah will be righteous.

Rabbi I:  This one’s lifestyle…He enjoys his women followers.

Gaius:  I noticed.

Dominica:  {looking at Gaius}  You sure did.

        {Gaius laughs loudly}

Gaius:  {looking at Dominica}  He was charismatic.  You noticed that.

Rabbi I:  {smiling}  He has a certain appeal.

Gaius:  Why are there so many messiahs at this time?

Rabbi I:  False messiahs.

Gaius:  False messiahs that claim prophecies are being fulfilled?

Rabbi I:  Our people haven’t heard from God in four hundred years.  Years before, there was a time when many prophets proclaimed Messiah would come.  And what he’d be like.  {pointing to Rabbi II} Some think it’s now.  Some read Scripture and think it applies to them.  They claim to be Messiah and get a following…for a while.  Like the man, today.  {shrugging shoulders} He won’t last long.

Rabbi II:  {with intensity}  Our people are under bondage.  They want to be free!  Messiah’s coming!  Events proclaim the time’s near!

{Rabbi II with shock.  Gaius sits up and looks penetratingly at Rabbi II}

Gaius:  {firmly} {to Rabbi II}  Are you aware…?

Rabbi I:  {trying to defuse the situation}  We’re not aware of anything happening in Palestine, especially here in Nazareth.  {looking at Rabbi II}  Rabbi?

Rabbi II:  {biting his tongue}  Nothing’s happening here.

Rabbi I:  {hands up} {laughing}  What could?

        {Gaius laughs and sits back relieved}

GAIUS:  {with a smirk}  Such a dreary place!  Even your God’s forgotten it.

        {RABBI II shakes head}

Rabbi I:  Can we discuss the unpleasant situation that brought us here today?

Gaius:  Please, do.  This talk of gods…{pointing to Rabbi I and II}.  I’m more comfortable with administrative duties.

        {Gaius looks at Dominica.  He shakes head
and holds hands up. Dominica smiles weakly
at Gaius}

Gaius {cont’d}:  Go ahead.

Rabbi I:  We’re investigating a capital offense crime.

Gaius:  {sitting up}  Continue.

Rabbi II:  Adultery.

        {Gaius sits back and laughs loudly}

Gaius:  {with a broad smile}  In Rome we’d…

Rabbi II:  This is not Rome!  Jewish law given by God…

Gaius:  {suppressing a laugh}  Of course.

Rabbi II:  {with intensity}  It is the word of God.

Gaius:  {amused}  Yes, yes.  {waving to Rabbi II}  Go on.

Rabbi II:  You must respect…

Gaius:  I do.  I do.

        {Gaius waves Rabbi II to continue}

Rabbi II:  Jewish law, God’s law!…

        {Gaius nods}

Rabbi II:  Stipulates death…

Gaius:  {amused}  Then half of Rome…

Rabbi II:  By stoning…

Gaius:  {amused}:  We’d have to use all the stones in the coliseum.

Rabbi II:  Please, Tribune.

{Gaius suppresses a laugh.  Gaius waves for Rabbi II to continue}

Rabbi II {cont’d}:  For adultery.

        {Gaius sits up and is more serious}

Gaius:  What proof do you have to impose a capital sentence?

Rabbi I:  We’ve been told a young woman, engaged to a carpenter, is with child.

Gaius:  I said proof.

Rabbi I:  We’re examining her soon.

Dominica:  Who’s the woman?    

Rabbi II:  Her name’s Mary.  She’s engaged to the carpenter Joseph.

Dominica:  {to Gaius}:  She’s the woman I’ve seen many times in the market and at the well.

Gaius:  {to Dominica} {with cynicism}  A virtuous woman, very humble and pious?

        {Gaius rolls eyes and shakes head}

Gaius {cont’d}:  {to Rabbi I}  She’d be under the jurisdiction of the temple law.  Rome wouldn’t interfere with her sentence.

Rabbi I:  Thank you, your excellency.  {with a laugh}  There are some unusual circumstances…

Gaius:  {shaking finger at Rabbi I}  Don’t carry out any sentence without proper evidence.  Rome won’t…

Rabbi I:  The woman’s told others she’s a virgin.  

Gaius:  Is this a joke?

Rabbi II:  {sincerely} She’s been impregnated by God.  The baby’s God’s son.  That’s what I’ve heard.

Gaius:  {with a laugh}:  This is more ridiculous than the stories of our gods in Rome.  {pointing finger at Rabbi I} Be careful.

Rabbi I:  Yes, your excellency.

Rabbi II:  {strongly} We must consider…

Rabbi I:  {holding up hand for Rabbi II to desist}  We’ll take proper care.

        {Rabbi I and Rabbi II turn toward stage right

Gaius:  {to Dominica}  Can’t they show respect?

Dominica:  {to Gaius}  I told you they can’t bow down to you.  {to Rabbi I and Rabbi II}  Sirs, could this be the extraordinary birth of Messiah mentioned in your Scriptures?

Gaius:  {to Dominica}  Where’d you learn this?

Dominica:  {to Gaius}  From Mary.

Gaius:  {to Dominica}  The same one?

        {Rabbi I and Rabbi II turn back to Gaius
        and Dominica}

Rabbi I:  {patronizing}  With all due respect, gracious lady…

Dominica:  This woman’s sincere.  She’s from a devout family.

Rabbi I:  {patronizing}  This prophecy was written a long time ago.

Rabbi II:  {strongly}  It’s true!

Dominica:  {stronger}  You’ve been waiting a long time for it to be fulfilled.

Rabbi I:  {annoyed}  These prophecies weren’t meant…

Dominica:  {stronger}  They’re written in your Scriptures.

Rabbi II:  (strongly)  They tell what’s happening!

        {Gaius stands up}

Gaius:  {holding up hands for everyone to calm down}  We all need to investigate the allegations and circumstances before we jump to conclusions.

        {Gaius looks at Dominica, then at Rabbi I and
        Rabbi II.  Dominica and Rabbi I and Rabbi II
        nod in agreement}

Gaius {cont’d}:  I intend to.

Rabbi I:  We all do.

        {Rabbi I looks at Rabbi II for a response.
        Rabbi II nods reluctantly}

Gaius:  Good day, sirs.

Rabbi I :  Shalom.

Rabbi II:  Shalom.

        {Rabbi I and Rabbi II turn and cross to stage right
        exit and exit stage right.  Gaius sits down}

Dominica:  Fulfillment of prophecy?

Gaius:  Ridiculous!

        {Gaius shakes head and turns away from

{black out}

ACT I, Scene 3

{As the lights come up, Mary is standing at the top of the stage right stairs with Woman #1 and #2 standing at the bottom of stairs.  Each carries a bowl.  They are laughing.  Dominica enters from stage left.  She sees Mary.  There is a bench at center stage}


Outpost In Nazareth

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