Magic Theatre Trunk
Magic Theatre Trunk – Script
One needed for each performer and others directing or working with production.
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Magic Theatre Trunk

A modern retelling of three classic children’s stories, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella and The Emperor’s New Clothes.

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Magic Theatre Trunk

A modern retelling of three classic children’s stories, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, and The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Author:    Dennis Lamberson


A modern retelling of three classic children’s stories, Rumpelstiltskin, Cinderella, and The Emperor’s New Clothes. Each play is easy to stage with all props and set pieces coming out of the magic theatre trunk. The costumes can be as simple or elaborate as time and budget allow. The casts are flexible, actors may play more that one role or the casts may be expanded by adding more village people and members of the royal court. Each play runs about fifty minutes and is a fun theatre adventure for audiences and actors of all ages.

Magic Theatre Trunk




Dennis Lamberson

The plays in this anthology were originally produced by Central Lakes College’s Children’s theatre; Brainerd, Minnesota.  The productions were directed and designed by Dennis Lamberson with costumes by David Wilson

The Magic Theatre Trunk

 Copyright 2007  

by Dennis Lamberson

All Rights Reserved

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The Mysterious Case of Ella: Girl From the Cinders

A Sir Hairy Terrier-Snoop Dog Mystery


This is the “Cinderella” story with a few new twists. The play can be presented in modern dress or as a period piece. The cast can be expanded by adding extra Villagers and Servants to the Prince. The set can be as simple or complex as the designer and director choose. 

Originally, the production was presented on a thrust platform in a black box theatre with three banners and four benches. Time and place changes were made through the use of movement, lights and music. 

The magic can be as simple as sound effects. Sir Fus-budget’s wand should flicker, play sound effects and dispense magic glitter dust. The quick change into Ella’s ball gown is achieved by using a double, dressed in the same costume as Ella with the hood of her cape covering her head and her back to the audience. Sir Fus-budget waves his wand, stunt Ella exits stage right, magically, two seconds later Ella in her ball gown enters.  


Sir Hairy Terrier

Villager 1

Villager 2

Villager 3

Villager 4

Royal Messenger

Sir Reginal Fusbudget III/ Fairy Godfather

Stepsister 1 – Prudence

Stepsister 2 – Priscilla

Stepmother Dearest


Prince (Ella’s Dog)

2 Servants

Prince (the son of the King)

{Lights up, thunderstorm sounds, a dog/man comes onstage with a large magnifying glass}

Sir Hairy Terrier: Yes, it was a dark and stormy night. I remember it well as if it happened only yesterday and not years ago when I was a young pup. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m Sir Hairy Terrier-Snoop Dog. And this is “The Mysterious Case of Ella: Girl from the Cinders”…In the small village of Pleasantville, in the distant land of Dillydob…

Villager 1: Good day Madam, deli-fresh goat cheese.

Villager 2: Fresh bread for sale

Villager 3: Strawberries, oranges, grapes, pomegranates

Villager 4:Tasty vegetables

Villager 1: Chicks just dressed

Villager 2: Hot cross buns here

Villager 3: Pears sweet as honey

Villager 4: Garden fresh produce

Villager 3: Kumquats, lemons and passion fruit, get yer papayas

Villager 2: Hot cross buns, crumpets here

Villager 4: Radishes, rutabaga & carrots, cabbage

Villager 1: Hare in the fur-fit for a king-delicious roasted, in a stew, or pie.

Sir Hairy Terrier: As I was saying… In the distant land of Dillydob lived a young girl Ella, with her father, her stepmother dearest, her two stepsisters Prudence and Priscilla, and Ella’s regal dog, Prince. {Photograph} 1-2-3, say cheese! One sunny day a messenger arrived…

Royal Messenger: Message for Sir Reginal.

Fus-Budget: I’m Sir Reginal; Oh my stars and garters! My dear family, I must travel on the good ship Mustard Seed to a far away land on business. But I will be back soon with a great treasure. When I return what presents shall I bring for you?

Prudence:  I want dresses and furs and jewels——

Priscilla: I want candy and cakes and pies and other goodies——

Stepmother Dearest: A diamond tiara, pearls and rubies.

Fus-Budget: And for you, my sweet Ella?

Ella: A simple silk ribbon for my hair and a bone for my faithful dog Prince.

Fus-Budget: All that shall be yours. Good-bye my dear family, I shall return within a week’s time. Here is plenty of gold to last you until I return, budget it well. And here is my Gold card with the magic charge use it wisely and for emergencies only.

Ella: Good-bye dear father return to us soon and in good health—

Prudence /Priscilla: And don’t forget the presents!

Stepmother Dearest:  “I only want a simple silk ribbon for my hair and a bone for my faithful dog Prince”, You’re just trying to make my precious sweet daughters look greedy! I’ll take that gold and the gold card with its magic charge.

Prudence: Oh, mother dearest, may we go shopping? I must have a new dress.

Priscilla: And I need a ten-pound box of chocolate covered cherries.

Stepmother Dearest: Yes, my sweets. We shall shop.

Ella: But stepmother dearest, father said, we need to budget our gold.

Stepmother Dearest: That’s nonsense! What this gold can’t buy our gold card can magically charge. Your father shall return within the week and we’ll be richer than ever.

Sir Hairy Terrier: But Sir Reginal The Third did not return in a week. The weeks turned into months and the months turned into years. And still no news, until a dark and stormy night.

Royal Messenger: Extra, Extra read all about it. The good ship Mustard Seed found afloat. All hands captured by pirates—–

Villager 1: Did you hear? The Good Ship Mustard Seed was found afloat. All hands were captured and tortured by pirates

Villager 2: No-How awful-Is it true?

Villager 1: Yes, I just heard it

Villager 2:How dreadful! Did you hear? The Good Ship Mustard Seed was attacked by pirates; and all hands were forced to walk the plank

Villager 3: No!


Villager 2: Yes, I just heard, how awful and Miss Ella’s Father was on that ship

Villager 3: Well, you can’t trust pirates…Did you hear Miss Ella’s Father joined a shipload of pirates and took over the Good Ship Mustard Seed before it struck an iceberg and all were drowned.

Villager 4: No!

Villager 3: Yes. I just heard.

Villager 4:  How dreadful, poor Miss Ella. Did you hear Miss Ella has become a pirate, and captured the Good Ship Mustard Seed, and forced her own Father to walk the plank into an iceberg before sailing to the tropics?

Villager 1: No! How awful!

Villager 4: Yes that’s just what I heard!

Prudence: Oh this is awful. Did you read the news? That means no new dresses, no new furs and no new jewelry.

Priscilla: I’m almost out of peanut brittle, and there are no more chocolate cherries. I only have two cookies and one pumpkin pie left! I shall starve to death!

Stepmother Dearest: The gold has long since gone and the gold cards’ magic charge is almost on empty. We will have to let the servants go. Servants—

Servants: Yes Miss dearest…

Stepmother Dearest: You’re fired.

Servants: Oh no, We have no bread! Our children will starve….

Stepmother Dearest: Tough. Let them eat cake!

Prudence: Who will do all the work?

Ella: Oh, poor father captured by pirates…

Stepmother Dearest: Poor father indeed! Poor us! He’s the reason we’re in this mess.

Prudence: What’s to become of us?

Priscilla: I’m starving

Prudence: I need a new dress. Who’ll do the housework and milk the cow and chop the wood. I can’t do such thing I might break a fingernail.

Priscilla: I’m too delicate of a flower to do chores. I’d get the vapors.

Stepmother Dearest: Since Ella’s father caused this problem, she shall become our servant. She can sleep in the kitchen before the fireplace among the cinders.

Prudence: And we shall call her Ella the girl from the cinders.

Priscilla: No, we’ll call her Cinderella!–Cinderella Cinderella…….

Stepmother Dearest: Now put on this apron and get to work you little chimney sweep. Come my darling daughters. We must shop to console our grief.

Prudence/ Priscilla: Yes Mother dearest.

Stepmother Dearest: You Ella! Do the wash and ironing and be sure to hang up my clothes properly and remember no wire hangers!!!

Ella: Yes stepmother dearest.

Sir Hairy Terrier: Poor Ella reduced from a rich maiden to a servant girl. Soon, her dress was ragged and her sweater tattered. The day grew long and the work hard and demanding

Stepmother Dearest/Prudence/ Priscilla:

Chop the wood Cinderella

Clean the drains Cinderella

Fetch, Cinderella

Milk the cow Cinderella

Due the wash, Cinderella

Cut my toenails Cinderella

Wash my feet Cinderella

You call this a meal Cinderella?

Empty the chamber pot Cinderella

Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella, Cinderella.——-

Ella: Oh, I wish it would stop. If only father would return. I wish I were not a servant.

Stepmother Dearest: But you are Cinderella, you are!

Sir Hairy Terrier: The next day, as the dawn came up- a message, the King’s Herald, rode into town with a proclamation.

Royal Messenger: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, tonight the Prince of Dillydob is giving a ball for all the single ladies in the land. At the stroke of midnight he must choose a bride or by law, the kingdom shall revert back to the evil Duke of Blackmoore. Therefore, all single ladies are required to attend.

Villager 3: They say he’s very mysterious

Villager 4: I’ve heard he’s handsome

Villager 1: I’ve heard he looks like an old troll with a hump on his back

Villager 2: I’ve heard he’s very short and wears a lot of purple!

Villager 4: Who cares? He’s the Prince! And he’s rich! Oh! This is so exciting!

Prudence: Did you hear, the Prince is giving a ball?

Priscilla: He’s sure to choose me!

Prudence: I’m sure he’ll pick me.

Priscilla: No he won’t.

Prudence: Why would he pick such a pumpkin as you?

Priscilla: I’d rather be a pumpkin that a stick.

Prudence: Who, are you calling a stick?

Stepmother Dearest: Girls, Girls quiet!

Ella: Might I go to the ball?

Stepmother Dearest: Don’t be ridiculous! Who would want to dance with you?

Prudence: In that ragged dress!

Priscilla: And that tattered sweater!

Stepmother Dearest: My, what a silly ninny you are. Come girls, we are late for tea at Lady Turnips estate and we must get back early to get ready for the ball. Cinderella, make sure everything is in order. Do you hear? If it isn’t you’ll not eat for a week.

Prudence: Why do we have to go there mother dearest? I must wash my hair and polish my toenails.

Priscilla: Lady Turnip’s such an old bore, mother dearest. I need to bathe and polish my warts.

Stepmother Dearest: She may be an old bore, but she serves the best food in the land. Have you forgotten? There’s very little left in the cupboard and the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker have refused to take our I.O.U.’s. And the miller has ground up our gold card when it ran out of its magic charge. Cinderella, get my precious girls their large bags.

Ella: Yes stepmother dearest.

Prudence: But mother dearest large bags are not fashionable.

Priscilla: Yes, mother dearest, dainty bags are all the rage.

Stepmother Dearest: That dainty little bag wouldn’t hold a cucumber sandwich, much less a three-layer cake. Now, when we get there I’ll distract old Lady Turnip, I know, I’ll ask her about her sons Sir Freddy and Sir Teddy.

Prudence: Yuck! Sir Freddie, the smelly!

Priscilla: And Sir Teddy the pimply!

Stepmother Dearest: Don’t be so ungrateful you could do worse than those two rich Turnips. When the time is right fill your bag to the brim with food and don’t forget the salt and pepper shakers, we could use some silver, as I’ve had to pawn most of ours.

Ella: Here are the bags, mother dearest.

Stepmother Dearest: What took you so long you little gutter snipe? While we are gone no one is to come into the garden, and keep your filthy hands off my pomegranate juice, my cheese and my bread.

Ella: But what are we to eat?

Stepmother Dearest: In the back pasture grows some sour grapes and wormy apples, be satisfied with that. And keep that filthy mutt out of my house!

Prudence: Why do you allow her to keep that horrible creature?

Stepmother Dearest: I suppose you want to catch the rats in the cellar?

Prudence: Oh no!

Stepmother Dearest:  “Oh no!” Come on you two, perhaps I can lose them in the turnip patch.

Ella: Oh Prince, I’m so unhappy, if only father would return. You are the only one who cares about me. Oh, the noonday sun is so hot. But look who comes down the road, it’s a group of weary travelers. {Enter Prince, Fus-budget, and Royal Messenger.}

Prince: Kind Miss, might you have a cup of water for a tired traveler and his companions?

Ella: Why yes, gentle sir. Wait here and I shall fetch you food and drink.

Fus-Budget: It’s very strange but I seem to recall this house.

Prince: But how can you? When we rescued you from the pirates, you told me you had never been to the kingdom of Dillydob.

Fus-Budget: Yes, young master you are right. But the girl reminds me of someone, and that dog seemed almost happy to see me.

Prince: Most likely he thought you might have a scrap of meat or a bone for him.

Ella: Please, sit, here is pomegranate juice squeezed fresh this morning, some cheese made from the milk of our dear cow Bessie and bread, made of flour which I ground myself. I’m sorry I cannot offer you more, for this is all that we have.

Prince:  Thank you lovely Miss, my friends and I have been travelling ever so long. We must make it to the castle before nightfall, for the Prince is giving a ball tonight.

Ella: How lucky you are to be the musicians at the palace this evening! It is said that tonight at midnight, the prince must choose a bride. Oh, I can just imagine how it will be. I can almost hear the music and see the dancing by the lovely ladies and the fine gentlemen.

Prince: Won’t you be attending miss? I have heard it said that all the maidens of the land have been invited to attend.

Ella: Alas, my stepmother has forbid me to attend. No one, much less a prince, would want to dance with me, a girl from the cinders with my ragged dress and tattered sweater. If only I had a fairy godmother to transform me into a beautiful princess.

Prince: Do not cry Miss.  Outward appearances are not as importance as kindness. I would consider it a pleasure to dance with one so kind and generous. Might I have this dance gentle miss? Play my good friends.

Fus-Budget: Sir? Time is passing quickly. We must get to the palace by nightfall.

Prince: Nonsense, we have time for one dance.

Fus-Budget: But the king will surly be angry, and the queen may have a fit! Oh, my stars and garters!

Prince: Forget the king, and let the Queen have a fit. We shall have a dance. Play good friends. (The Prince and Cinderella dance. Stepmother Dearest, Priscilla and Prudence enter.)

Stepmother Dearest: Cinderella, What is the meaning of this?

Ella: Stepmother dearest! These weary travelers were in need of food and drink.

Prince: Yes, dear lady, this kind girl has provided us with refreshments. A fine beaker of pomegranate juice, an excellent cheese and a loaf of the most tasty bread to ever pass my lips.

Prudence/ Priscilla: What!? You gave these beggars our food and drink?

Stepmother Dearest: Why you little gutter snipe! You’ll have no food for a week and you can sleep outside with that mangy dog of yours.

Prince: Madam, do not strike that girl she met no harm.

Stepmother Dearest: This is no concern of yours, you worthless beggar.

Prince: I have made it my concern. Strike that girl and you will be sorry.

Stepmother Dearest: Get out of my way, you rotten upstart!

Fus-Budget: Madam, do you know whom you address? Why, this is the…

Prince: Hush! Here is gold for our food and drink and if the girl is harmed, the Prince himself will hear of it.

Stepmother Dearest: Out of my way! Come girls, we must get ready for the ball.

Prince: Gentle Miss, do not fear, you will attend the ball tonight and all will be well with you, trust me.

Ella: Thank you kind sir.

Fus-Budget: Young woman I feel that we have met somewhere before.

Ella: Prince, my faithful dog, and I feel the same.

Fus-Budget: But that is impossible, for I have never been to the kingdom of Dillydob before. Gentle Miss, take this silk ribbon for you hair and this bone for your little dog. I’ve had them with me for so many a year and yet, somehow I feel they should be yours.

Ella: Thank you, gentle old grandfather.

Stepmother Dearest: Cinderella get in to the house at once you useless kitchen wench!

Fus-Budget: Farewell, gentle Miss.

Prince: Cinderella, what an enchanting name! Sir Fuss-budget you must make sure that this girl gets to the ball tonight. For, it is she that I plan to marry.

Fus-Budget: Oh my stars and garters! How will I ever transform her into a princess, your majesty?

Prince: Become her fairy godmother. Come my fellow travelers, it time for us to go.

Fus-Budget: Oh, my stars and garters!

Sir Hairy Terrier: The weary traveler was really the Prince disguised as a musician, but Cinderella had no way of knowing this. As night grew near, there was a great commotion, as Priscilla and Prudence got ready for the ball…

Priscilla: Cinderella, Cinderella, I need you now. Help pull tighter! Tighter! I must be thin!

Prudence: You look like a stuffed sausage about to burst. I’ve seen blimps thinner than you.

Priscilla: Pull harder I must be the thinnest girl at the ball.

Ella: But why? You’re the right weight for your height.

Priscilla: What do you know? The Princess Beauty Handbook says thin is in. I’m going to be thin. Just look at her, and her, and her, and her, they’re all thin!

Ella: But they look as if they’ve starved themselves. Not one of those girls could pull a plow, chop wood, or milk a cow, or slop the pigs.

Prudence: The Princess Beauty Handbook says eyebrows are worn very full this year. It’s the “Princess Brooke” look. Lips should resemble tiny little red hearts. So paint away Cinderella.

Ella: But you have very nice lips and your eyebrows look just fine to me.

Prudence: What do you know? I must have the latest look.

Ella: But why?

Prudence: Because the Princess Beauty Handbook says so! Oh what a little nothing you are.  Come, Pricilla, let us finish in the privacy of our room.

Priscilla: Very good, Prudence,, Cinderella will always be a kitchen wench. Nothing could turn her into a princess beauty.

Prudence: Could you imagine her dancing with a prince?

Ella: Well, I might—-

Priscilla: Oh don’t be a silly! Oh, you make me laugh. Now look what you’ve done. My corset has burst. Oh, I shall never be thin enough.

Sir Hairy Terrier: Meanwhile, Sir Fus-budget was having a bit of trouble of his own.

Fus-Budget: Oh, my stars and garters! What an assignment! Turn Cinderella into a princess! I don’t know how to do makeovers! Oh my stars and garters! My, what a nice little doggy you are. Well, it’s a good thing I found this book during my travels. I’ve had it a long time and it’s mighty dusty. “All You Need To Know About Being A Fairy Godmother, Volume 1.” Chapter 1, Page 1- To be a fairy godmother, wave enclosed wand and repeat the magic words – Wicky Waggy Wiggles- (Explosion) Warning: All magic spells expire at midnight. Not to be used for turning frogs into handsome princes. Wand will not ward off spells made by evil Trolls, Gnomes, or Leprechauns. Wand will not turn straw into gold. Do not operate wand while standing in water, after drinking fermented juices or in the presence of Giants, Witches or Ghosts. No refunds. No returns. Oh my stars and garters! Here goes nothing!  Wicky Wacky Wiggles (Boom)- Does this three times)

I best practice, if I’m going to be of any help to Cinderella.

Stepmother Dearest: (offstage) Cinderella!

Fus-Budget: It’s that horrible woman. We’d better get out of here. Come along old boy.

Stepmother Dearest: Come my darling daughters, show your mother dearest how lovely you look. Priscilla, take off those glasses! A proper princess never wears glasses.

Priscilla: But, mother dearest I can’t see a thing without them.

Stepmother Dearest: Take them off I say!

Priscilla: Yes mother dearest.

Stepmother Dearest: That’s much better. Now Prudence show me your curtsey.

Prudence: Yes Mother dearest. (gets stuck in curtsey position)

Stepmother Dearest: Get up.

Prudence: I can’t I’m stuck, my corset’s too tight.

Stepmother Dearest: How will you ever impress the prince with that? Get up I say! Now practice your dancing. Glide and waltz, 1-2-3, Glide and waltz 1-2-3- Glide and waltz 1-2-3. NO! No, no, no! That will never do! You have as much grace as a water buffalo. Priscilla, your turn, 1-2-3- glide, 1-2-3- glide. Watch where you’re going…Don’t look at your feet. Head up… smile 1-2-3, 1-2-3 glide. Oh, it’s useless! You look like a giraffe. Dancing isn’t your strong suit. Perhaps you can charm the prince with your clever wit. What remarks have you prepared for the prince?

Prudence: Good evening your prince-ship, what a charming night for a ball. The weather is rather nice this time of year. They say it might rain tomorrow, but rain is good for the rhubarb. What do you think?

Stepmother Dearest: The weather? All you could come up with was the weather? Let’s hear your witty banter Prudence.

Priscilla: Hello, Mr. Prince, how’s your health? I’ve been under the weather lately. I had a cold last week. It started with the sniffles, then, it moved into my chest. I was wheezing and sneezing, by nightfall it turned in to this hacking cough! You’ve never heard such a sound, Wheezing and sneezing and hacking…Wheezing and sneezing and hacking!

Stepmother Dearest: Enough! When you meet the prince, don’t say anything. Just bat your eyelashes and flutter your fans. Now…try it.

Prudence / Priscilla: Yes, Mother dearest.

Stepmother Dearest: Bat your eyes gently, you are not sending S.O.S signals. Flutter your fans lightly, don’t create a hurricane. 


Stepmother Dearest: Cinderella! Get our wraps. Our carriage awaits.

Ella: Here they are… Oh, I wish I were meeting the prince.

Stepmother Dearest: The only Prince you’ll be meeting tonight is that mangy dog of yours. Now out of the way and into the garden with you! Come girls, if I can’t marry you off to the Prince, perhaps we can find a Duke or Count. The night won’t be a total waste, at least there’ll be free food.

Ella: Prince, where are you? Where are you? Here boy. Now even my little dog has deserted me. (Cries) I’m so tired. (falls asleep)

Fus-Budget: Wicky Wacky Wiggles, (Magic) I think I’m getting the hang of this! (Magic twice more- A bark is heard) Here little doggy, fetch the stick (Magic off stage)

Oh, my stars and garters! What happened to the little dog? 

Sir Hairy Terrier: It’s me Prince. I believe this is your magic wand.

Fus-Budget: Did I transform you?!

Sir Hairy Terrier: Yes, but let’s not worry about me. You’ve got to get Cinderella to the ball.

Fus-Budget: You’re right. Cinderella… Cinderella wake up.

Ella: Who are you?

Fus-Budget: I’m your dream come true. I’m your fairy god…uh…person!

Ella: And who is that?

Sir Hairy Terrier: It’s me Prince, your dog.

Ella: Oh, my, how handsome you look! Can he really make me into a Princess?

Sir Hairy Terrier: Look what he did for me!

Fus-Budget: Ella, I’m new at this… you and Prince stand over there, and let me practice. (magic 3 times)  I’m ready… Wicky! Wacky! Wiggles! Turn this Miss who looks a mess, into a Princess in a nice white dress. (Magic) There my dear, you’re ready for the ball.

Ella: Sir Fuss budget, what about my shoes?

Fus-Budget: Oh my stars and garters! Wicky! Wacky! Wiggles! (Magic) When I tap her dainty feet, a pair of shoes that can’t be beat! {Horse-shoes appear}

Sir Hairy Terrier: Those are horseshoes.

Ella: I don’t believe those will do me much good.

Fus-Budget: I’ll try again… {magic} 

Sir Hairy Terrier: Sir Fuss-Budget, the book says glass slippers are supposed to go with that outfit.

Fus-Budget: Let’s try that… Wick Wacky Wiggles! Make appear for this fine lass a pair of slippers made of brass. {Magic}

Sir Hairy Terrier: Not Brass slippers! GLASS slippers!

Fus-Budget: OOPS!

Ella: The brass slippers fit fine, they’ll do. Now, how are we going to get to the palace?

Fus-Budget: It says in the book that a pumpkin makes a good carriage. Do we have a nice big pumpkin?

Sir Hairy Terrier: Here’s one.

Fus-Budget: Set it over there. Wicky Wacky Wiggles! Make this pumpkin in to a carriage. (Explosion) …perhaps we should take a bus (honk) there’s one now. Wait for us!

Sir Hairy Terrier: Does anyone have exact change?

{coming in, eating}

Prudence: Where is he?

Priscilla:  I haven’t seen the prince anywhere

Stepmother Dearest: And it’s almost midnight. But the food is divine.

Prince: Good evening, would one of you charming ladies care to dance?

Prudence/ Priscilla: Yes!

Stepmother Dearest: No you don’t! Go away! What did I tell you…I told you don’t get involved with used carriage salesmen, actors, or musicians. W

Magic Theatre Trunk

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