Home For Christmas
Home For Christmas – Script
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Home For Christmas

In Ellendale, Pennsylvania a rich, young man takes some orphans into his home for Christmas. They learn that his fiance is only wants his money.

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Home For Christmas

In Ellendale, Pennsylvania a rich, young man takes some orphans into his home for Christmas. They learn that his fiance is only marrying him for the money, and they set about to help him find out and fall in love with the orphanage director.

Author:    Deborah Hodge


     It is Christmas time in Ellendale, Pennsylvania. That means its time for the annual Home for Christmas Project. The orphans who live at the Ellendale Orphanage will be placed with families in the area so they can experience Christmas in a real home. Jessica Russell, director of the orphanage, and her co-workers, Angela Prewitt and Susan Lawrence, are having difficulty trying to find placement for their last five orphans. In the past placement had never been a problem, because Mr. and Mrs. Sutton, a wealthy couple, had taken whoever was left after the usual placements had been made, but they had died in a plane crash two months prior. 
     Just when Miss Russell and her colleagues were making plans to provide the five remaining orphans with a Christmas at the orphanage, Andrew Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Sutton’s son, calls to tell Miss Russell that he would like to continue his parent’s Home for Christmas tradition. He asks for four orphans to share Christmas at his house. Miss Russell asks if he could possibly take all five. He explained that he could not take all five because he was bringing guests with him and did not have enough servants to take care of five orphans plus the quests. Miss Russell offers to take care of the servant problem if he would take all five orphans. He agrees. 
     Miss Russell, Miss Prewitt, and Miss Lawrence become the extra servants so that the five orphans can have the Home for Christmas experience. Hilarious complications occur when Andrew Sutton, his fiancee, his guests, Mr. Sutton’s servants, Gladys and Bertram, the five orphans, Miss Russell, Miss Prewitt, Miss Lawrence all are home for Christmas.

Home For Christmas

Home for Christmas

 A Christmas Play In one act


Deborah A. Hodge

Home For Christmas

 Copyright 2009

by Deborah A. Hodge

All Rights Reserved

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Ten female roles, seven male roles

80 minutes running time

Cast of Characters

Miss Jessica Russell-is in her late twenties. She is very capable relatively new head of the Ellendale orphanage. She is attractive but does not know it and does not work at it. Therefore, she often appears rather plain. She has beauty of character. She is very caring and compassionate. She grew up as an orphan. Therefore, she understands exactly how the orphans feel.

Miss Susan Lawrence and Miss Angela Prewitt each in their late thirties are housemothers at the orphanage. Both have worked at the orphanage for about ten years.

Mr. Andrew Sutton is 30 years old. He is a very handsome lawyer, and the only son of wealthy parents who recently died in a plane crash.  He wants to continue his parents’ tradition of helping provide a home for Christmas to orphans. He has recently become engaged to Lauren Davis, from California.

Lauren Davis is in her twenties. She is the beautiful, sophisticated, self-centered fiancée of Andrew Sutton, who is trying to keep him from knowing the real Lauren until after they are married. Because Andrew is a lawyer and has money, she considers Andrew a great catch and will do whatever it takes to keep him. She wants to be a member of high society and wants to be his wife for that reason. He is not interested particularly in high society or money and position. She is sure that she can change his mind after they are married.  She is from California. He loves Pennsylvania, tradition and honoring his parents’ memory. She hates Pennsylvania, abhors tradition, and she never met his parents.

Bertram is around fifty. His is the very traditional butler. He has been the Sutton family butler for almost thirty years.  He has known Andrew Sutton since Andrew was a small boy. Upon the deaths of Mr. and Mrs. Sutton, Bertram continued to take care of the family home along with his wife Gladys.   He is very protective of Andrew.

Gladys is around fifty. She has been housekeeper/cook for the Suttons for thirty years. She also has known Andrew Sutton from his birth. She is also very protective of Andrew.

Katie—–Orphan about 16 years old.

Sam——Orphan about 15 years old.

Mia——-Orphan about 12 years old

Shelby—-Orphan about 14 years old

Dylan—–Orphan about 16 years old

Rebecca in her late twenties is Lauren’s best friend. She knows the truth about Lauren, but she is trying to help Lauren snare Andrew.  

Jared is thirty years old and Rebecca’s fiancé, and he comes from a wealthy family.    

Mr. Fischer is thirty- three and is Sam and Shelby’s father.

Mr. and Mrs. Randolph are in their forties and are wealthy friends of Andrew’s. They are from Carson, where Sam, Shelby and Mr. Fischer are from.   


Ellendale, Pennsylvania


A few days before Christmas

Act One

  Scene 1

Scene Opens with Miss Prewitt and Miss Lawrence walking into Miss Jessica Russell’s office. Miss Russell, the new director of the Ellendale Orphanage. They are discussing the Home for the Christmas Program.

Miss Lawrence—(frustrated)—I just do not know what else we can do.

Miss Prewitt–(upset) I know, but it’s still not fair.

Miss Russell—– (understanding the source of distress)—No luck, huh.

Miss Lawrence—No luck. How about you? (Miss Russell shakes her head no.)

Miss Russell—— No, luck. I guess we’re licked.  

Miss Lawrence—–It’s such a wonderful program. 

Miss Russell—-Yeah, an orphan gets to be part of a real family for the Christmas holidays. I wish I could have had that when I was an orphan growing up.

Miss Prewitt——Yeah, our kids look forward to it.  It’s such a shame that we have five that we could not place in a home for Christmas.

Miss Russell—-I think that we’ve exhausted all the possibilities.  (Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt shake their heads affirmatively.)

Miss Lawrence—- (in frustration)–I was sure Mr. and Mrs. Howard would take at least one more.

Miss Prewitt—- I thought the same about the Prestons.

Miss Russell—-And, I hoped that the Crawfords would help too, but they said that they just couldn’t.

Miss Prewitt—–It was a good plan.

Miss Russell—-Yeah, it was.

Miss Lawrence—Too bad that it didn’t work.

Miss Russell——Well, we will just have to make this the best Christmas we can for the five who didn’t get a home for Christmas.

Miss Prewitt—–I knew it would be difficult to replace the Suttons, but I didn’t know it would be impossible.

Miss Lawrence—They were such nice people. It’s such a shame that they’re gone.

Miss Russell—-Yeah, they were nice. I only knew them for a short time, but I could tell that they were very, very nice.

Miss Prewitt—-Too bad no one else is as wealthy and as generous as the Suttons were.

Miss Lawrence—Yeah, they would have taken anyone we weren’t able to place. 

Miss Prewitt—–I wonder if Andrew is coming home for Christmas.  

Miss Russell—–Andrew?

Miss Prewitt—–Andrew Sutton…Mr. and Mrs. Sutton’s son. Remember you meet him at the funeral. 

Miss Russell—–I did.

Miss Lawrence—He was such a nice boy when he was growing up. 

Miss Prewitt—-Yeah, the Suttons were very proud of him.

Miss Lawrence—He grew up to be a lawyer. Didn’t he?

Miss Prewitt—–Yes, he did. I’m sure he has many clients. 

Miss Lawrence—Many female clients… Brown hair, deep blue eyes, nice smile. 

Mrs. Prewitt——-He always was very, very handsome.

Miss Russell—– Now I remember. Yeah, he was handsome.

Miss Lawrence—-Still very nice too, I would imagine.

Miss Prewitt——-He lives in Los Angles, doesn’t he?

Miss Lawrence—Yes, he does. With his parents being dead for two months, it would probably be too difficult for him to come home for Christmas this year.  (Each nods her head in agreement. The phone rings.)

Miss Russell—- (answers the phone) —Hello…Yes, this is Jessica Russell… (a strange look of unbelief comes over her face.)—-I’m sorry, who did you say this was?…….. (The tone of her question and the look on her face, capture the interest of Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt.)…..…Andrew Sutton…… yes, I  know who you are…(Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt are waiting with great anticipation.)…You’d like to do what?…………(With a broad smile on her face) I see…you’d like to participate in the Home for Christmas Program…….Yes, we still have five orphans that need placement……….You’d like to have how many in your home?……..(She holds up four fingers in response to his answer. Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt react with disappointment.)  Is that a firm number?……. …..Could you see your way clear to take all five?…(Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt perk up with interest.)…Guests….oh, I see. Yes, you would need more servants, wouldn’t you? ………I’m sorry too…..(Suddenly, Miss Russell thinks of a solution)….Mr. Sutton, what if  I could get you extra servants for the holidays?………Yes, that’s right….I can assure you if you would be willing to take all five orphans for the holidays you will have the servants you need.……..I promise…..You will……That’s great…(Writing on a note pad)………Have them there on the morning of the twenty-second……..The servants names are Gladys and Bertram………Yes, sir…I’ll take care of it. We’ll see you on the twenty-second.. (She hangs up the phone with an enormous smile on her face. None of the three women can contain their joy.)

Miss Prewitt——I don’t believe it.

Miss Russell—–(in triumph) Believe it.

Miss Lawrence—-And, you talked him into taking all five.

Miss Prewitt—-Way to go Miss Russell!

Miss Russell—–Jessica…..I told you; call me Jessica. .

Miss Prewitt—Old habits are hard to break.

Miss Lawrence—-Yeah, we did not dare call our old boss anything other than Miss Cavendish.

Miss Russell——Well, your new boss prefers Jessica.

Miss Lawrence—-Okay then Jessica…..that promise that you made about extra servants….

Miss Russell——-Yeah, that……Could you two please help me keep that promise?

Miss Lawrence—–I figured that’s what you meant.

Miss Prewitt –(Looking at Miss Russell)——-You’ re expecting Susan and me to be servants?

Miss Russell——-I’m expecting all of us to be servants.

Miss Prewitt——- You’re expecting us to give up Christmas with our families to play servant for Andrew Sutton.  

Miss Lawrence—No, Angela, she’s expecting us to give up our Christmas with our families for the five kids’ sake.

Miss Prewitt—–(haltingly)—-Well, I guess, that’s different.

Miss Lawrence—We’ll all be giving up Christmas with our families so that five orphans can actually be in a real home for Christmas.

Miss Russell—— That’s technically not true. I’m not giving up anything.  I don’t have a family.  Remember, I’m an orphan too.

Miss Lawrence—. Well then, this whole thing will be a home for Christmas experience for you too..

Miss Russell——Yeah, it will.

Miss Prewitt—–So, we’ll be doing “the servant thing” for the kids and you. 

Miss Russell——I guess that’s right.

Miss Lawrence—- (eagerly) –You can count on me.

Miss Prewitt—-(also, eagerly)—-Me to.

Miss Russell—Thank you. I appreciate the sacrifice and the kids will too.

Miss Prewitt—–You are very welcome. Susan and I can visit our families after Christmas.

Miss Lawrence—- So, Jessica, what’s the plan?

Miss Russell—-Mr. Sutton wants the kids over at his house early on the 22nd and the extra servants too. His servants, Gladys and Bertram will be expecting us. Mr. Sutton and his guests will arrive later that afternoon.

Miss Prewitt—–What do you mean his guests?

Miss Russell—–Yes, he’s bringing his fiancée and a couple of friends.

Miss Lawrence—-Fiancée? (Looking at Miss Prewitt)—She wasn’t with him at the funeral, was she?

Miss Prewitt——I don’t remember anyone with him.

Mrs. Lawrence—This Christmas might be very interesting. I’d like to see the woman who landed him.

Miss Prewitt——I’d like to see what kind of man he has become.

Miss Russell——I’d like to give five orphans an opportunity to be in a home for Christmas.

Miss Lawrence—Don’t you mean six?

Miss Russell — (Smiling at what Miss Lawrence just said) —-Okay six… Let’s go tell the kids the good news.

 Scene Two

Setting : The Sutton Home. Gladys and Bertram are putting the final Christmas presents under the tree and making final preparations for the guests. 

Gladys—– (enters carrying presents) I hope we bought the right kind of presents for the children.

Bertram—— (enters following Gladys. He also has presents.)——I’m sure that we did. We used the information provided by the orphanage so we should be fine. I’m sure they will appreciate whatever they get.

Gladys——-I know and that’s what makes Christmas so enjoyable. I’m so glad Mr. Andrew decided to carry on his parent’s tradition concerning the Home for Christmas program.

Bertram—— (Looking at his watch) It’s almost time for the children and the servants to arrive.

Gladys———(Nervously) How does everything look?

Bertram——–Trust me. They won’t mind if everything isn’t perfect.

Gladys———Oh dear, what’s not perfect?

Bertram——(firmly) —–For the hundredth time, it looks superb.

Gladys——–Everything just has to be perfect. 

Bertram——-Everything is perfect…Quit stressing.

Gladys———I can’t help it. Mr. Andrew is bringing his fiancée to see the house for the first time. 

Bertram——-So you’re trying to impress the young woman.

Gladys———Yes, I’m trying to impress the young woman.   If I can, maybe, she and Mr. Andrew will move back to Ellendale after they are married.

Bertram—— (shaking his head) I think, your expectations are unrealistic.


Bertram——- Miss Davis is a native Californian. 


Bertram———-I cannot see her giving up the California sunshine and warm climate for Pennsylvania.

Gladys———And, what’s wrong with Pennsylvania?

Bertram——-Absolutely, nothing if you like cold winters and snow.

Gladys———You mean it doesn’t snow in California.

Bertram——–Not where Miss Davis lives?

Gladys———Oh……so it might be difficult to convince her that she should live here.

Bertram——–I’m afraid so.

Gladys———But, surely anyone Mr. Andrew loves would have to love what he loves, and he loves Pennsylvania.

Bertram——–Then, why did he move to Los Angeles?

Gladys———Because of the job offer with the big law firm out there.

Bertram——–You’re exactly right! 

Gladys———But I’m sure that he’d like to move back someday.

Bertram——–The key word is someday.

Gladys——–Well, Can’t I wish for someday to be soon?

Bertram——-Sure you can, but I wouldn’t count on it. (Doorbell rings. Bertram proceeds to answer the door. It is Miss Russell, Miss Lawrence, Miss Prewitt and the 5 orphans.)

Bertram——– (To Miss Russell) —-Good morning madam.  I take it you all are from the orphanage.

Miss Russell—-Yes, we are and you must be Bertram.

Bertram———That is correct madam. Won’t you come in. (Miss Russell and the group walk in. Miss Russell then begins to introduce Miss Lawrence, Miss Prewitt and the orphans.)

Miss Russell—-(Gesturing toward each one)-May I introduce Miss Susan Lawrence, Miss Angela Prewitt, Sam, Shelby, Katie, Dylan, and Mia. (The children are busy observing and reacting to the home especially the tree and the presents.),,,, And, I am Jessica Russell.

Bertram——-And, may I introduce Gladys.

Gladys——–It is very nice to meet you all…. (to the children)… It will be wonderful having you all for Christmas. May I take your coats?  (The children pull off their coats and give them to Gladys. Gladys puts them in the closet.)

Bertram——-And, when will the servants arrive madam?

Miss Russell—-They have already arrived. (Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt raise their hands acknowledging that they are servants.)

Bertram——–Oh, I see….. but, I understood that there would be three.

Miss Russell—-I make three.

Bertram——Oh, I see.

Miss Russell—–We are at your disposal.

Bertram——–Very good madam. Let me see if I have your names correct. (Pointing to each one. Each one nods as he correctly identifies them.) You are Jessica. You are Susan and you are Angela. 

Miss Prewitt——Wow, you’re good.

Bertram—(With very dry humor in a very serious commanding tone.)—That’s why I am the butler, madam and you are the servants. (The women don’t know how to take his statement.

Gladys—–Oh, Bertram knock it off. These ladies will think that you are serious.

Miss Lawrence—-You mean he wasn’t.

Gladys——He wasn’t.

Miss Lawrence—-Wow, Bertie. You sure had me going.

Bertram—— (Very indignantly and with great authority.)—Madam, my name is Bertram, not Bertie and I am in charge. Therefore, you will address me properly.

Miss Prewitt—(Looking at Gladys)—-There he goes again. He’s a real kidder, isn’t he?

Gladys——I’m afraid he not kidding this time. He’s touchy about his name.

Miss Lawrence—I’m sorry Mr. Bertram. I didn’t know, my bad.

Bertram—–Your bad, indeed

Gladys——–Bertram, don’t be like that.. She said that she was sorry. She didn’t know that you were so touchy about your name.

Bertram—— (Glaringly) Now she knows…..

Gladys——-Now she does. So cut her some slack….

Miss Russell—-Bertram, we’re all new at this servant thing. We’ll try to learn quickly what’s proper and what’s not.

Bertram——–Very good madam…..I will show the young people to their rooms and Gladys will show you to the kitchen and prepare you for your duties. (The orphans follow Bertram and the women follow Gladys)

(After a few minutes, Dylan returns to the living room and goes to the Christmas tree to examine the presents. He stops when he hears the other orphans coming. As they enter the room, he speaks.)

Dylan———-Man, did you get a load of this place?

Mia————It’s better than I could ever have imagined.

Shelby———I’ve never slept on a bed like that before.

Sam———–I’ve never been in a house like this before.

Katie———-I sure thought we’d be spending Christmas at the orphanage while everyone else was in a home.

Mia———–Me too, but look at us now.

Shelby——–Yeah, I bet everyone else would be jealous if they could see us now.


Dylan———Let’s don’t get so carried away.

Katie———-What do you mean? This is great.

Dylan———Yeah, it is, but we haven’t met the Sutton guy. What if he isn’t so great?

Mia————That’s the great thing about having Miss Russell here. If Mr. Sutton isn’t nice, she’ll fix it

Katie———- But, look at this place. He opened up his home to us for Christmas. He didn’t have to, did he? He’d just about have to be nice.

Sam———– Dylan might be right. Some rich folks don’t really like other folks, they just like to brag about helping them.

Shelby——–Surely, Mr. Sutton isn’t like that.

Sam———-We’ll see.

Dylan– (Changing the subject)—Did you all get a load of those presents?

Sam—Let’s go check them out.

(Everyone hurries to the tree to find a present with his or her name on it. While the orphans are discussing their discoveries, Miss Russell enters in servant attire. She wants to inspect the orphans’ appearance and give last minute instructions.)

Miss Russell– (Seeing them at the tree with presents in their hands)—–What are you kids up to?

(As they turn toward her, the kids are amazed at her appearance.  She usually dresses in frumpy business attire, with her hair pulled back and usually has, reading glasses on.  She actually is more attractive in servant attire and she has no glasses and her hair is down.)

Mia———-Miss Russell, you sure look different.

Miss Russell—-I do.

Dylan——–Yeah, you do.

Miss Russell—-How do I look different?

Katie——Your hair is down and you’re not wearing your glasses.

Miss Russell—-Gladys suggested I wear my hair down and the glasses are just for reading. I usually forget to take them off.

Dylan——-(very impressed by how attractive she looks. He is about to tell her she looks hot when Katie decides that would not be appropriate.)—–Well, you sure look different. You look hot.

Katie———(Interrupting Dylan’s hot.) You look happy. You look….very happy.

Miss Russell—–I do.

Katie——Yes, you do.

Dylan——-And you look very nice too.

Miss Russell—-I do.

Mia——We have never seen you look quite so nice.  

Shelby—–You look very nice.

Sam——–Yes, you do.

Miss Russell—-Thank you.  I’m here to see how nice you look. (She inspects each one while they are still inspecting her.)– You look fine.

Katie—–Thanks, Miss Russell.

Miss Russell—(Oblivious to his real meaning) Thanks, but  about calling me Miss Russell. While we are here, you need to call me Jessica, Miss Lawrence, Susan and Miss Prewitt, Angela. 

Mia——Wow, really.

Miss Russell——-Yes, really. After all, we are servants while we are here.

Dylan—-(Trying her name on for size by sounding out each syllable) Jes….si….ca…I can handle that.

Miss Russell—–And, remember you are in Mr. Sutton’s home.  Be on your very best behavior. (They all shake their head affirmatively. They all answer sure or uh huh or shake their head yes.)

Mia——-Miss Russell, we’re all a little nervous.

Miss Russell——-That’s to be expected.

Shelby———–What if Mr. Sutton doesn’t like us? What if he’s not nice?

Miss Russell———-I’m sure he’ll love everyone of you just like I do.

Katie—————-He’s nice, isn’t he Miss Russell?

Miss Russell——-I’m sure he is and I’m sure his fiancée and friends are too.

Sam——–That’s right. There will be other people here too.

Mia——–Oh,……. I wonder if they’ll like us.

Miss Russell——I’m sure everyone will love you all. After all what’s not to love.

Sam——–(Looking at everyone)—Yeah, what’s not to love?

Dylan——Maybe, Katie. (Katie slaps at him while everyone laughs. Rubbing where she hit him, Dylan continues.) I was just kidding. Can’t you take a joke.

Katie—(Retorts)—You are a joke. (Everyone simultaneously reacts with laughter and  the doorbell rings.)

Miss Russell—(Loving reprimands them as she heads toward the kitchen.)—Best behavior remember. (The orphans nod their heads that they remember.)

(Bertram appears from the kitchen followed by Gladys, Susan, and Angela and stops Miss Russell’s retreat to the kitchen. The women continue to follow him until he stops them and lines them up with Gladys first, then Jessica, Susan and Angela. He then continues to the door. He opens the door to find Andrew Sutton and his fiancée  with their luggage.)

Bertram—-Good evening sir.

Mr. Sutton—(Mr. Sutton enters with his fiancée.) Merry Christmas Bertram

Bertram——Merry Christmas Sir.

Mr. Sutton—-Merry Christmas Gladys and everyone.  May I introduce you all to my fiancée Lauren Davis. (All of the women nod and say “madam” in acknowledgment.)


Bertram—–Very nice to meet you madam. 

Miss Davis—-( Entering with Mr. Sutton)—- Thank you. I have been so looking forward to meeting you. Andrew has told me so much about you.

Bertram—–That’s very kind of you madam.

Miss Davis—(to Gladys)—And, this must be Gladys.

Gladys—(Flattered by her recognition)—Yes, mum. We are very glad to have you here. We have been looking forward to meeting you.

Miss Davis—-And, I have been looking forward to meeting you. Andy constantly talks about what a good cook you are.  I can’t wait to sample it.

Gladys—–Thank you mum.

Miss Davis—-(to Jessica, Susan and Angela)—I’m afraid I didn’t know about you.

Jessica——No, mum. We’re new.  I’m Jessica. This is Susan and this is Angela. 

Miss Davis—-Oh, I see. 

Mr. Sutton——(Greeting Jessica, Susan and Angela) It’s very nice to meet you. Thanks for helping us during the holidays.

Jessica, Susan and Angela— Thank you sir.

Mr. Sutton—–Bertram, two other guests will be arriving later this evening.

(Mr. Sutton and Miss Davis turns their attention to the orphans seated in the living room.

Bertram motions to Gladys and the others to get the luggage. They exit to gather it and take it to the proper rooms.)

Mr. Sutton—(With genuine interest)— And, who do we have here?

Bertram——Sir, May I present to you, Katie, Mia, Shelby, Sam and Dylan.

Mr. Sutton—It’s very nice to meet you all. I am very pleased that you could share my home  this Christmas. I hope you’ll make yourself at home while you are here.

All of the Orphans—-Thank you.

Mr. Sutton—I was expecting Miss Russell to be with you.

Mia———–She is with us.

Mr. Sutton—-She is…

Katie—(points at Miss Russell who is gathering luggage to take upstairs)—-That’s Miss Russell

Miss Russell—-.(As she puts the suitcases down walks toward Mr. Sutton with her hand extended to shake his hand.)—–Hello, Mr. Sutton, I’m Jessica Russell.

Mr. Sutton——Nice to meet you……(Shaking her hand as he looked at her servant’s outfit.)…I wondered how you were able to guarantee the servants I needed.

Miss Russell—May I introduce to you my colleagues at the orphanage…..This is Susan Lawrence and this is Angela Prewitt.  

Mr. Sutton——Well, I can see that I’m in the presence of three dedicated women. Thank you.

Miss Russell—-We all thank you for being so generous at Christmas. Dylan, Sam, Katie, Shelby and Mia appreciate it very much and so do we. 

Mr. Sutton——It’s my pleasure. Miss Russell, Miss Lawrence and Miss Prewitt this is Lauren Davis, my fiancée. I’m sure that she appreciates your dedication too.

Miss Davis—–(Very unconvincingly)….Of course, I do.

Bertram———Sir, dinner will be ready shortly.  If you would like to freshen up before dinner, your rooms are ready.

Miss Davis——Thank you Bertram that would be great.

Mr. Sutton——(to Lauren) Let me show you to your room madam.

Miss Davis——Thank you kind sir.

(With his arm around Lauren, Andrew escorts her to her room.  The orphans and the servants except for Bertram watch.)

Katie——Wow, isn’t he handsome.  (All the girls, including the women agree.)

Dylan—–Isn’t she be

Home For Christmas

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