A Dickens Of A Christmas
A Dickens Of A Christmas – Script
One needed for each performer and others directing or working with production.
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A Dickens Of A Christmas

Dickens’ favorite Characters Explode in His Christmas Ball for All. Till Auntie Christmas Calls! When Tiny Tim rescues the Christmas Spirit for All!

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A Dickens Of A Christmas

All of the characters of the Dickens novels have come together for a Christmas celebration, but someone is out to ruin their fun time.

Author:    Nick Conti


Charles Dickens in his current state has decided to pay tribute to his Lovable-Living-Literary Characters; who have a life of their own, if only in our imaginations. So he sees fit in this short comedy, “A Dickens of a Christmas,” to honor them and himself by throwing a Christmas Reunion Banquet, in which some of the key characters from his stories appear.

In the play you’ll find engaging characters from “A Christmas Carol,” “Nicholas Nickleby,” and “Oliver.” While the Reunion proves a huge success with people overjoyed (usually) to see each other.

Except when Auntie (Anti) Christmas; the Evil Version of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, makes an unexpected un-social call, while harboring in her black soul, plans to destroy Mr. Dickens and the Spirit of Christmas!

But with the aid of Tiny Tim’s goodness; plus an assist from his crutch-like-wand, manage to ward off Evil Auntie (Anti).

While a special incantation takes care of the effects of Moon Glow Dust. That Midge, that Evil Dwarf sprinkled on some guests to rekindle forbidden love. And thus saved from destruction is Mr. Dickens Legacy, his stories, characters and the very Spirit of Christmas!…

Ah! But there’s a fly in this Dickens’ Soup! For suddenly due to the unneighborly complaints of suspicious things occurring there! Of people in strange outfits coming and going, and of loud Christmas Music—of all things!

Two stalwart cops arrive in their midst. Then when the coppers hear that the Olde Mansion has been rented for the occasion by Mr. Charles Dickens, whom they think, they’ve heard of; figure they’re all Nuts here, so it’s time to vacate the premises. Before they vacate they’re invited to recreate, “to tarry awhile, have some Punch and munch!” -Which for a very nervously, short time they do, but then figure it’s time to do the Gallant thing and Shuffle Off to Buffalo, right out the door! Singing as they go! Inviting everyone to join in the Singing as they exit!—

Suddenly a Booming announcement is heard! “The Christmas Banquet is now being served!” As the cast marches off to the Banquet Hall, encouraging the audience to join in again singing, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas, We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.” Etc. With the children lagging behind on stage hamming it up and singing the last few lyrics of, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” while making joyful music (noise) on their tambourines. Then exit finally as the lights begin to fade to— Blackout! While Recorded Music of, “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” Continues as the Audience Joyously Happy, and in the Best of Christmas Spirits;

“Shuffles Off to Buffalo Merrily up the Aisles!”

A Dickens Of A Christmas

A Dickens of A Christmas


Nicholas Conti

A Dickens Of A Christmas

 Copyright 2008  


Nicholas Conti

All Rights Reserved

CAUTION: Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that A DICKENS OF A CHRISTMAS is subject to a royalty.  It is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America, the British Commonwealth, including Canada, and all other countries of the Copyright Union.  All rights, including professional, amateur, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadcasting, television, and the rights of translation into foreign language are strictly reserved. 

The amateur live stage performance rights to A DICKENS OF A CHRISTMAS  are controlled exclusively by Drama Source and royalty arrangements and licenses must be secured well in advance of presentation.  PLEASE NOTE that amateur royalty fees are set upon application in accordance with your producing circumstances.  When applying for a royalty quotation and license please give us the number of performances intended and dates of production.  Royalties are payable one week before the opening performance of the play to Drama Source Co., 1588 E. 361 N., St. Anthony, Idaho 83445, unless other arrangements are made. 

Royalty of the required amount must be paid whether the play is presented for charity or gain, and whether or not admission is charged.  For all other rights than those stipulated above, apply to Drama Source Company, 1588 E. 361 N. St. Anthony, Idaho 83445.

Copying from this book in whole or in part is strictly forbidden by law, and the right of performance is not transferable.

Whenever the play is produced, the following notice must appear on all programs, printing and advertising for the play, “Produced by special arrangement with Drama Source Co.”

Due authorship credit must be given on all programs, printing and advertising for the play.

No one shall commit or authorize any act or omission by which the copyright or the rights to copyright of this play may be impaired.

No one shall make changes in this play for the purpose of production without written permission.

Publication of this play does not imply availability for performance.    Both amateurs and professionals considering a production are strongly advised in their own interests to apply to Drama Source Company for written permission before starting rehearsals, advertising, or booking a theatre.

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, by any means, now known or yet to be invented, including mechanical, electronic, photocopying, recording, videotaping or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Cast of Characters:  Total 20 ( 9 M,  7 F,    4  m/f—multi racial. ) Extras Galore!

Nick Nickleby: Bright, articulate, young man in late Teens –30’s.  (Nicholas Nickleby)

Kate Nickleby:  His lovable, sweet Sister.  Teens. 

Tiny Tim Cratchit: Young, warmhearted, healthy lad, was a disabled child.  [A Christmas Carol]

Ebenezer Scrooge: Was a Crotchety old miser.  Now reformed. [A Christmas Carol]

Jacob Marley (Ghost): Dour, mournful, repentant but scary; Scrooge’s old business partner, back briefly from the netherworld.  

Fred:  Scrooge’s pleasantly, happy, goodhearted, loyal Nephew, 20’s-40’s.

Oliver Twist:  Good natured lad; toughened up living the hard life; young Teens. 

Fan:   Scrooge’s good natured, loving sister.  Late Teens

Auntie (Anti) Christmas:  (Evil Version of Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come): M/F with brass!  Dressed in black with a black cape. Sallow, ashen  complexion, eye sockets darkened, some blackened teeth, ageless.  A commanding voice.  Carries an Evil Wand!

Mrs. Cratchit:  Bob Cratchit’s sweet, loving wife.  30-50’s. [A Christmas Carol]

Martha Cratchit: Perky, young energetic Daughter of the Cratchits. 

Belinda Cratchit: Young and energetic Daughter to the Cratchits. 

Peter Cratchit:  Pleasant, serious and oldest, Teen son of the Cratchits. 

Smike:  A bright and sensitive, young man with a great soul but a feeble, twisted  body.  Late Teens.   [Nicholas Nickleby]

Belle:  An attractive sweetheart from Scrooges early days. Late-Teens-40’s.

Nancy:  Good hearted mistress to the wicked Sikes. Late Teens.  [Oliver]

Sikes:  Mean villain was  Nancy’s boy-friend, (what done her in.)

Midge:  Acrobatic/tumbler, ? age, Small, Evil, Mute Dwarf M/F; Casts spell on Scrooge & Belle to have them fall in love, in an attempt to destroy the Dickens’ Legacy.

First Cop:     M/F  20-50 rough accent, comic/friendly.  [Contemporary]

Second Cop: M/F  20-50 rough accent, comic/friendly.  [Contemporary]


Costumes:  “A Dickens of a Christmas,” Contemporary or Period Dress (is Better!)  If Contemporary have the women/girls favor long dresses (velvets). A bit of color with silk scarves, sashes and the like.  Men be creative dark suits, shoes, bow ties or bold colored ones. Midge a dwarf Acrobat, colorfully dressed like a Gnome carries Evil Moon Glow Dust in a pouch. Auntie (Anti) Christmas, (The Evil Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come,) M/F, is dressed all in black and a black cape for effect…his/her makeup, harsh—ashen-gray face and hands, with darkened eye sockets and some teeth blackened and a fright wig, And carries a wand or cane. 

Jacob Marley’s makeup is ashen, face/hands; and wears a black suit, shirt and shoes.  

Two Cops:  M/F, for best visual and dramatic effect, wear uniforms, and  night sticks. 

(If you want to save on costumes, change the program & references to allow for making them Plain Clothes Officers and have them show their badges. No night sticks.)

Props:  On stage throughout: Plates snacks, punch bowl with punch, dipper, cups, small plates.  Marley enters with chains/shackles/cashbox-attached with Christmas Bow.  

Midge; pouch with Moon Dust.

Charles Dickens walks on with a cane. End of play Tiny Tim has a crutch (uses it as a wand to ward off Evil Auntie). Tambourines for young cast members at the end! 

The cops:  have night Sticks and badges.  {If you opt for Plain Clothes Officers as stated: wallets with Badges.)

Stage Left: A number of  wooden chairs and a few small (optional) stuffed chairs,  a  fashionable coffee and snack table large enough to hold punch and snacks etc.


Stage  Right:  a couple of chairs. A few potted plants on floor for decoration, a few Christmas wreaths.  

Lighting: Simple, indoor lighting.  One exception: When Auntie Christmas arrives lights flicker (SFX) and sounds of thunder! Check script for Door knocks/ or chimes; loud at times! 

Music:  Recorded: “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” and traditional Christmas and dance Music.

Set:  A simple backdrop, Chairs and tables left stage,  2-R.S.  A few potted floor plants around and out of the way, and some Christmas wreathes.  Keep it Simple and Merry.

A couple of Suggestions:  Picture a party with people coming and going that haven’t seen each other in awhile.  Guests are mostly clustered about S.L.  except when dancing. When guests are engaged in conversation, bring them D.S., it will keep the focus on them.  People who are close at hand or in some way involved might want to listen to the conversation and react.  Keep ad libs and volume of music modulated and in the background so as not to distract from the dialogue.

Aged Character Parts: can be done by young character actors, wishing to be crotchety; with makeup, hair spray, cornstarch or wig. And by laying on the makeup, aged walk, gravely voice and attitude; and voila a Character Actor is Born!  

                                                A Dickens of a Christmas

Act One:  (One Scene)

Time:   Present —Christmas Day in the Evening.

Event:  A Christmas Reunion Banquet Given by the Author, Mr. Charles Dickens.             

Place:  Mansion in a U.S. City; London or other English City.          


 Simple one unit set.  Entrance S.R. in one;  C.S. is either kept clear for dancing (Waltzes) or networking. Characters gather Stage left, mostly standing…or sometimes seated on  wooden or small stuffed chairs. There’s a coffee table nearby and a medium sized table is against the wall U.S.L. with a large bowl of fruit punch and plates with finger foods/cakes, cups for punch and plates for snacks for the guests. There’s a Banquet Room, off, D.S.L., which all exit to at the end… U.S.R.  a few wooden chairs and  simple drop or curtain will do for the backdrop, with potted floor plants and Christmas Wreaths to dress the set.

At Rise: 

 The lights and sound come up gradually as we eavesdrop on the festivities. The Charles Dickens’ – Christmas-Reunion-Banquet is in progress with these guests onstage as lights come up. Scrooge, Fred; Nick Nickleby and sister Kate, Smike, Belle, And most of the Cratchits: Mrs. Cratchit, Tiny Tim, Peter, daughters Belinda and Martha… Oliver Twist, Nancy, and Mr. Charles Dickens (seated) quietly observing; with fancy cane; all others are S.L. standing and freely mingling, engaged in conversation. Most have  punch & snacks.  There’s Christmas Music in the background  from off stage.   The mood is Festive! 

      (With Nicholas Nickleby  nearby, his sister  Kate is humming, singing, swirling, twirling around doing her own solo dance; wildly happy to be invited to the Dickens’ Event.)

  Kate Nickleby: Nick, oh Nick I’m having such a (drags it out as she twirls,) wonnnderful tiiimme!…I’m so happy to be invited to Mr. Dickens’ Christmas  Banquuehet!  As round and round I Goooo!  Like a whirling TOP  I  Goooo! (Gets dizzy now.) Whooops!

  Nick Nickleby   (Catches her before she falls to the floor.)   You are a lovely but silly goose Kate!

  Kate:   (He’s holding her up still.) Oh Nick don’t call me a silly goose!… Lovely is good though!  I’m just having a little fun dancing around (Makes a circular motion with her hand, she’s  dizzy) after working in that sweaty old Mrs. Mantalini’s dress shop all— day— long! Like a slave!  Oh, but  I’m having such a wonnnderful time here! 

  Nick:    I’m happy for you Kate!  (Stands her upright and mimics.)  I really am, and I don’t blaaame you for unwinding, but try not to faaall dowwnnn doing it! 

  Kate:  Nicholas loosen up, let your hair down and have a little fun! 

  Nick:  Thanks for the advice Sis!… (Exuberantly!) Will you just look at Tiny Tim!  What a marvelous sight he is! Why Tim you’re a picture of glowing health, and high spirits!  

  Kate:   Look at him!  So vibrant and strong; and above all…  happy!

  Tiny Tim:   (Leaps into the air or does a cartwheel and bows.)  Ta da!

  Kate:   Very impressive Tim! 

  Nick:   An amazing recovery!

  Tiny Tim: Thank you Mr. Nickleby! And Mam! Are you Nick’s sister then?

  Kate:   Yes! I’m Kate and you’re perceptive!

  Tiny Tim:  Thanks!…  It’s a pleasure meeting you! As fer me, I’ll take all the compliments I can get, Miss Kate! 

  Kate:   My but you’re so formal Tim!

  Tiny Tim:  No fault’a mine Mam!  I’ve just had the best up bringin’ a lad could ask fer and the best of lovin’ families! We Cratchits are!

  Kate:   You’ll save me a dance now won’t you!?

  Tiny Tim:   You bet!  I’d be honored! 

  Kate:  You do have fine manners especially for a young lad that’s been through so much! 

Tiny Tim:  Thank you Kate! For which I’m not only grateful to my loving family but to Mr. Scrooge who was the generous gentleman of the hour, (proudly & loudly) who came through with a raise for me dad! A goose for the pot! And good health care for this ailing tot!

Kate:   Indeed!… Nick why don’t we head for the punch bowl!  I’m dry as a bone after all that whirlin’ and twirlin’! See you all later! (They cross U.S.L. to Punch.)     

Scrooge (Ebenezer): (Standing near, steps in and cheerfully joins Tim.)  Tim m’lad  you’d be a goner!…If it wasn’t for those awful nightmares of death and hell, and old, wrinkled Marley in chains. ( Marley, overhears, at this moment lets himself in D.S.R., carrying shackles,& attached cashbox with Christmas bow,) and those scary Christmas Ghosts of Past, Present, and Christmas Yet to Come.  And  Ooooh! The horrific sight of starving souls; and gravestones with my name emblazoned on one! 

Marley (Jacob): (His entrance startles Scrooge. Marley kibitzes!) What me in chains?  And how dare you call me old and wrinkled!  Have some respect!  For after all, I am dead!  Hahaha!… And so are you!

Scrooge:  Good Old Marley, what a surprise!  But not to fret!  Dickens’ Characters are never dead but live on in the imaginations of our readers and viewers!

Marley:  Sorry Ebenezer…It seems I lost my ghostly head!  You’re right of course!

Scrooge:  You certainly have!  Lost your head that is! Hahaha!…And yes I am!…Right, as always!

Marley:   Ebenezer I must warn you and Mr. Dickens that I’ve heard rumors there’s an ill wind rising from the netherworld!… With Demons afoot that wish to blemish Mr. Dickens’ very soul, and literary Legacy!  With cries of ‘Down with Dickens’ and ‘The Dickens with Dickens’ being chanted in low, vile places!

Mr. Dickens:  (Seated, rises quickly to this and joins Marley and Scrooge.)  What’s this you say Marley, ‘Down with Dickens!?’ Wherever did you hear such nonsense? 

Marley:   Sir I tell you I’ve heard it from the darkest of sources; the lowest Authority!

Mr. Dickens:  Impossible! My being and Legacy are chiseled in the Granite of Time itself!… What prompted this, do you suppose?

Marley:    The Evil-One can’t stand The Spirit of Christmas that you’ve engendered over these many years!  Wanting to crumble this feeling of compassion for others you demonstrate in your stories, regardless of the character’s station in life!  And the kindly, wealthy people you depict sharing their wealth with those in need to improve the Human condition!  They see you as a do-gooder who spreads goodwill and Love in the world! You must therefore be made to suffer for this!  So they mean to destroy the very fabric of your stories Sir!  Your wonderful characters, and will do so by sending out denizens from Hell itself, to bring you down!  Their motto ‘Goodwill, Will Do Us Ill’! 

Scrooge :  Are you quite sure of this ridiculous Rumor conjured up no doubt  by disreputable souls, unhappy with their torment in the afterlife?!

Marley:   Of one thing I am assured, it’s that this source is diabolically reliable!   And now Sirs hear me on this! …I overheard them preparing to send out creatures!  Masquerading in familiar clothes and manner who are so disguised, you may not recognize them for what they are!…  One of whom tis said, is a distant cousin of  Scrooge, damned to hell’s fires many years ago; and still spreading an evil bile over the earth!  You could be tricked! Then it would be too late! … Beware Gentlemen!

Mr. Dickens:  Thank you Marley for your heartfelt warning.  I shall be on my guard!

Scrooge:  Indeed my good friend Marley, I shall keep my guard up too!  But will still have a Merry Time, for Nothing will thwart my Christmas!… Demon or Cousin!   

Mr. Dickens:  Indeed!  I and my works have survived this long; and will survive for all Eternity; and  like Scrooge, I shall have a Merry Time at this Gathering!  Demons be damned!

 Marley:  Some things never change!  Evil persists and stalks us all!  But we shall overcome!   … Heh!…  I propose we start over from the top shall we? And wish each other Merry Christmas Greetings!  And so Ebenezer my old friend how are you?  It’s good to see you after all these years!  (Crosses to him) And here’s a very special Christmas present to you, here are my very own chains, shackles and cashbox!  (Hands them to him.) which Mr. Dickens and you, released me from, by changing your miserly ways!… If you recall?

Scrooge:   Indeed I do!…And I am gloriously fine! (Takes them). Thank you Jacob! This is one of the finest presents I’ve ever had; and shall treasure it always; (holds them high, then puts it under the chair and gives Marley a warm hug. Both sit.)

Fred:  (Fred his nephew, crosses to greet Ebenezer.)  I say uncle       Scrooge you are a happy sight for these bloodshot eyes!

Scrooge:  Thank’s nephew! It’s a wonderful surprise to see you! Bloodshot eyes or not!  

Fred:  We’ve all missed you, all these years. Please join us later uncle.

Scrooge:  And I too!  (Fred crosses back)

            (Tiny Tim and Peter Cratchit move closer to Scrooge.) 

Peter (Cratchit): Excuse me Sir!  I ‘m a person of few words but I gotta say how much I appreciated your help in getting me a job, and your unselfish assistance to my family…And so Merry Christmas!

Scrooge:  You’re welcome Peter!  I understand you’re quite the man of the house now that you’re  a clerk…  That’s just marvelous; I see great things in store for you!

Peter:   I hope so Sir, thanks! (Stays nearby with friends.)

     (Suddenly uninvited and unannounced Midge, an Evil Dwarf-Like-Mute, and acrobat, enters D.S.R. Shows a sign by turning in a complete circle, in place, inscribed thus: “ Midge the Mute;”  Then  places sign near entrance and tumbles, handstands and cartwheels his way to Scrooge; indicating with sign language that he is mute, then holding out his hand waiting for a tip.) 

Scrooge:  Very good indeed!  It would appear that you cannot speak; well here’s a small reward for your effort! (Hands him a coin,)  Merry Christmas! 

Midge:      (The Mute Evil Dwarf!  Grandly bows, then sprinkles Evil spellbinding  Moon-Glow Dust on Ebenezer,  later causing him to fall in forbidden  love with his old girlfriend Belle, in an attempt to ruin The Dickens’  Legacy, by changing their literary fate!)

Scrooge:  How good of you, to sprinkle me with marvelous Stardust!  Thank you! 

Midge:    (Shakes his head No!  Then pantomimes a Moon with dust floating down!)

Scrooge:   Why of course Silvery Moon-Glow Dust for good luck and to wish me well!…How wonderful friend!  And that makes me even more benevolent then I already am, (to audience,) and you all know what that means!   I just can’t help myself! (Gives him a more generous tip.)  Heh heh heh!

Midge:  (Smiles, Bows again {Smirks to audience} and tumbles/cartwheels, to Belle.) 

Oliver Twist:   (Crosses to Tiny Tim, and Peter as he watches Midge. Addresses Tim & Peter.)  He’s quite the acrobat!…   

Tiny Tim:    Fantastic! …I’m beginning to believe that I can do some of those moves  m’self, now that I’m better!

Oliver (Twist):  That’s great news Tim!…Great!… Guys what do you say to getting reacquainted!…  It’s time we young bucks got to know each other better!

Peter:  I’m fer that!

Tiny Tim:  Me too! I’ve often wondered how’s Mr. Bumble treatin’ ya these days at the workhouse?

Oliver:  Ain’t ya heard? That’s ancient history, including Bumble.  I been adopted by a kindly old gent, Mr. Brownlow who fancies I may be  family… after all.

Tiny Tim: Well!   That’s a lucky break! I’m glad ta hear the good news!  

Midge:  (Doing his routine for Belle’s benefit, Tumbles, Cartwheels etc.) 

Tiny Tim:   (Envious.) Take a gander at that Dwarf!  What a marvel!

Midge:   (When done holds out his hand for a donation, gets a coin from Belle; Bows.)  

Belle:    What a marvelous acrobat! 

Midge:  (As if in appreciation sprinkles her with Moon Glow Dust! Bows again.)

Belle:    Ah nothing like a sprinkle of good luck!  Aaah, it makes me feel… Oh, I don’t know… romantic!  Thank you my small friend with a rather large heart!  And a 

     Merry Holiday to you!

Midge:   (Bows his head to her, then Smirks to audience, for he’s cast an Evil, and most fowl, (romantic) Spell on her!  And now tumbles off toward D.S.R.)

Oliver:   (Watching him.) Wish I could do cartwheels like that!

Peter:     Yeah!  Me too!…  What do ya suppose he was sprinkling?

Midge:  (Temporarily exits D.S.R..)

Tiny Tim:  Dunno!  Maybe Stardust!  I heard it’s good luck! 

Oliver:  It can’t be real Stardust!

Peter:   Nah! something you buy in a novelty shop!  

Tiny Tim:  (Calls to Scrooge who is close by.)  Mr. Scrooge what was he sprinkling?  

Scrooge:   Moon Dust boys, for good luck!…  Wasn’t he somethin’!

Tiny Tim:  Moon Dust, WOW!… He was great!

Scrooge:    (To his nephew Fred who is nearby.) Thanks to Mr. Dickens, it’s getting to be quite the Reunion; and later we’ll all be treated to Food Glorious Food! …. The first ever, with characters from his many stories.

Fred:  I’m really excited Uncle!  I can’t wait to see my Mother; and the Cratchits. 

Fan:  (Lets herself in.) Merry Christmas everyone…(Spots Scrooge.) Oh! Brother Ebenezer, it’s been so long, and you look marvelous!

Scrooge:   (Jumps up from his seat, crosses to her and warmly embraces her.)  Thank you Wonderful Fan but I have never, ever, looked marvelous. And oh, I’m so very glad to see you!  The only one that ever loved me with all her heart. (Still in the embrace but suddenly in a merry, spontaneous dance mode, {the music’s in his head} dances her wildly round the room.)

Fan:  (As she’s twirled.) Hahaha! Ebenezer have you lost your mind? Dancing like a wild man, with no music?  Without me even having a chance to greet Freddy! 

Scrooge:  No I haven’t!…  Fan the music is in my heart, and head for you’ve made me so  happy; (wheels her toward Fred.)   Come now here’s your Fred! Your successful and wonderful son, and loving like you Fan, with a warm and forgiving heart.

Fan:  I’m so happy to be reunited with my family (they stop dancing.) And finally see Fred again!… Son, we never had a chance at getting to know each other. 

    Fred:  (Excitedly) I know Mother; and how I’ve missed your love, growing up. What with you passing on so early in life!  (Hugs and kisses her  warmly.) But now we’re together again, for a short, happy moment in time!

   Fan:  Oh yes son I’ve always loved you, even if from afar!… Ebenezer and everyone; it’s good to be back!

(Bob Cratchit, suddenly enters D.S.R. is greeted by his children. With snow on his clothes; seems he was sleigh riding with the kids, something he likes to do. He smilingly brushes snow off and waves to everyone.)

Bob (Cratchit):  (Hugs and kisses the girls.) Merry Christmas to All and my lovely family! 

All:   (Loud) Merry Christmas Bob Cratchit!

 Peter:  (A beat behind the girls; hugs him.) Oh thank Heaven, Da!  We were gettin’ concerned about you! 

Belinda (Cratchit):  Where were you Dad?  

Martha (Cratchit):   We were about to send out two big Saint Bernard Dogs to search, and drag you back!.

Bob:  Really!…  But you know I love to sleigh ride with the kids.  I musta gone down Corn Hill twenty times, but somethin’ kept remindin’ me, that my lovely family and friends were raising the dickens!  Waiting on me.  So tardy I am! With nary a farthing in my pocket or pound note in my wallet!

      (Tiny Tim quickly crosses to his father who lifts him up and gives him a kiss.)         

Tiny Tim: Father I was truly worried, you bein’ late and all!  

Bob:  I’m sorry everybody; but honestly I was havin’ such a grand time! ( Kisses Tim and puts him down.)      

Mrs. Cratchit:  (Comes over to him and hugs him tightly and kisses him.) Look at you  Robert! With the snow on ya; just like in the old days, but I guess it keeps ya young darlin! (Another kiss.) Leave it to you to be sleigh ridin’ with the kids.  That’s my hardworkin’ hard playin’husband!

Bob:   That I am  And just so happy to be here!…  Mr. Scrooge!   What a marvelous surprise. My day is complete, and my ledger is balanced!  How are ya Sir?

Scrooge:  How am I ? (Twirls around happily.) Why delightfully Happy!… Name a Superlative! And I’m it!  And I feel young and romantic again!

Bob:  Glad to hear it sir! Glad to hear it!  To all ladies present Beware! For Ebenezer Scrooge feels young and Romantic again!

All:     (Everyone comes over and Nick takes over the intro’s  for those who have never met in Mr. Dickens’ novels. With: Ad-Libs and hugs galore!)

Nick:  If you all don’t mind…Seeing as I’m familiar with everyone, and though some of you already know one another; why don’t I attempt to clarify ide

A Dickens Of A Christmas

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