Secret Santa
Secret Santa – Script
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Secret Santa

In a small resort hotel, is it really Jennifer’s possessive rich boyfriend who is helping her financially or is there someone else?

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Secret Santa

In a small resort hotel, is it really Jennifer’s possessive rich boyfriend who is helping her financially or is there someone else?

Author:    Deborah Hodge


     It’s Christmas time at a small resort hotel on the North Carolina coast. Two sisters, presently own the hotel. This Christmas is not a particularly good one for them. The sisters are burdened with a mortgage that has a balloon rate and huge monthly payments. 
     When the local banker’s son, whose father’s bank holds the mortgage on the hotel, becomes interested in Jennifer, Susan sees a way for their mortgage problem to be solved. She encourages the romance between Jennifer and the banker’s son and urges Jennifer to consider marriage to Henry. However, unknown to Susan, Jennifer is in love with Jason, a handsome hotel employee. Because of her allegiance to Susan and the family, Jennifer does not allow her relationship with Jason to go beyond friendship, but she does allow herself to be manipulated by Susan and Henry. 
     Things become very complicated when Kara Hanson, Jennifer’s wealthy friend, comes to spend Christmas at the hotel. Jennifer confides in Kara and Kara is determined that Jennifer is not going to marry Henry. Her attempts to help Jennifer find an alternative solution to the mortgage problem is compounded by Kara’s attraction to Jason, her discovery of Jennifer’s love for Jason, a mystery guest named Hillary, Susan’s opposition to taking on a partner, and Henry’s marriage proposal. 
     The hotel Christmas Eve party becomes the occasion for a Secret Santa to solve all of Jennifer’s problems and helps her to get the best Christmas present she has ever had.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa

A One Act Christmas Comedy


Deborah A. Hodge



Secret Santa

 Copyright 2010 

by Deborah Hodge

All Rights Reserved

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Cast of Characters

Susan Swanson is the older sister. She is twenty-eight years old. Her husband, Jay Swanson, a soldier in the military and is on deployment in Iraq. Susan and her sister Jennifer run a resort hotel on the North Carolina coast. The hotel has been in the family for four generations. Susan and Jennifer’s parents died in an automobile accident. Since that time, the hotel has been the two girl’s responsibility. Susan is very concerned that they might lose the hotel because their father took out a mortgage with balloon rates for repairs. Interest rates have gone up and right after Christmas a huge payment comes due. Susan loves Jennifer, but when the local banker’s son becomes interested in her, Susan encourages the romance, hoping that it will end in marriage. Since Henry’s father is the banker, whose bank holds the mortgage, Susan believes he will be more sympathetic to their situation if Henry marries Jennifer.

Jennifer Randall is the younger sister. She is a very attractive twenty- three year old who loves her sister and the hotel. She dates Henry because her sister encourages her to because his father holds the mortgage on their hotel. She has known Henry all of her life. He is an eligible bachelor with great prospects, but he is rather conceited. Unknown to Susan, Jennifer has fallen in love with Jason Scott, an employee at the hotel, but because of her sister’s urging her to marry Henry as a solution to the mortgage problem, Jennifer does not allow her relationship with Jason to progress beyond friendship. However, when Henry proposes, she struggles between loyalty to Susan, her family, and her love for Jason. Jennifer confides in Kara Hanson, a friend since childhood.

Jason Scott is twenty-six. He is a handsome young man, who has only been working for the hotel for about six months. He is in love with Jennifer, and believes that she loves him. However, she will not allow their relationship go beyond friendship. Jason believes this is because she wants to marry for money. Unknown to Jennifer or anyone else at the hotel, Jason Scott is really Jason Scott Nettleton, the son of a rich oilman from Dallas. Because of the betrayal by his fiancée, Lisa, Jason dropped out of sight and ended up at the resort hotel in North Carolina. Susan needed another employee. He needed a job and a place to stay. Even though he is afraid that Jennifer is a “gold-digger” like Lisa, he is quite upset when Henry proposes to Jennifer.

Thomas Randall is the twenty five year old loveable, hotel employee who has worked there for years. Even though he is very accident-prone, Susan and Jennifer keep him as an employee because they consider him part of their family. He has been in love with Kara Hanson for years.

Kara Hanson is twenty-three and has been Jennifer’s friend since childhood. Kara is from St Louis and is the daughter of a wealthy executive.

Henry Blakemore is the twenty-seven year old son of the local banker. He has been a conceited, bullying snob for most of his life. His attitude is that he is better than everyone else is because he is the banker’s son and has had nice things all of his life. He attended a prestigious northeastern university and after earning his MBA, he came home to take a position in his father’s bank. When Henry returned home, he was amazed at what a beautiful and attractive woman, Jennifer Randall had become. He asked her out several times before, she said yes. They have been dating for approximately six months. He has concluded that she would make him a perfect wife. Her sister, Susan manipulated Jennifer to go out with him. She wants them to marry.

Hillary Loftis is twenty-six. She is Jason’s best friend and assistant at Nettleton Corporation. When he called needing her help, she hopped a plane in Dallas and immediately came to North Carolina. She handles the mortgage pay-off for him and helps make Jennifer jealous so that she would admit her true feelings for Jason. She also advises Jason that his suspicions that Jennifer is a gold-digger are wrong.

Jay Swanson is Susan’s husband, who gets leave to come home for Christmas.

Bill Hanson is Kara’s father.

Sheila Hanson is Kara’s mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Blakemore are Henry’s parents.

Hotel Guest can be either male for female. This is the person Thomas hits with a mop and spills his/her coffee.

6 to 12 Walk on parts. 

Hotel cook

Bell hop(s)

1 or 2 more hotel employees

At least six to eight hotel guests to enter and exit to the lobby or through the hall on cue can be added.

Secret Santa

Setting: It is Christmas time at a resort hotel somewhere on the North Carolina coast of the U.S.  The hotel is a family hotel left to two sisters by their deceased parents. The hotel has a hefty mortgage with a balloon rate. A huge payment is about to come due and the sisters do not have the money. The older sister’s husband is in the military and has been deployed overseas. The older sister is urging her younger sister to marry the local banker’s son in order to solve their mortgage problems. He is interested in her, but the interest is not necessarily mutual. 

Act I Scene I

Scene 1 begins in the hotel lobby which is decorated for Christmas, which is only a little over a week away. The hotel is a popular spot for Christmas vacationers and has few vacancies. Susan is at the hotel desk. The lobby is entered from a hallway. The hallway has the main entrance, a stairway to the rooms and the entrance to the hotel restaurant is through the hallway opposite the stairway to the rooms. Jennifer enters from the upstairs direction of the hallway, sees her friend Kara, a friend and frequent guest at the hotel. Jennifer goes to greet Kara, who is seated on a sofa in the lobby area.

Jennifer—- (With genuine warmth) Hey, Kara. When did you get here?

Kara——— About fifteen minutes ago. Susan told me that you were busy with housekeeping matters.

Jennifer—–Yep, you know how it is in a small hotel.

Kara———- (playfully) Actually, I don’t know. We super-rich folks hire people to do things like that.

Jennifer—— (pretending to be offended) I was about to tell you that it’s good to see you, but if you’re going to act like a snobby super-rich girl, I don’t think I am.

Kara———-I was going to say how good it is to be back here, but if you’re going to act like an offended super-poor girl, I won’t.  (They both laugh and hug each other.)

Jennifer——It is good to have you back.

Kara——–It’s good to be back. You know how I love being here for Christmas. 

Jennifer—–Are your parents here?

Kara——–No, but they’ll be here, Christmas Eve. I came on ahead because I wanted to see you. So how are you doing? 


Kara——–Okay… From what I’ve heard you’re better than okay.

Jennifer—-How’s that?

Kara——- I hear you’re almost engaged.

Jennifer—–For a girl who’s only been here for fifteen minutes, you sure know a lot.

Kara——–Tell me about this dream man.

Jennifer—- (with candor) —I wouldn’t call him a  dream man.

Kara——–Well, tell me about this wonderful man.

Jennifer—— (continued candor) —-I wouldn’t call him  wonderful.

Kara———Tell me about this  extremely nice man.

Jennifer—— (With a pained look on her face) —I wouldn’t call him  extremely nice.

Kara——–What would you call him?

Jennifer—– (searching for the right description) —He’s uh….

Kara———Wait, all you can say is, “he’s uh,” and you’re going to marry him.


Jennifer—-That’s what Susan wants.

Kara——–But, what do you want?

Jennifer—-I don’t know what I want.

Kara——–Then, you shouldn’t get married.

Jennifer—-I know, but….

Kara——–But, nothing!  It seems I arrived just in time. I won’t allow you to marry a man you don’t want to marry.

Jennifer—-That’s just it. I don’t know if I want to marry Henry or not.


Jennifer—-Henry Blakemore. You know Henry.

Kara——– (with great disapproval) —Yeah, and I can’t believe you would even consider marrying Henry.

Jennifer—– (trying to believe what she’s saying) —-Henry’s not  too- bad.

Kara———Henry! Henry Blakemore is an  insufferable, – conceited -snob.

Jennifer—– (with a tortured look on her face)–Not  all the time.

Kara——– (with conviction) —He has been all the time that I have known him.

Jennifer— (trying to sound convincing) —Well, – maybe -you don’t know him as well as I do.

Kara——-Nor, would I ever want to.

Jennifer—You’re being very rough on him, don’t you think? After all, I’m probably going to marry him.

Kara——Yeah, but why? It is obvious that you don’t have feelings for him.

Jennifer—-What makes you say that?

Kara——–Because I know you.

Jennifer—Yeah, you do.

Kara— You’re honestly considering marrying Henry.

Jennifer—(with a sigh)—Yep.

Kara—–Even, with all you know about him.

Jennifer—- (with another sigh)–Yep.

Kara—- (quite concerned)—That doesn’t make sense. (Jennifer shrugs her shoulders.)  Something’s not right. What’s going on? 

(Before Jennifer can explain, they are interrupted by Jason, a handsome young man who works at the hotel.)

Jason——I’m sorry to interrupt you ladies, but (speaking directly to Kara) I believe you are Miss Hanson.

Kara—– (Quite taken with his good looks)—I surely am, and who might you be handsome.

Jason—-I am the one Miss Swanson told to get your bags from the car and take them to your room.

Kara—- (flirting)—That’s great. I’ll be glad to show you to my car.

Jason—(looking at Jennifer with embarrassment) That won’t be necessary Miss Hanson. If you’ll just give me your keys, I’m sure I can find your car without any trouble.

Kara—-I left my keys at the front desk.

Jason—I believe you forgot to do that.

Kara—- (a little embarrassed) Really! (her pockets and realizing that she does not have then)–I’m sorry, but I don’t seem to have them with me. They’re in my room. I’ll run right up and get them.  (Kara goes to her room to get her keys.)

(Jennifer and Jason are left alone to wait for Kara’s return,)

Jason—-Nice girl.

Jennifer—Yeah, she is, and I believe she’s rather taken with you.

Jason—– (joking)—Really, I hadn’t noticed.


Jason—–How about a walk later?

Jennifer—-You know I can’t. I have a date with Henry.

Jason—-We could go before Henry comes or better yet, you could cancel your date.

Jennifer—-Why would I do that?

Jason——Because you like me better (Jennifer acts shocked at his statement) —Don’t look so shocked…. you know you do.

Jennifer—-I don’t know anything of the sort.

(Jennifer folds her arm and turns away, as Kara returns in a hurry.)

Kara—- (still flirting) —Here you are handsome. Are you sure that you don’t need some help?

(Hearing Kara’s voice Jennifer turns toward her.)

Jason—Thanks, but I’ve I got it. (Jason turns to leave.)

Kara—– (grabbing his arm as he turns away) —-By the way handsome… haven’t I seen you somewhere before?

Jason—- (Smiling as he turns back toward Kara)—Don’t you think that line is a little stale.

Kara—–Yeah, it would be if it was a line, but I’m serious. You look familiar to me.

Jason—-I’m sorry, but I don’t think we have ever met.

Kara—- (flirting)–My misfortune.

Jason—- (Noticing that Jennifer face betrays jealousy, he flirts back.)—Or maybe, (as he flashes a broad smile) —-it’s my misfortune.

(With much interest, Kara watches him leave. With jealousy, Jennifer watches Kara watching Jason. Jennifer rolls her eyes and shakes her head. Kara sees her.)

Kara—–What? He’s a good-looking, single guy

Jennifer— (sounding a disapproving) —-Uh, huh

Kara—-He is single, isn’t he?

Jennifer— (trying to sound sincere) — Yep. He is.

Kara——-Who is he?

Jennifer—–Jason Scott

Kara——–What happened to Thomas?

Jennifer———Nothing. He’s still here. We decided we needed another guy to help him, and Jason needed a job. Susan hired him on the spot…  By the way, Thomas took a few days off. He’ll be back on Friday. He’ll be very glad that you’re here.

Kara— (very unenthusiastically)—Yeah… (enthusiastically) Well, I’m glad Jason’s here. This Christmas has tremendous prospects.

Jennifer— What about Matt?

Kara——-Oh, that’s old news. I dumped him six weeks ago. Let’s get back to Henry and you.

Jennifer— (protesting)–Do we have to?

Kara—– (firmly)-I think we do. I want to know why you would even considering marrying a man that you obviously do not care about.

Jennifer— (protesting)–I care about him.

Kara—— (adamantly)—Jen you  care about everybody. So, what’s up with marrying someone you don’t love?

Jennifer—- (pleading)—If I tell you, you have to promise that you won’t tell Susan that I told you.


Kara—- (reluctantly)—I guess.

Jennifer—-Kara you can’t tell anybody.

Kara—- (unenthusiastically) —-Okay. I won’t tell.

Jennifer—I’m considering marrying Henry because… (Reluctant to say the reason aloud, she stops. It is apparent to Kara that Jennifer is having difficulty admitting why she is marrying Henry.)

Kara——- (To help her out Kara tries to draw out the remainder of Jennifer’s confession) —You are marrying Henry because… (Jennifer still has difficulty admitting why she is marrying Henry.)—-Let’s try this again.  You are going to marry Henry because….

Jennifer—— (finally she spits it out) —-Because of his father.

Kara—- (interrupting) –Because of his father! What does his father have to do with it?

Jennifer— (confessing) —-His father holds the mortgage on the hotel.


Jennifer—-So, there’s a huge payment due January 3rd and Susan and I can’t pay it. If we don’t, Mr. Blakemore is going to foreclose on our loan and we’ll lose the hotel.

Kara—-I get it. You think that if you marry Henry, Mr. Blakemore won’t foreclose.


Kara—-But, Jen

Jennifer—-No, buts. We can’t lose the hotel. It’s been in the family for four generations.

Kara—-Yeah, but there are some things a person shouldn’t do for money.

Jennifer—I’m not doing it for money. I’m doing it for Susan.

Kara——I have it. I’ll pay the January payment. That’ll give you time to come up with another solution.

Jennifer—That’s sweet, but I can’t take your money.

Kara—-Why not?  We’ve been friends forever, and besides, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep you from marrying Henry.

Jennifer—The problem isn’t just the January payment. It’s the mortgage and the balloon rates. The interest rates have gone up and we can’t make the payments.

Kara—I thought business was good here.

Jennifer—It is, but not enough to pay the huge payments.

Kara—Have you thought about taking on a partner?

Jennifer—Then, it wouldn’t be a family business.

(Their conversation is interrupted by Susan.)

Susan—–What are you girls up to?

Kara——Oh nothing.

Susan—–Nonsense, you’ve been chattering like magpies.

Jennifer—We were just reminiscing about the past.

Susan—— (To both of them with great enthusiasm) —- We’ve all had some great times here, haven’t we?

Kara——-Yeah, I was telling Jen how much I love Christmas at the hotel.

Susan—–Yeah, (Directing her words toward Jennifer, who looks away.) I just hope we can continue to have great times here.

Kara—- (Noticing Susan’s intent) —Me too.

Susan—– (Rising) Well, I guess I’d better get back to work.  You two have fun. (Susan goes to the front desk.)

Kara—– Not very subtle was she.

Jennifer—She didn’t know you knew what she meant.

Kara——Yeah, but I do. We’re going to figure out a way, besides Henry to solve your problem. 

Jennifer—- (With a huge sigh) —There isn’t a way.

Kara—–I could talk to my father. I’m sure he’d help.

Jennifer— (Scolding Kara) —Kara, you promised not to tell…. (Kara reacts to the scolding)—- Anyway, Susan would not go for it. She’s determined to keep this a family business. (looking at her watch) Its five-forty-five and Henry’s picking me up at six.

Kara—- (Very sarcastically) Good old, conceited, insufferable, Henry. I can’t wait to see him.

Jennifer—Promise you’ll be nice.

Kara—– (Smugly) —–I don’t have too. I’m not marrying him.

Jennifer— (Looking at her watch again and pleading) —-Please be nice.

Kara—I’ll try, but I’m not sure it’s in my nature when it comes to Henry.

Jennifer—(looking one more time at her watch) —I have to go get ready. Would you like to help me?

Kara—(spying Jason who has entered)—If it’s all right, I believe I’ll stay here and amuse myself.

Jennifer—(As she rises to leave, she realizes Kara is watching Jason.) —- Okay, but don’t annoy the help.

Kara—– (Still watching Jason with conquest on her mind) Just get ready. I promise he want be annoyed.   (Jennifer crosses to go get ready. Unknown to Jennifer, but witnessed by Kara, Jason watches Jennifer as she leaves. After Jennifer exits, Kara goes over to where Jason is.)

Kara—- (flirting) –What time do you get off work handsome?

Jason—-Around six.

Kara—- (very sweetly, but flirting) —-Would you like to go to town to get a bite to eat?

Jason—-A little pushy aren’t you.

Kara—–No, I’m a girl, who knows what she wants and goes after it.

Jason—- (chuckling)—Oh, I see and what you want would be … (he points to himself).

Kara—– (chucking)—A little sure of yourself, aren’t you.

Jason—-Not as sure as I am of you.

Kara—- (Pretending to be offended) —-Is that right? For your information, since Jennifer is going out with Henry, what I want is a dinner partner. I thought that might be you. However, I guess not.

Jason—– (Thinking she might be serious) ——I could eat… if you are sure that all you want is a dinner partner. 

Kara—— (still flirting)—That’s all I want… (she winks)…for now.

(Jason raises his eyebrows and widens his eyes. Kara laughs. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Henry. He surveys the room, but doesn’t see Jennifer. He looks at his watch impatiently. He marches to the desk where he speaks rather loudly to Susan. Kara and Henry’s conversation should be quick, mutual, unfriendly banter.)

Henry— (Annoyed and demanding) —-Where’s Jennifer?

Susan—-I’m not sure.

Kara—– (Irked by his demanding attitude)–She’s making herself beautiful for you… though heaven only knows why.

Henry—- (Seeing Kara, he marches over)—-Well, Kara Hanson. I see you haven’t changed.

Kara—- (Kara looks him over)—-Ditto, Henry.

Henry—- (Very rudely)–I hope your visit to our town will be a  short one.

Kara—- (snidely) —I’ll just bet you do.

Henry— (Irritated) —-What’s that supposed to mean.

Kara—–It means that your hope is in vain. I’m staying here through New Years.

Henry— (sarcastically) —Too bad for you!

Kara—– (Irritated) —-What’s that supposed to mean.

Henry—-It means things have changed since the last time you were here.

Kara—— (sarcastically) —Have they now?

Henry—–I’m sure that Jennifer has told you that  we are a couple now. 

Kara——- (with quick retort) —-Yep, you know what they say.

Henry—— (still irritated, but wondering where she’s headed) —What’s that?

Kara——-Bad news travels fast.

Henry—–Look Kara, I know that you  don’t like me. Well, hears a news flash. I don’t like you. 

Kara—- (dripping with sarcasm) —Henry, I am  sooo crushed.

Henry—– (extremely irritated) —-Here’s another news flash “funny girl”.  I love Jennifer and I’m going to ask her to marry me tonight. (The audience is able to see Jason’s reaction to Henry’s statement, but no one else.  It is apparent that he is not pleased.)

Kara—– (sarcastically)—What- makes- you- think -she’ll say yes?

Henry—— (Very conceitedly) —Because she loves me… (Kara laughs slightly)— (With head, held high and chest puffed out) —– and besides, she knows… I am a great catch.

Kara——- (laughing) —You have to be kidding.

Henry—– (Speaking through clenched teeth) —-I am most assuredly not kidding. Therefore, I hope that you can find ways to amuse yourself without Jennifer. She’ll be tied up with me during the holidays. 

Kara—— (With great energy and sarcasm) —Awwwh…I hate to see anyone tied up, but in you’re case I’ll make an exception.

Henry—— (still irritated) —-What are you talking about?


Kara—–You….I’d like to see you tied up and thrown off a cliff.

Henry—– (With forceful anger)–Kara Hanson, I-hate- you.

Kara—– (Very pleased to respond) —–Ditto Henry!

(Their conversation is interrupted by Jennifer’s entrance. Jason, Henry, Kara and Susan stop to admire her attractiveness)

Kara— (encouraging her friend) —Jen, you look beautiful.

Jason— (with great admiration) —-Yes, she does.

Susan—Sis, you look great.

Henry— (very annoyed at Jason’s admiration of Jennifer) — Jennifer, you’re wearing too much make-up. You know how mother feels about that.  We’re meeting dad and her at the restaurant.

Jennifer— (embarrassed) I’m sorry. I didn’t know we were meeting them. I’ll go right up and take some of it off. (Jennifer retreats upstairs.)

Henry—– (looking at his watch impatiently) —Hurry Jennifer. You know how mother is about punctuality.

Kara—– (very upset) —Henry you’re such a  jerk!

Henry— (very arrogantly and angry) —-I wouldn’t expect someone like you to understand.

Kara—–Understand what? That you don’t want a  wife …you want a doormat.

Henry—Well, Jennifer understands me even if you don’t. 

Kara—Oh, I understand. That’s the problem.

Henry—-Poooof.   (He turns away from Kara and as walks toward Susan…Jennifer returns. Henry inspects her as she comes down.)  You look fine my dear.

Kara— (to Henry and spoken with dripping sarcasm) —-I supposed that means she passes Mother Blakemore’s requirements.

Henry—- (glaring at Kara)–We’d better be going before I give Kara a piece of mind.

Kara—– (to Henry)—Yep, you’d better get going. I’m not sure you could  spare a piece of your mind. (Henry grunts. Jennifer gives Kara a “please stop it look, But Kara can’t help herself.)— Jen, I would tell you to have a good time, but considering whom you are with, I believe that is impossible.  (Henry appears to be ready to explode when Susan interrupts.)

Susan—- (Putting her arm around Henry and Jennifer to hurry them out the door.)—-Henry look at the time. You two will be late. Remember your parents are waiting.  Have a good time.  (Henry glares at Kara as he and Jennifer leave.)

Susan –Kara, you shouldn’t be so mean to Henry.

Kara—I’m afraid I can’t help it.

Susan—For Jennifer’s sake, you need to try.

Kara—I’ll try, but I won’t promise anything.

Susan–. Do you have any plans for dinner tonight?

Kara—Actually, I do. (looking at Jason) Your handsome employee and I are having dinner together.

Susan— Be nice to him. I’d like to keep him around.

Kara—–Not a problem.  (To Jason) –It’s five after six, are you ready to go eat?

Jason—- The produce man was supposed to make a delivery at 5:45. Let me go stow that away and we can leave.

Susan—- (to Jason)–I’ll take care of that. You two go eat.

Jason—–Are you sure?

Susan—-Of course, I’m sure.

Jason—–Okay, let’s go.

(Jason and Kara exit to go to the restaurant in town. Susan exists through the side door to take care of the produce.

                                                Curtain Closes/Black Out

                                                      Act I Scene 2

(Kara and Jason are seated on one of the couches in the hotel lobby. There is no one else there. They are caring on friendly banter abo

Secret Santa

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