The Princess Wore Sneakers
The Princess Wore Sneakers – Script
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The Princess Wore Sneakers

Sam, is magically taken to a castle where she must substitute for a real missing princess and realizes it is not perfect.

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The Princess Wore Sneakers- Peformance Royalty The Princess Wore Sneakers – Peformance Royalty – One needed for each performance.

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The Princess Wore Sneakers

Sam, is magically taken to a castle where she must substitute for a real missing princess. Despite enjoying the perks, Sam realizes the role is very limiting. But when a dragon attacks, Sam helps save the castle and gains some self-confidence.

Author:    Alison Pruitt


“The Princess Wore Sneakers” is one-act children’s play describing the adventures of Sam, a smart 11-year-old girl who is planning to be a princess for Halloween. However, she lacks the self-confidence to stand up for herself when her friend Brittney makes fun of her. When Sam is magically transported to a fairy tale kingdom, she learns she must become a substitute for a real missing princess, Annabella.

Although she enjoys the perks of being a princess, Sam soon learns the role can be very limiting. The King won’t allow her to do anything fun and expects her to marry the neighboring Prince. Sam is ready to return to her previously boring life; however, the Fairy Godmother will not send her back unless Annabella takes her place. Sam tries to convince Annabella to return, but she is set on becoming a knight. But when the girls learn that a dragon is attacking the castle, they decide to return and help fight it. When they arrive at the castle, they find that the King and the rather dim Prince have failed to fight the dragon effectively. Sam must work with Annabella to outsmart the dragon and save the kingdom. She returns home, having acquired the self-confidence to stand up to her difficult friend.

Many parents are concerned about the craze for all things princess and the images of femininity that this trend fosters in today’s girls. This play offers a humorous exploration of our cultural princess obsession and provides an alternative view of girl power.

The Princess Wore Sneakers

The Princess Wore Sneakers


Alison Pruitt

The Princess Wore Sneakers
Copyright 2009
Alison Pruitt
All Rights Reserved

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SAM: 11-year-old girl. Sixth grader.

BRITTNEY: Her friend. Also 11.

JASON: Her friend. Also 11.

MINERVA: A Fairy Godmother.

CORA: Lady in Waiting.

KING: Rule of the kingdom.

ANNABELLA: His daughter, the princess.



Settings: Sam’s family room, the Castle Fountainbleu

Characters: 5 female, 3 male
Casting Requirements: 3 women, 2 men

Princess Wore Sneakers


The family room of Sam’s house. Jason enters. Looks around.

JASON: Sam? You there? Your mom let me in.

SAM: (O.S.) I’ll be right out!

JASON: I got this new Xbox game! It is so awesome! You should see level 3, the graphics are just —

Sam comes out wearing a princess dress with tiara and cape.

JASON: Your majesty!

SAM: Oh, cut it out!

JASON: Well, what’s with the —

SAM: It’s my Halloween costume. My mom just finished it, so I was trying it on to see– Isn’t it awesome?

JASON: Yeah, it’s pretty…for a princess dress thing.

SAM: My mom even made a cape to go with it — and we got this tiara at the costume shop.

JASON: What’s a tee-rara?

SAM: A tiara. It’s a kind of crown.

JASON: So, why don’t you just call it a crown?

SAM: Kings wore crowns. Princesses wore tiaras. They’re much prettier, don’t you think? (She looks down at her sneakers) We need to get me some princess-y shoes too. Some slippers, with sequins or

JASON: I don’t get why girls want to be princesses, anyway.

SAM: There’s nothing wrong with princesses.

JASON: They’re boring.

SAM: You’re going to be Spiderman. How is that so much better ?

JASON: At least Spiderman does something. All princesses do is sit in chairs all day.

SAM: That’s what’s great! You don’t have to do anything to be a
princess. You just are. Don’t you ever dream that you wake up and
somehow you’re someone else? Beautiful, rich and powerful?

JASON: Okay, sometimes I think about what it would be like to have super powers. That would be sweet! But princesses aren’t powerful.

SAM: Not like super heroes, but people have to do what they say–

JASON: I guess it would be cool to be top of the food chain.

SAM: Right! Everyone would like you and listen to what you say. And they do things for you. You’d just ask…

JASON: It would be cool to order people around — as long as you didn’t have to wear a dress– especially one like that. It looks uncomfortable.

SAM: Maybe a little…itchy. But it’s so pretty, it’s worth it. (Jason
looks skeptical) No one gets to wear fancy dresses like that

JASON: Thank goodness!

SAM: But wouldn’t it be wonderful to have beautiful things to wear all the time? And beautiful things surrounding you–

JASON: If you say so….

BRITTNEY: (O.S.) Samantha Jane! Wait til you see–

Brittney bursts into the room wearing a rock and roll singer’s outfit and carrying a microphone. She stops when she sees Jason.

BRITTNEY: Oh, hi, Jason.


BRITTNEY: (To Sam) You didn’t tell me he was coming

SAM: Sorry, I didn’t know.

JASON: I’m her friend too you know. And I live next door.

BRITTNEY: Well, you can’t be in the club. No boys allowed!

JASON: I don’t want to be in your stupid club anyway.

SAM: (To Brittney) Maybe he could —


SAM: (To Jason) Sorry.

BRITTNEY: Maybe you should leave now that I’m here.

JASON: This isn’t your house.

They both look at Sam.

SAM: Well, I guess you can stay (Brittney gives her a look)…for a
little while….It’s not an official club meeting….

BRITTNEY: (To Sam) What are you wearing anyway?

SAM: It’s my Halloween costume. My mom made it for me.

JASON: I think it’s pretty.

BRITTNEY: I guess…if you like that kind of thing.

SAM: What kind of thing?

BRITTNEY: Princesses. You know, we’re 11. We’re too old for that. And you’re wearing a cape– What are you, super princess?

SAM: It came with the dress….

When Brittney isn’t looking, Sam lets the cape drop from her shoulders and takes off the tiara.

BRITTNEY: Kids our age don’t want to be princesses. Now, singers! That’s where it’s at! Goodbye Snow White. Hello American Idol!

She strikes a pose.

SAM: That is a fabulous costume, Brittney. Isn’t it, Jason?

JASON: I guess.

Brittney sings something. Then bows. Sam claps.

SAM: That was great, Brittney!

BRITTNEY: Thank you. I’m going to try out for the lead for the spring musical.

SAM: You’re so going to get it.

JASON: The lead? Mrs. Greenbaum is not going to give the lead to a sixth grader.

BRITTNEY: She will if I’m good enough.

Brittney examines Sam’s dress.

BRITTNEY: You know, that is way princess-y. Not even funky princess-y. Just plain, little girly princess-y. Hey! You know what? We got my rock star costume at Target. Maybe you can get one too and we can be twins.

JASON: She already has a costume. Right?

SAM: Well, yeah, but….I’ll think about it.

BRITTNEY: You should totally do it! We could sing a duet.

SAM: You know I don’t like singing in front of people.

BRITTNEY: It wouldn’t be like a real performance, silly. Just, you know, for some of our friends and parents.

SAM: I don’t know….

BRITTNEY: Say yes, say yes, say yes!

SAM: Okay.

BRITTNEY: Yes! I’m going to go see if my mom can take us to Target right now!

She starts to leave, then turns to Sam.

BRITTNEY: Oh, and I need to look at your science homework later, okay? It was impossible!

SAM: Ummm…Sure. (Brittney gives her a look) No problem.

BRITTNEY: This really is the last time. I promise! I know you got it right.

JASON: You should be doing it yourself, you know.

BRITTNEY: You know, with cheerleading and Halloween coming up and soccer — I just don’t have time for stuff like that — You know, stuff that I don’t know, you know?

She runs off stage. Sam slumps in a chair.

JASON: She’s your friend, right?

SAM: My best friend.

JASON: Why do you let her talk to you like that ?

SAM: It’s not important…She’s nice most of the time…

JASON: I don’t get girls.

SAM: I’m really lucky to have her as a friend! And did you see how well she sang? I wish I could be cool like her.

JASON: What’s wrong with being yourself?

SAM: I could never be like that…Always knowing what to say… And sure that everyone’s going to like you.

JASON: But, you’re 10 times smarter.

SAM: Maybe, but smart isn’t cool like her. She thinks she might be able to get me into the cheerleading squad next year….And when I became friends with her, I became friends with Jessica and Emma and Delaney….

JASON: If they’re really your friends, they’ll like you no matter who you hang out with….Well, maybe not Delaney.

SAM: I guess…But I like being friends with them….

JASON: Brittney’s just using you to help her with science homework. She knows you’ll get it right.

SAM: That’s not true!

JASON: All I’m saying is that she didn’t want to be friends with you until you were in the same science class together.

SAM: That’s just a coincidence….

JASON: Whatever….I just wish you’d stand up to her some time. (He looks at clock) Hey! Spongebob is on. You want to watch it?

SAM: Nahh… Not today….I should get changed and finish my writing assignment. And I’ve got a science test tomorrow.

JASON: Okay, bye!

SAM: Bye. (Sam slumps in a chair. Looks at the tiara. Puts it on.) I wish I was a real princess…


Princess Annabella’s room in a castle. Fancy furniture, a window with beautiful curtains. A jeweled trunk. Sam is lying on the floor. She wakes up and looks around.

SAM: Okay….(Yells). Mom, did you re decorate? (quietly) Really, really quickly while I was sleeping? Yeah, right. What’s going on?

She looks out the window.

SAM: Whoa! Okay, that is not Pine Road. And someone took away the rest of the neighborhood! (She looks around the room. Looks in the trunk) And these jewels are…real? Where am I?

She picks up a sword. It’s too heavy for her and she staggers
around. The sword drops on her foot. She jumps up and down.

SAM: Oww. Yep, that’s real too…

Minerva enters. She is a middle-aged fairy with a small set
of wings peeking out of the back of her frilly dress. She is
pleasantly surprised to see Sam.

MINERVA: You are here! I mean, of course you are. But it worked! The spell actually worked–

Sam stares at her.

MINERVA: My apologies. Welcome to the castle, lady…lady…?

SAM: My name is Sam.

MINERVA: Lady…Sam. Welcome.

SAM: Who are you? Where am I?

MINERVA: I’m Minerva. I’m a Fairy Godmother.

SAM: I have a Fairy Godmother?

MINERVA: I’m not your Fairy Godmother! I’m Princess Annabella’s. This is her room in Fountainbleu Castle.

SAM: This is crazy. I go to elementary school! How did I get here?

MINERVA: I brought you. By magic. With just a flick of my wand. It turned out rather well if I do say so myself. And I do.

SAM: What do you mean?

MINERVA: Well…you’re in one piece. And you are not a newt or a donkey or—

SAM: That was a possibility?

MINERVA: No, no. My magic has improved quite a bit, since…Well, I’m sure I’ll be a senior enchantress soon…

Minerva turns and knocks over a suit of armor with her wings.

MINERVA: Stupid wings.

SAM: Why?

MINERVA: They’re always getting in the way.

SAM: No, why did you bring me here?

MINERVA: I needed a princess substitute in a hurry.

She starts mixing things together in a goblet.

SAM: A what?

MINERVA: The real princess, Annabella, has esc– gotten lost. I need someone to take her place.

SAM: You think I’d be good at playing a princess?

MINERVA: I cast a spell to find the best princess substitute available and you appeared. So you must be good.

SAM: No way! I’m a terrible actress. I can’t remember my lines.

MINERVA: No lines. It is all improv.

SAM: But I can’t act!

MINERVA: Nonsense! If you weren’t any good, the spell would not have summoned you.

She examines Sam’s clothing.

MINERVA: That will do I suppose. (sees the sneakers) But, what are those hideous things?

SAM: They’re Skechers!

MINERVA: Are they from an evil spell? Nevermind, I can fix it.

She adjusts her wings. Adjusts them again.

MINERVA: I can never get them comfortable. My advice to you: never grow wings.

SAM: But they’ll take one look at me and know I’m not the princess!

Minerva holds up the goblet.

MINERVA: That is what this potion is for. One sip and you will look like the princess.

SAM: If you say so…but I don’t know anything about her! How can I pretend–

MINERVA: It really is not that difficult. Just sit in a chair and look pretty.

SAM: Can’t you just say the princess went to visit a friend?

MINERVA: Today is a very important day. The King would be very upset if he knew she was gone.

SAM: But–

MINERVA: Don’t you want to be a princess?

SAM: Sure, if my dad could get a job as a king somewhere, but this is–

MINERVA: Did I mention that the princess has her own lady in waiting — and two maids?

SAM: Two?

MINERVA: They’ll wait on you hand and foot. And you can ride Annabella’s horse.

SAM: I love horses!

MINERVA: And you can wear any of her clothing and jewels….

SAM: Sweet!

MINERVA: There is candy too if you wish. Princess for a day….

SAM: I can give it a try, I guess…

Minerva gives her a goblet and she takes a sip. Looks at herself in the mirror.

SAM: I don’t look any different.

MINERVA: Not to yourself, but others will see you as the princess. That is how these things work.

SAM: Oh….It’s my first magic potion.

MINERVA: We have to get those — galoshes — off your feet. Your lady in waiting will be in to ready you for the feast this evening.

SAM: A feast? I’ve never been to a feast!

Minerva rummages through Annabella’s trunk, finding many interesting things. She pulls out some slippers. Sam takes off her sneakers and starts to put on the slippers.

MINERVA: Never mind, your lady in waiting will do that.

SAM: She will?

MINERVA: But, quick, hide those!

Sam puts the sneakers in the trunk. Minerva heads for the

MINERVA: Good luck. Just do whatever she tells you —

SAM: You’re leaving?

MINERVA: Of course. I need to search for the real princess.

SAM: But what if I need your help–?

MINERVA: You’ll be fine. (She looks out the window.) More flying! And the wings get so stiff at my age!

She jumps out the window. Sam runs to the window and shouts

SAM: Wait! Come back! I don’t know anything! What’s the lady’s name? What kingdom is this?

She waits, then turns back into the room. Beat. She goes to the trunk and starts looking through the contents. Finds a crown and puts it on her head.

Cora, the lady in waiting, carrying a tray of pastries, enters behind Sam. Sam whirls around at the sound.

CORA: No, no, you princessness. That’s your nighttime crown, you need the morning receiving-guests-in-the great-hall crown.

SAM: Of course…Where is it?

CORA: No worries. I shall find it. I brought you a snack.

Sam eyes the tray.

SAM: Snack? How many can I have?

CORA: Why, as many as you want.

SAM: Being a princess is so cool!

She grabs a pastry and starts to eat.

CORA: Now, your royalship needs a new gown.

SAM: (Mouth full of food) Whaf– wrong wif dis one?

CORA: Why, your royalness, it is sufficient for a morning at home, but it will not do for receiving visitors in the great hall.

SAM: Can I pick out the next dress?

Cora is surprised.

CORA: Certainly.

SAM: I might need to try on a whole bunch…

CORA: If you wish…

SAM: That’s okay, isn’t it?

CORA: Of course, your highness may do as she wishes….It is just that, the last time I made you try on 2 dresses in one day, you pushed me in the moat.

SAM: I’m so sorry!

CORA: You are? Are you feeling well?

SAM: Sure. Where are the dresses?

CORA: In the robing room.

SAM: I have a room for clothes? I mean, of course–

Cora pulls jewelry out of the trunk.

SAM: The tiara! Oh, that’s beautiful!

CORA: I am so pleased you are taking an interest in your appearance. (She pulls out more jewelry) The prince will love this.

SAM: Prince? My brother?

CORA: No! You are in a funny mood your highness. Prince Stefan of Chandria. You know he is coming especially to see you.

SAM: Awesome!

Cora hands her a ring, but it drops. Sam stoops to pick it up, but Cora stops her.

CORA: No, no, no. Don’t get dirty.

She picks up the ring and gives it back to Sam.

CORA: Would your royalness also like me to do your hair?

SAM: (Mouth full again) Zat would be gweat.

She sits in front of Cora.

CORA: Not here! In your princesship’s robing room.

SAM: Oh, of course. Um, lead the way.

They stand.

CORA: Now, your highness, that cat might be there. It likes the hair ribbons.

SAM: Great, I love cats.

CORA: I know, but no petting. You cannot get cat hairs on your court gown.

SAM: But–

CORA: If you must insist, I will do the petting for you.

SAM: I guess.

They start off stage.

CORA: Very well. (Holds out her hand.) Here kitty, kitty, kitty…


The throne room. The King is sitting on a throne He wears a
fancy crown and grand robes. There’s a smaller throne, unoccupied, next to his.

KING: Thank goodness! That is the last of the petitions and disputes I need to hear today.

The King sits in his chair and takes a pile of papers from a nearby table.

KING: Maybe I can finally work on the paperwork that’s been piling up!

Sam rushes in, followed by Cora who is carrying a heavy
chest. Sam looks around in awe.

SAM: This is beautiful! (She sees the throne.) My own throne!

She sits in it.

CORA: (to King.) Your majesty, I’m sorry we’re late. The princess had some trouble selecting a dress. She needed to try on almost every one….

KING: Indeed? That is quite a change.

SAM: And I couldn’t decide on the jewelry, so I had Cora bring it.

Cora opens the chest of jewelry. Sam looks through it.

SAM: I’ll wear this…and, ooo! This. And…this….Is It tacky to wear a ring on each finger? They’re all so beautiful!

The king continues to look at his papers.

KING: I only wish we could finally solve the land dispute between Lord Tarries and Baron Gerhart. (To Sam) The prince seems to be a little tardy. Why don’t you go play, my dear?

SAM: Great!

CORA: Would you like to try on more crowns?

SAM: No, I’m tired of that. I want to ride my horse.

CORA: Your princessness, there isn’t sufficient time to change into your riding outfit.

SAM: Okay…How about hide and seek?

CORA: You might get dust on your clothes.

SAM: I wouldn’t mind changing–

KING: Annabella, I do not want you leaving again. The prince could arrive soon…

SAM: Just two rounds of hide and…

CORA: It is much to undignified, your highness.

SAM: I could build a fort–

KING: In my castle? Absolutely not!

SAM: Play ball?


SAM: Pet the dogs?


SAM: Paint a picture?


SAM: What can I do then?

Cora pulls out a box of fancy dolls.

SAM: Those are nice, but I’m a bit old for dolls….

CORA: Checkers? Parcheesi?

SAM: Can’t I at least go outside?

CORA: It’s muddy….

SAM: I’ll be careful…

CORA: You could watch me pet the cat again.

SAM: I really don’t–

Trumpets sound off stage.

KING: Ah, that must mean Prince Stefan is approaching.

Cora whips out a hair brush and brushes the bejesus out of Sam’s hair and fixes her clothing.

KING: Where are the chocolates? The prince loves chocolate.

Cora pulls out a box of chocolates. Sam looks longingly.

CORA: Would you like some, your princessness?

She nods and starts to reach for one. Cora slaps her hand.

CORA: No chocolate on your fingers!

She puts a chocolate in Sam’s mouth.

KING: Stefan is rumored to be very handsome — and he will inherit quite a nice little kingdom. A most agreeable husband.

A look of alarm crosses Sam’s face. She opens her mouth to
say something, but Cora puts a chocolate into it.

SAM: Mmf! Mumf! Wahat!

KING: I couldn’t agree more, my dear.

Sam starts to object again. Cora inserts another chocolate.

SAM: Mmf! Mmf!

KING: Indeed. An alliance between the two kingdoms would be quite desirable.

Cora leans over to insert a chocolate in Sam’s mouth, but Sam pushes her aside. The chocolate box falls and spills chocolates all over. Cora starts picking them up.

SAM: Married? I can’t get — I can’t even date! Not until high school — at least — when I can wear lip gloss! I’m only 11!

KING: My dear. You’re 14. Have you forgotten your last 3 birthday festivals?

SAM: 14 is still too young.

KING: Annabella, you know that your primary duty is to marry for the good of the kingdom.

CORA: –And looking pretty in portraits.

SAM: Couldn’t I lead the soccer team to victory for the good of the kingdom instead?

Cora tries to feed Sam. Sam stuffs it in Cora’s mouth.

SAM: This princess gig is getting less and less appealing.

Minerva rushes in.

MINERVA: Your Majesty, the prince’s entourage is approaching!

KING: We can greet them in the courtyard.

He exits. Cora follows, then turns to look at Sam.

SAM: I’ll be right there. I have…important Fairy Godmother business to discuss.

CORA: Do not take too long.

Cora leaves. Sam rushes over to Minerva.

SAM: Thank goodness you’re here! Did you find Annabella?

MINERVA: Well…yes, but don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to be a princess for a little longer.

SAM: How much longer?

MINERVA: Well….I know how much you’re enjoying it!

SAM: I don’t want to do it anymore.

MINERVA: It’s only been a day!

SAM: At first it was cool having people do everything for me and bow and stuff, but when you’re a princess, you don’t have any fun — and you have to look pretty all the time!

MINERVA: Heaven forbid!

SAM: Don’t you know where Annabella is?

MINERVA: Yes…She’s at the arms master’s house…learning to be a knight. But she’s not ready to return.

SAM: When will she be ready?

MINERVA: Her exact words were "never," but I’m sure she does not mean it.

SAM: Never? I have to go home! I have a science quiz tomorrow!

MINERVA: Sam, I only need you to pretend a little longer.

SAM: Can’t you force her to come back? Using magic?

MINERVA: Well…yes…I tried that, but all it did was turn her into a rutabaga.

SAM: The princess is a rutabaga?

MINERVA: I changed her back! (pause) I’m sure the princess will come around….in the next week or so…

SAM: I can’t wait until next week! Oh, why did you choose me for this job?

MINERVA: I didn’t choose you. The magic did. The spell is designed to locate the best candidate for the masquerade. You must have qualities one looks for in a princess.

SAM: Such as? Smiling? And looking good in a gown?

MINERVA: There’s more to being a princess than that. Princesses must have confidence, exhibit bravery in all situations, be good at thinking on their feet.

SAM: I’m none of those things.

MINERVA: They must be inside you somewhere. My spells are never wrong! (beat) Almost never. There was the time–

SAM: Just end the spell! Send me back!

MINERVA: I cannot do that until your mission is complete… They’ll never make me a senior enchantress if I fail at–

The trumpets sound again.

MINERVA: The prince is here! We’re needed in the great hall. Make haste!

She races out. Sam starts to follow, stops, and rushes out the opposite direction.

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The Princess Wore Sneakers

Author: Alison Pruitt

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