The Big Story
The Big Story – Script
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The Big Story

To save the newspaper, the secretary, who has always wanted to be a reporter, decides to go after a big story, only to find there is more than she thought

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The Big Story

To save the newspaper, the secretary, who has always wanted to be a reporter, decides to go after a big story, only to find there is more than she thought.

Author:    Deborah Hodge


     A small-town newspaper is about to close its doors. One big story would save the paper. Alex Ward, the paper’s editor, dispatched Anna, the paper’s ace reporter, to get a big story about a rich playboy, John W. Clark. She failed.
      Alex’s secretary, Madison, wants to be a reporter. Alex tells her that if she could get the story, she could become a reporter for the paper. Madison devises a plan to do just that. Complications arise when she becomes an undercover reporter in John W. Clark household.

The Big Story

The Big Story

A One-Act Play


Deborah A. Hodge

The Big Story

 Copyright 2012

by Deborah A. Hodge

All Rights Reserved

CAUTION: Professionals and amateurs are hereby warned that THE BIG STORY is subject to a royalty.  It is fully protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America, the British Commonwealth, including Canada, and all other countries of the Copyright Union.  All rights, including professional, amateur, motion picture, recitation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadcasting, television, and the rights of translation into foreign language are strictly reserved. 

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Royalty of the required amount must be paid whether the play is presented for charity or gain, and whether or not admission is charged.  For all other rights than those stipulated above, apply to Drama Source Company, 1588 E. 361 N. St. Anthony, Idaho 83445.

Copying from this book in whole or in part is strictly forbidden by law, and the right of performance is not transferable.

Whenever the play is produced, the following notice must appear on all programs, printing and advertising for the play, “Produced by special arrangement with Drama Source Co.”

Due authorship credit must be given on all programs, printing and advertising for the play.

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Cast of Characters

Madison Butler is a young woman in her twenties. She has a degree in journalism, wants to be a reporter, but is trapped in a secretarial position at a local newspaper. Her desire to be a reporter begins to be realized when she figures out a way to get a big story that will boost circulation and prevent the paper from being closed.

Alex Ward (can be a man or woman) is middle aged no nonsense newspaper editor, whose paper is about to be put out of business because of low circulation. The only thing that can save the paper is a big story and Alex is counting on Anna the ace reporter to come to the paper’s rescue.

Anna is a young woman in her twenties and the paper’s ace reporter. She has already tried to get the big story and has failed. She has to come up with a new approach and becomes aware that Madison is trying to get the story too.

Butler (can be a Maid) is a middle-aged man or woman who has been in the Clark employ for years.

Butler’s (Maid’s )assistant is a young woman or man who works for John W. Clark.

Rachel is a young woman in her twenties who applies to be Wes Webster’s new secretary. She is super intelligent and business-like.

Roy is a young man in his twenties who applies to be Wes Webster’s new secretary. He simply needs a job.

Molly is an average young woman in her twenties who applies to be Wes Webster’s secretary. She has had previous secretarial experience.

Brooke is a very attractive young woman in her twenties who applies to be Wes Webster’s secretary. Because of her attractiveness, she has had previous secretarial experience and definitely not because she is a brain or has business acumen.

Jane Hill is a very attractive young woman in her twenties who applies to for the secretarial position because of her close friendship with Wes Webster’s former secretary, Allyson Jenkins. Jane knows about the very generous salary, benefits and parties given by John W. Clark III. Jane is very much like Brooke and given to flirtation.

Mrs. Harper is a middle-aged woman who has been taking care of John W. Clark III, Wes Webster and the Clark house for many years. John and Wes are like sons to her. Much to Mrs. Harper’s dismay John has the reputation of being a “party boy” and “womanizer.” Her goal, as well as Wes’ is to keep him out of the press as much as possible. Mrs. Harper also seeks to take care of Wes by stirring him away from women who are using him to get to John. 

Wes Webster is a young man in his twenties. He helps manage John W. Clark’s business interests and John W. Clark. Wes and John grew up together. They are life long friends, who are more like brothers. Wes tries to rein John in and keep him from bad press.

John W. Clark III is a spoiled rich kid in his twenties. He uses his money to attract women and have a good time. He has the reputation of being a “party boy” and “womanizer.”

Allyson Jenkins is an attractive, conniving, young woman in her twenties.  She used to be Wes’s secretary and his love interest until he caught her with John. To protect Wes from further heartbreak, Mrs. Harper paid Allyson to quit her job and move to California.

The Big Story

Act I Scene 1

Setting:  The play begins in office of an editor of a small struggling newspaper.  The editor is seated at his/her desk. Seated to the desk with a steno pad, is the editor’s secretary. The editor is on the phone with the owner of the paper. The newspaper’s ace reporter enters while the editor is on the phone.

Alex: (talking of the phone) Yes, Mr. White. I understand your position. We are trying everything we know to boost circulation…Yes Sir I know you’re interested in making money…A month!…..but it’s Christmas.…We’re working on a big story, and if we get it all our problems will be solved…(Anna enters.) Surely, you can give us a little longer than a month. Yes, Sir (dejectedly)…a month it is. 

Alex: (as he hangs up, pleads with Anna.) Please tell me you have the story.

Anna: (frustrated) No, but I almost had it.

Alex: (the editor) Don’t tell me almost. We need that story. An exclusive story about Mr. John W. Clark III would save this paper!

Anna: I know and I’ll get it. I just need a little more time.

Alex: Time is something that we don’t have. If we don’t come up with a way to sell more papers in a month, the owner’s going to close us down.

Anna:  (thinking aloud) Maybe, I can come up with a different angle.

Alex: What did you mean when you said you almost had it?  Did you manage to get close to Mr. Clark III?

Anna: Yeah, but he kept trying to get close to me, if you know what I mean.

Madison: (naively) Sounds like you were on the verge of getting the story.

Anna: (amused at Madison’s naivety) I was on the verge of being a story that John W. Clark III could share with his friends.

Alex: (chuckles knowingly) He does have quite a reputation, doesn’t he?

Anna: (enjoying Madison’s naivety) Goes through more women than most people do Kleenex.

Madison: (embarrassed and shocked at the implication) Ohhh…

Anna: (enjoying Madison’s embarrassment) Yeah and I wasn’t going to let him play me, not even for the story of a lifetime.

Alex: (desperately) How about to keep the paper alive?

(With folded arms, Anna gives Alex a dirty look.)

Alex: (dramatically) I’m just saying!

Anna: (arms still folded huffs) Look Alex, there are some things I will not do for a story.

Madison: (naively eager) If she won’t, I will.

Anna: (laughs) Yeah right.  You don’t have a chance.

Madison: What’s that supposed to mean?

Anna: (gestures) Look at me and look at you.

Madison:  (irritated) I don’t see any difference between you and me.

Anna: Then you must be blind.

(Alex tries not to laugh, but is unsuccessful.)

Madison: (upset) I can assure you that you don’t have anything that I don’t have.

Anna:  Well, my advice is if you’ve got it (gestures again) flaunt it.

Madison:  I rather depended on my journalistic ability.

(Anna and Alex glance at each other and laugh.)

Madison: (irritated) What’s so funny?  I could be a good reporter. (Alex and Anna continue laughing. Madison is very irritated.)  I must be missing something.

Anna: (still laughing snidely pokes fun) In sooo many ways.  (Madison clenches her jaw, folds her arms.)

Madison: (defensively) Look Anna, I graduated with a journalism degree just like you.

Anna: (smiling smugly) But, I have a degree you don’t have.

Madison: What degree?

Anna: Experience… (Madison cuts her off.)

Madison: I could have that degree too (pointing to Alex) if Alex would give me a chance.

Anna: You didn’t let me finish. I have a degree in “street wise” too.

Madison: “Street wise”?

Anna: Yeah, I know the score.

Madison: (protesting) I know the score too.

Anna: (laughing uncontrollably) Only if you’re watching a ball game. (Alex laughs too.)

Madison: That’s not true.

Anna: (still laughing) Yeah, right!

Madison: (extremely irritated lets out a huff of anger) I’m not as naïve as you two think I am. 

Alex: It’s okay Madison. You’ve led a sheltered life. There’s no shame in that.

Madison: (Confidently) Alex, I could get that Clark story if you’d just give me a chance.

Alex: (shaking his head) Not if Anna couldn’t.

Anna: (arrogantly) I know that’s right.

Madison: (defensively) You’re both wrong.

Anna: (with arrogant smugness) Trust me. If I couldn’t get it, there’s no way you could.

Alex: (with determination) Well, somebody had better get it or we’re out of business.

Anna: (trying to reassure Alex.) I’ll get it. I just need a little time.

Alex:  You have less than a month so what are you going to do?

Anna: (thinking aloud) I’ve tried getting close to the woman who runs his house, his cook, his personal assistant and the gardener. None of them gave me a scoop.

Madison: (interrupting) Did you really expect his employees to betray his confidence?

Anna: (scowling at Madison) People do it every day.

Madison: (undaunted by Madison’s scowling and tone) But, they have been with him for years.

Anna: You’re right, but the assistant to his personal assistant hadn’t so I got close to her. She was just about to spill the beans when she disappeared.

Alex: (echoes) Disappeared

Anna: Without a trace. I tried to track her down but couldn’t get a lead.

Alex: So what’s your next step?

Anna: (rising to leave) I don’t know. I’ll have to think about it. (Anna begins walking away.)

Alex: (As she is leaving) Okay, but don’t think too long; we’re running out of time.

Anna: (waves an acknowledgment) Yeah, sure. (Anna continues walking and exits.)

(Madison is visibly upset. Alex tries to comfort her.)

Alex: Don’t let Anna get to you. You’ll be a reporter someday.

Madison: Not if I don’t ever get a shot.

Alex: (continuing to try to comfort her) If I really thought you could get the Clark story, I’d give you a shot.

Madison: (surprised) You would!

Alex: I would.

Madison: (enthusiastically) I’m going to hold you to that. (Madison picks up a copy of the newspaper, searches the pages, finds that for which she is searching while Alex watches with interest.) Here it is. (Madison dials the phone.)  Hello…..Is this the Clark residence?… I saw in the newspaper that you were interested in hiring a secretary. Is that position still open?…It is? Could I come over and talk with you about it?…Two O’clock…That would be fine…My name…Madison Butler…Thank you. I’ll see you at two. (Alex smiles broadly as Madison hangs up. Madison is please with herself.)  And that my dear Alex is how I get the story. (Alex nods. Madison is happily pleased with her ingenuity.)

(Alex takes out his wallet and hands Madison money.)

Madison: What’s this ?

Alex: Early Christmas present. Go get yourself a makeover.  (Madison frowns in objection. as she stands up. Alex looks at her clothes, takes some more money from his wallet and hands it to her.)  Buy some new clothes too. (Madison glowers at him. ) Go. (Madison pops her hands on her hips in rebellion. Alex is unrelenting.)   You heard me…(Madison continues to resist.) Go ( points to the door) now!

Curtain closes

Scene Two

                               Setting: John W. Clark III’s Home

(The doorbell rings, the Butler/Maid enters from the hallway to answer the door. Rachel, an interviewee for the secretarial position, is at the door.)

Rachel: (very business-like but congenial) Good afternoon my name is Rachel Wellons. I am here to interview for the secretarial position.

Butler/Maid: Good afternoon. Right this way madam.

(The butler/maid ushers her into the room, where the interviewee are to wait. The butler/maid begins to exit as Rachel takes a seat. Before the butler/maid completely exits, the doorbell rings again. The butler/maid changes course and heads for the door. Upon answering the door, he/she finds Roy and Molly standing there.)

Roy: (pointing to himself and Molly) We are here for the interview.

Butler/Maid: Of course, this way if you please.  (He/She ushers them to where Rachel is waiting. They take a seat as the doorbell rings again. The butler/maid heads back to the door. Brooke, another interviewee is at the door. Her beauty and attractiveness is quite stunning.)

Brooke: (energetically) Hi I’m Brooke. I’m here about the secretarial position.

Butler/Maid: (deadpan) Please follow me.

(Brooke follows quite enthusiastically until she spies the others. Her disappointment is obvious. She slowly takes a seat as the butler/maid retreats toward the exit. Each interviewee tries to size the others up.)

Molly: (breaking the silence) I guess we should introduce ourselves even though we are rivals. My name is Molly Moore.

Rachel: Nothing like a friendly competition. I’m Rachel Wellons.

Roy: (joining in) Roy Black here.

(Brooke is silent. They all cock their heads and stare at her.)

Brooke: (with a frown)What! I don’t give my name to strange people and I don’t believe in friendly competition.

(The others roll their eyes and shake their heads in disdain. Mrs. Harper enters and each one returns to his/her best behavior.)

Mrs. Harper: (very stern and businesslike) My name is Mrs. Harper. Mr. Webster will see you shortly. I need a resume from each of you.

(Each one retrieves a copy of his/her resume and hands it to Mrs. Harper. Mrs. Harper briefly scans each resume and sizes up each applicant with an icy stare. Each applicant squirms as each comes under Mrs. Harper’s scrutiny, as her face mirrors her opinion of each. As she finishes, she speaks.)

Mrs. Harper: (less enthusiastic and more businesslike) As I said Mr. Webster will begin to interview shortly.

(The interviewees watch as Mrs. Harper exits with authority.)

Brooke: (with trepidation) Did you see the way she looked at us?

Molly: Yeah

Brooke: Kind of spooky, wasn’t she?

Rachel: I don’t know about spooky, but she was very disconcerting.

(Roy and Molly nod. Brooke looks confused.)

Brooke: (trying to repeat the word and her confusion is apparent) Disconcerning, what does that mean?

(Her question is greeted with stares of disapproval from the others.)

Roy: (enunciates the word slowly as he corrects Brooke) Disconcerting

Brooke: (repeats the word exactly as Roy said it, but is still puzzled about the meaning) Oh, disconcerting

Roy: (amazed at her lack of knowledge) Do you mean that you are applying for this position and you do not know the word disconcerting?

Brooke: (apparent that she’s lying) Sure, I do I was just testing the rest of you.

Roy: Okay Einstein what does it mean?

Brooke: (fumbling for a definition) It means…oh, you know what it means.

Roy: (smugly) I sure do, but it’s apparent that you don’t. That makes your resume a little thin.

Brooke: What’s that suppose to mean?

Rachel: That means that you aren’t as qualified as the rest of us.

Brooke: I am too.  (The others laugh. Brooke is offended.) My last boss thought I was very qualified.

Molly: Just who was your last boss?

Brooke: (proudly) Randall Levin III (holds up three fingers as she says the third.)

Rachel: The millionaire!

Brooke: (proudly) The millionaire! He thought I was extremely qualified.

Roy: (snidely) I’ll just bet he did. 

Molly: Well, if your boss liked you so much, why aren’t you still working there?

Brooke: (frowning as she confesses) His wife didn’t like me.

Roy: I’ll just bet she didn’t. (The others laugh.)

(Their conversation is interrupted by the ringing of the doorbell. Each one watches as the butler/maid makes his/her way to answer the door.)

Madison: (responding as she sees the butler) Hello (butler nods) My name is Madison Butler. I’m here to interview for the secretarial position.

The Butler: (Matter of fact) Of course, right this way please. (The Butler/Maid waves toward the living room, Madison follows very obediently.)

Madison: (Spying the others) Oh. (Madison timidly takes a seat, and the butler disappears into the other room.)

Molly: (responding to Madison’s surprise) Thought you were the only one huh?

Madison: (very nervously) Actually I did. I had a two o’clock appointment.

Brooke: (Laughing) Join the club.

Madison: (Looking at her competition, especially the young man.) Are you all applying for the secretarial position?

Roy: (Offended by her tone) Yeah, what about it?

(Butler  re-enters from the hallway and makes his way to where Madison is sitting.)

The Butler/Maid: (to Madison) May I have your résumé please?

Madison: Oh, sure. (Almost hyperventilating, Madison fumbles through her bag, finds the résumé, and nervously hands it to the butler/maid.)  Here you go.

Butler/Maid: Thank you madam. (Butler/Maid exits through the hallway. Madison shifts nervously in her seat as she closes her bag.)

Rachel: (with a smirk) A little nervous, aren’t you?

Madison: (defensively as she tries to gain composure.) No!

Brooke: (amused) Yeah, right!

Molly: (Noticing how defensive, nervous and uptight she is) You might want to relax .

Roy: (chiming in) Try taking slow deep breaths.

(Madison frowns.)

Rachel: (dryly) You’d better turn that frown upside down before your face freezes that way.

Madison: (defensively)  Ha! ha!

Rachel: (shrugging) Only trying to help.

Madison: Yeah right! You want to help me get this job.

Brooke: (still amused) What makes you think you could get this job anyway? Look at you.

Roy: She looks good to me.

Brooke: She’s a wreck.

Madison: (nervousness still apparent) I resent that.

Molly: She’s only telling you the truth. You’d better get a hold of yourself or you won’t stand a chance. 

(Madison nervously shifts in her seat as she tries to size her up to determine her sincerity.)

Brooke: Like you care about her chances. You want the job just as we do.

Molly: Yeah, I do, but my philosophy is “ let the best girl” win.

Roy: (offended at her remark) Hey!

Molly: You know what I mean.

(Before anyone can say anything else, the housekeeper, Mrs. Harper enters.)

Mrs. Harper: Ms Moore

Molly: (confidently) Here

Mrs. Harper: (sternly, businesslike) Mr. Webster will see you now.

(Molly follows Mrs. Harper into the other room. As they exit, the others retreat to what they were doing before Madison arrived. Madison tries to pull herself together before her turn. The butler/maid enters with an assistant, who is carrying a tray of refreshments.)

The Butler/Maid: Mr. Webster thought you might enjoy some refreshments while you wait.

(The Butler/Maid motions toward a table. The assistant places the tray on the table.)

Brooke: (with charm and a smile) That’s very nice. Thank you.

The Butler/Maid: (unaffected) You are quite welcome Madam. (The Butler/ Maid and assistant exit.)

 (After a few minutes, Molly returns.)

Molly: (with braggadocio) Well the rest of you might as well go home. I knocked it out of the park.

Rachel: (crestfallen) You got the job. 

Molly: (smiling broadly and nodding) I did.

Brooke: (skeptically) No she didn’t. 

Roy: (suspiciously) Yeah or the lady would have come to tell us.

Madison: (catching on) You’re right.

Rachel: She’s just trying to “psych” us out.

Molly: (smiles slyly as she turns to leave) Maybe, maybe not.

(Mrs. Harper enters.)

Mrs. Harper: (upon seeing Molly, speaks with a very gruff tone) Are you still here Ms. Moore? We told you that we’d let you know. The door’s that way.

(Molly is upset and humiliated by the abruptness of Mrs. Harper’s tone. The remaining candidates try to contain the desire to snicker, but cannot. Molly makes a face and heads for the door.)

Mrs. Harper: Ms. Wellons, you’re next.

Rachel: (extremely confident) Of course (She follows Mrs. Harper as they exit through the hall. Madison works on gaining composure. The others occupy themselves while awaiting their turns. The doorbell rings. The butler appears to answer the door. There is another applicant at the door.)

Jane: (very bubbly) Hello, I am here to apply for the secretarial position.

Butler: Right this way madam. (He leads her to the room where the remaining applicants are waiting. Before she takes a seat, the butler asks for a resume.) Could I please have a copy of your resume?

Jane: No problem, handsome. ( She retrieves a copy of her resume from the folder she is carrying and hands it to the butler.)

Butler: Thank you. 

Jane: Anytime handsome. (The butler nods and exits. Surveying the competition , Jane takes a seat close to Roy) I guess you all are here about the secretarial position.

Brooke: (very curtly) Yes, we are. (Jane is taken aback by the curtness of her response.)

Roy: (warmly to Jane) Overlook her, she doesn’t like competition.

Jane: (flirting) I see, and just how do you feel about it handsome?

Roy: (flattered) I feel just fine.

Jane: (touching his arm) You’re so sweet.

Roy: (smiles) Thank you.

Jane: So you wouldn’t mind if I got the job.

Roy: (flirting back) Not, if you’d give me your number.

Brooke: Oh please! 

Jane: (to Roy) She really does have a problem, doesn’t she?

Brooke: (very irritated) Trust me; I’m not the one with the problem “Suzy Sunshine”!

Roy: (intervening in what seems to be an escalating situation) Come on, girls play nice.

Brooke: (giving Jane a dirty look) She’s not nice and I don’t want to play.

Jane:(snidely to Brooke) Retract your claws and we’ll call it a tie.

(Brooke is seething, but finally turns away in disgust.)

Madison: (Trying to defuse the situation) So, where did you work last?

Jane: I still work at Cooper and Dunn Accounting

Roy: So why are you here?

Jane: Are you kidding? This job pays big bucks.

Madison: It does.

Brooke: (her curiosity gets the best of her) How much?

Jane: Several hundred a week.

Roy: How do you know?

Jane: I was friends with the last girl who worked here and from what she said the money the perks  and the parties were fantastic.

Madison: If everything was so great, why did the last girl quit?

Jane: I don’t really know. 

(As Jane finishes, a very loud indignant “Well” is heard, after which Rachel bursts into the hallway, with head down, and she heads for the door sobbing loudly.)

Jane: (laughs and replies coldly) Guess, she didn’t get the job.

(Everyone nods. Suddenly, Mrs. Harper appears in the room, with a resume in her hand.)

Mrs. Harper: (very loudly) Ms. Hill

Jane: (motions) Right here.

Mrs. Harper: (all business) Could I see you for a moment?

Jane: (discreetly gloating to the others ) Guess, she was blow away by my resume! (She walks over to where Mrs. Harper is standing. Mrs. Harper lights into her.)

Mrs. Harper: You listed Allyson Kirk as a reference.

Jane: (she turns her head toward Roy, Brooke and Madison with a wink as if say “it’s in the bag.”) Yes, Allyson and I are very, good friends.

Mrs. Harper: Is that so?

Jane: (smiles broadly in Roy, Brooke and Madison’s direction and answers confidently) Yes, it is.

Mrs. Harper: (very curtly as she hands her the resume) I’m afraid you need to take your resume and leave.

Jane: Leave…without an interview.

Mrs. Harper: You just had your interview…leave!

Jane: (humiliated and angry) Well, I’ve never!

Mrs. Harper: (forcefully) And you never will.  Leave!  (Jane makes a grand exit. Mrs. Harper watches to make sure she’s gone. After which she turns and gives, Roy, Brooke and Madison a cold icy stare. They each shudder and she exits.)

Roy:  Brutal.  


Brooke: Yeah

(Everyone’s eyes widen and they remember Mrs. Harper’s stare.)

Roy: (summoning courage and confidence) No worries. Roy Black cannot be intimidated.

(Mrs. Harper returns to entrance of the hall. Each remaining candidate swallows hard.)

Mrs. Harper: Mr. Black, it’s your turn. (Roy swallows hard as he rises to follow Mrs. Harper as she retreats into the hallway.)

Brooke: (smugly to Roy) Remember no worries. Roy Black cannot be intimidated.

Madison: (to Roy ) You’ll be fine. (Roy nods to Madison as he exits.)

Brooke: So do you think he has a chance?

Madison: (shrugs) Your guess is as good as mine.

Brooke: I hope not. I’d really like to meet John W. Clark.

Madison: Who wouldn’t?

Brooke: Yeah. I’m sure that I could make him very happy.

Madison: But you’re applying to be Mr. Webster’s secretary.

Brooke: (candidly) It’s a stepping-stone. I like men with money and they like me.

Madison: What if Roy gets the job?

Brooke: (thinking aloud)Then… I’ll recalibrate.

Madison: (impressed) Recalibrate. 

Brooke: Yes, recalibrate. I know that word.

Madison: (amused) Wow, good word.  (Pleased with herself, Brooke smiles and nods in agreement. 

(Roy bursts through the hallway entrance.  He’s clearly been rejected.)

Brooke: What happened?

Roy: (speaks and then moves quickly toward the door) He doesn’t want a guy.  

 (As Roy exits, Brooke is jubilant.) 

Brooke: (with motions) Yes!

Madison: What’s up with you?

Brooke: (beaming) He wants a girl.

Madison: Yeah, so

Brooke: (very confidently) And, not just any girl.

Madison: Yeah so.

Brooke: So I’m what he wants.

Madison: How do you figure that?

Brooke: I’m all girl.

Madison: So am I!

Brooke: But, I know how to use it to my advantage.

Madison: (realizing she does indeed) I’m sure you do.

 Brooke: (smiling) M

The Big Story

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