Great Women of Christian History
Great Women of Christian History – Script
One needed for each performer and others directing or working with production.
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Great Women of Christian History

Christian heroes can inspire and reprove us. These dramatized stories, are of six remarkable women.

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Great Women of Christian History

Christian heroes can inspire and reprove us. These easy to produce, 5-minute, small-cast, dramatized stories, are of six remarkable women: Katharina Luther, Susanna Wesley, Phillis Wheatley, Florence Nightingale, Corrie Ten Boom, and Mother Teresa.

Author:    Delvyn Case


       Women have made incredible impacts on the Christian faith throughout the millennia. Beginning as some of the earliest disciples and supporters of Jesus’ earthly ministry, to standing steadfast at His crucifixion, and as the first witnesses of His resurrection, women have continued through the ages to play wide-ranging roles in the Church and in Society spreading the faith by their words and actions. This collection of short plays celebrates a number of notable women in Church history. Each plays is short (approximately 5 minutes running time), easy to perform with only two or three actors required, and easily inserted into a church service. The individual plays have been previously produced with revisions and updates made. Therefore the plays in this collection are ready for outstanding productions at your church to bring alive Christian women who have all made history! 
       In THE WISE STRATEGEM OF KATHARINA LUTHER, the wife of the great reformer finds a provocative way to break the grip of discouragement and disillusionment that was plaguing her husband during the days of the Reformation. 
       A WOMAN OF ALL SEASONS dramatizes the profound impact Susanna Wesley had upon her large family and how she directed loving care to each of her children. 
       Phillis Wheatley came to America as a slave. Under the tutelage of her mistress in Boston, Phillis became a faithful Christian writer and poet. PHILLIS WHEATLEY: AMERICA’S FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN POET finds her authorship challenged as she attempts to have her first book of poetry published. 
       Florence Nightingale made an enormous contribution to the field of nursing because of her compassion for the sick, wounded, and the dying. In FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: THE LADY OF THE LAMP, Nightingale confronts the Commander of the British Forces during the Crimean War to plead for blankets for wounded soldiers in the field hospitals. 
       Corrie Ten Boom had a heart of compassion during World War II, hiding Jews that were to sent to the death camps. But could she forgive the guard in the concentration camp who was responsible for her own suffering and contributed to the death of her sister? CORRIE TEN BOOM AND THE GUARD dramatizes the moment when the former guard asks Corrie’s for forgiveness! 
       SLUM SISTER OF CALCUTTA dramatizes the defining moment when Mother Teresa was able to set her course on her life-long commitment to helping the destitute of India, actually living with the poor and dying and directly ministering to them.

Great Women of Christian History


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